Identify new geographies and capture new markets through customer growth insights and solid market intelligence

In the digital age, the revenue lifecycle of B2B companies is transforming into a customer engagement continuum as against the traditional view of a set of commercial transactions. The Chief Revenue Officer is a leadership role for 21st Century businesses responsible for orchestrating the entire engagement process from customer acquisition to onboarding, to retention / renewal, expansion and (in most cases) acquiring strategic partnership status with clients. MnM has been hosting a CRO talk series to explore the dimensions and ramifications of this new age of revenue leadership.

CRO’s today are well equipped with transactional tools – MarTech, CRM, BI / Analytics etc; all of which are focused on improving transactional efficiency. What about effectiveness? A CRM can ensure an efficient sales call – only customer intelligence and relevant content can make the sales call effective. This is possible through actionable intelligence around micro-markets for segmentation, client growth opportunities and blind spots for customer management and effective use of compelling events to create relevant conversations.

MnM has developed a value toolkit around a unique approach called the CRO’s bowtie funnel that enables CRO’s to maximise revenue effectiveness through a series of man + machine applications. This has led to extraordinary TAM expansion for an IT OEM, Large Deal conversion improvement for a tier 1 software major, nudge-based ABM for an energy company and many more.

MnM prides itself on being the CRO’s best friend and frequently engages in outcome based commercial models including demand and conversion guarantee programs. Protection Status