HOME Analyst Briefings Analyst Briefing on Global High Temperature Insulation Market to be held on 23rd March 2010

Analyst Briefing on Global High Temperature Insulation Market to be held on 23rd March 2010

The chemicals practice at MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce its Analyst Briefing Presentation on the Global High Temperature Insulation Market to be held on 23rd March 2010.

The global high temperature insulation (HTI) market is witnessing tremendous growth due to increasing awareness about the energy savings and cost effectiveness offered by these products. The low-cost manufacturing offered in India and China is affecting a shift in the market from developed to developing economies. Value-based pricing has emerged as a major growth strategy in relatively saturated markets such as U.S. and Europe.

Over 350 manufacturers globally supply HTI products and refractories in more than 1,000 product forms (including blankets, fiber bulks, and filaments). These products are specially designed and manufactured to cater the thermal insulation needs of heat-intensive industries such as petrochemicals, ceramics, glass, and the iron and steel industries. The selection of appropriate HTI products in specific applications depends on operating or service temperature, thermal conductivity, tensile strength, and fabric strength.

The HTI market can be categorized on the basis of properties into the submarkets for ceramic fibers, calcium silicate, IFB and others. Ceramic-fiber based HTI products dominate the market as they offer better thermal resistance at wider temperature ranges. The petrochemical industry is the largest HTI application market, followed by the glass and ceramics industries.

The briefing will benefit high temperature insulation manufacturers and distributors, raw material suppliers, R&D institutions, and end consumers such as petrochemicals, glass, cement, and iron and steel manufacturers. “Product manufacturers are integrating business processes to reduce the overall cost of manufacturing and increase thermal resistance so as to maintain constant temperatures over a longer period of time. The increasing need to reduce emissions and energy consumption has particularly encouraged the development of advanced HTI products.” notes MarketsandMarkets. “However, companies aiming to make a major market impact need to make extensive R&D investments to develop cost-efficient and durable products.”

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