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Biofertilizers Market New Revenue Pockets

In 2013, the biofertilizers market was dominated by the nitrogen-fixing segment, in case of type.By application, it was the cereals segment that dominated. Biological nitrogen fixation is one way of converting elemental nitrogen into a usable form for plants. Biological nitrogen fixation is the process of reduction of dinitrogen (N2) to NH3.It is considered to be an important process, which determines the nitrogen balance in soil ecosystem. Nitrogen inputs through biological nitrogen fixation support sustainable,environmentally-sound agricultural production. The significanceof nitrogen fixing legumes in improving and higher yield of legumes and other crops can be achieved by the application of biofertilizers.

Cereals are an important staple crop around the world. Theirimportance has risen even more due to frequently experienced food shortages and theirrole in world trade..Biofertilizers help cereal crops to absorb nutrients more efficiently. They are one of the critical components of nutrient management and are easily renewable and cost-effective, compared to artificial fertilizers.

The market for biofertilizersis dominated by North America and Europe, owing to superior product technology and high biofertilzer use per hectare of cultivated area. Nitrogen-fixing biofertilizers are being used in the U.S. since decades. According to the International Plant Nutrition Institute, the biofertilizers market is more established in the Southeastern part of North America. Biofertilizers are more widely used in turf and organic farming in this region. In agriculture, most of the biofertilizers in North America are used in legume crops.

The biofertilizers market in Europe is the most developed and widespread,compared to all the other regions. The distribution network of biofertilizers is well-established in many European countries. The increasing demand for organic food is also triggering the utilization of biofertilizers along with organic manures. The government in many countries, as well as regional bodies, have designed various policies in support of organic farming and against the sporadic utilization of chemical fertilizers.

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