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Activated Carbon Market by Products And Applications - New Revenue Pockets

Liquid phase and gas phase are the two most important applications for activated carbon. Within these applications, automotive, air purification, water treatment, pharmaceutical & medical, and food & beverage are some of the important fields for the activated carbon usage. Activated carbon is used in various forms for water treatment, typically granular and powdered form.

Activated carbon based filters are used in home water purification for removing odor and taste. It also helps in removing chlorine and organic contaminants from water. Use of activated carbon in food industry is being widely done for ensuring food products’ desirability and purity.  Activated carbon is also used in the drug manufacturing process while catering to the strict quality standards.

Norit and Calgon Carbon Corporation are the two major manufacturers of activated carbon globally. Calgon Carbon is into the development of powdered as well as granular activated carbon for removing organic compounds. Norit produces activated carbon from wood, lignite, peat, coal, olive pits and coconut shells. Calgon Carbon has focused on inorganic growth over the past few years by acquiring companies working in activated carbon arena. One of the important objectives for the acquisitions being geographical expansion. The overall competitive environment for activated carbon market can be stated as partially consolidated with Calgon and Norit dominating the market share.

Partnerships and joint ventures have been the key focus area for different manufacturers and suppliers. The activated carbon companies are renewing their contracts with the partnered companies for product supply. The market players are also entering into partnerships for enhancing their technological expertise, operational capacities and to expand their geographical reach.

The European Union and countries such as Australia and Japan are also setting up programs in which the mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants are being monitored more closely.


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