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Food Emulsifier Market Driven By Unhealthy Food Habits with China & India at The Forefront Of Growth Trend

Global Food Emulsifiers market stands at $ 2108 MN in 2012, with an estimated market size of $ 2218.6 MN in 2013, which is projected to grow at 5.2% CAGR over 2013-2018 and Stand at $2858.6 MN by 2018.

With a double digit growth rate in developing countries, Food Emulsifiers are a major area of interest to multinationals and entrepreneurs alike.

An upward trend has been witnessed in the demand of low fat foods which is eventually driving the emulsifiers market. This is mainly because of the desk bound and unhealthy eating habit lifestyle of current working population. Emulsifiers help in binding oil and water thereby help in reducing fat.

A peek into the research says:

Europe is the most dominating geography in the Food Emulsifiers Market, with a 32.8% share of the global revenues in 2012 and is expected to grow at 2.9% till 2018. Second in the list is the North America region, with a 28% share of the global revenues. APAC shows the highest growth rate.

Mono & di-glycerides derivatives dominate the market share in terms of value & volume with a market share of 49% and a growth rate of 5.1%. Stearoyl lactylates shows promising growth rate in the near future. Overall synthetic variants still dominate the market with a 70% market share.

With an expected market size of $1476.3 MN, Bakery & Confectionary are major food application types using emulsifiers. However convenience foods are growing at the fastest rate. This hints both the companies and producers to understand the demands and plan the distribution channels to maximize the returns on their investments.

Delving down to the country level data, our research says China is going to be the fastest growing market, closely followed by India. Now what does this hint? For companies to open production centers in APAC? Or form Joint ventures with local players or see them as export markets? Brazil is estimated to be equally attractive market.

Interestingly lot of activity is seen among major players such as Danisco, Palsgaard, Riken Vitamin, Cargill. Together they hold around 58% of the market share. Danisco, being a market leader has been increasing its product portfolio with a specific focus on nutritive applications. In line with this strategy the company introduced it palm oil or palm kernel oil based emulsifier.

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