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Analyst Briefing Presentation on Opportunity Analysis in U.S. Community Banking market to be held on 25th June 2010

The BFS practice at MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce its Analyst Briefing Presentation on the Opportunity Analysis in U.S. Community Bankingmarket to be held on 25th June 2010. The briefing will cover an analysis of consumer needs, behaviors, and attitudes for community banks, large banks, and community banking vendors.

More than 6,000 community banks currently operate in the U.S. through more than 50,000 branch locations across the nation. ‘Opportunity Analysis in Community Banking’ is a market research study designed specifically to identify the role of community banks, the growth strategies these organizations employ, and the new opportunities in the community banking sector.

While the share of deposits made in community banks dwindled from 70% in 1994 to 12.4% in 2009; the current economic recession is proving to be a boon for these organizations. Customers are losing faith in large financial institutions, and with the failure of the ‘too big to fail’ theory, are moving their deposits back to community banks. It is the right time for community banks to capitalize on this shift and put the right programs in place to accelerate their success.

The objective of the report is to identify unmet needs to optimize product cross-selling and customer servicing. The report will provide new insights on what the best-in-class community banks are doing to gain over other community and large banks. The report will also provide strategic recommendations for banks intending to increase their market share.

The agenda for the briefing includes discussion on key high growth markets, marking the growth trend in community banking. The briefing will also cover the competitive scenario and the trends and opportunities in the U. S. markets.

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