HOME Top Market Reports Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market, by Type (Inorganic, Organic and Bio-Based) & Application (Building & Construction, Cold Storage, HVAC, Textile, Thermal Energy Storage, Electronics) - Global Trends & Forecast to 2018

Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market, by Type (Inorganic, Organic and Bio-Based) & Application (Building & Construction, Cold Storage, HVAC, Textile, Thermal Energy Storage, Electronics) - Global Trends & Forecast to 2018

By: marketsandmarkets.com
Publishing Date: April 2013
Report Code: AD 1541

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Energy saving, environment friendliness, and wide range of applications are the main growth driver for PCM market. It offers applications across building & construction, HVAC, textile, fixed refrigeration, cold chain, thermal energy storage, electronics, and more. Building & construction has the largest PCM market followed by HVAC.

The global phase change material market is estimated to grow from $460 million in 2013 to $1,150 million by 2018, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.1% for the same period. Reducing price of PCM and R&D for novel materials will create new opportunities and will drive the market in future.

The organic type of PCM has the maximum market in terms of value due to its high cost while inorganic has the concentrated consumption in terms of volume. Traditionally, inorganic PCM had been used resulting in high volume consumption. Later, usage of organic based PCM with higher melting points, efficiency and microencapsulation led to its widespread usage in various applications. The development of bio-based PCM derived from plant or animal base contributes added advantage of lower flammability and high biodegradability over the organic.

Highest growth is observed in Europe where most of the companies have been already established. North America is another market where number of major players exists. Growing phase change material applications, high cost of energy, and regulations imposed by the government are attracting the companies. Europe will remain largest market in terms of both volume and value by 2018.

This report studies and forecasts the PCM market till 2018. It identifies the factors which are currently driving its demand and also focuses on market restraints. For this report, developments by 26 players were studied to identify current market trends and strategies followed by top manufacturers. The market is segmented and forecasted for major all major regions. Market estimations have been provided in terms of market revenue ($) and consumption volume (metric ton). In terms of revenue, global as well as regional markets have been segmented by applications such as building and construction, fixed refrigeration, HVAC etc. This report also analyzes various types of phase change material and their split in the above regions in terms of revenue and volume consumption.

Various secondary sources such as Fraunhofer-Institut fόr Solare Energiesysteme ISE, RAL, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak ridge national laboratory, Factiva, company annual reports and presentations, company press releases have been referred to identify and collect information useful for this extensive commercial study. The primary sources – experts from related industries and suppliers – have been interviewed to obtain and verify critical information as well as to assess the future prospects and market estimations.

Leading players of this industry are also profiled with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities. Most of the companies in PCM market have specific set of products and accordingly target specific set of applications. Key participants in the global phase change material (PCM) market include U.S. based Sonoco Products Co., Cryopak, DuPont, Entropy Solutions Inc., Microtek Labs, Micron Technology Inc., Phase Change Energy Solutions, UK based Phase Change Material Products, Laird PLC, Datum Phase Change, the Netherlands based Advansa B.V., Salca B.V., India based PCM Energy, and Pluss Polymers Pvt. Ltd, etc.

Scope of the Report

On basis of geography:

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Middle East & Africa

On basis of application:

  • Building & construction
  • HVAC
  • Shipping, packaging & transportation
  • Textile
  • Fixed refrigeration
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Electronics
  • Others

On basis of type:

  • Inorganic (salt hydrate)
  • Organic (paraffin)
  • Bio-based

Table Of Contents 
1 Introduction  (Page No. - 21)
  1.1 Key Take Aways
  1.2 Report Description
  1.3 Markets Covered
  1.4 Research Methodology
      1.4.1 Market Size
      1.4.2 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
      1.4.3 Major Secondary Sources Used
      1.4.4 Key Data Points Taken From Primary Sources
      1.4.5 Assumptions Made For This Report
  1.5 Stakeholders

  • 2 Executive Summary  (Page No. - 26)

  • 3 Premium Insights  (Page No. - 28)
      3.1 Market Segmentation & Current Scenario
      3.2 Market Matrix: Building & Construction And HVAC Are Lucrative Markets
      3.3 Europe To Continue Driving The PCM Market
      3.4 Market Life Cycle Analysis
      3.5 Bio-Based PCM Market Share To Increase In The Future
      3.6 PCM Applications – Drivers & Restraints
      3.7 Comparative Analysis – PCM Products, By Companies, Applications, Geographical Presence & Types
      3.8 Growth Strategies Followed By Major Players
    4 Market Overview  (Page No. - 39)
      4.1 Introduction
      4.2 Parental Structure Of PCM Market
      4.3 Defining The PCM Market
      4.4 PCM Business Architecture
      4.5 Factors Influencing Market Growth
      4.6 Types Of PCM
      4.7 PCM Applications Market Scenario
      4.8 Relative Potential Matrix
      4.9 R&D Initiatives
      4.10 PCM Quality Assurance Parameters
          4.10.1 Enthalpy Temperature Gradient
          4.10.2 Cyclic Reproducibility Of The Storage Process
       Cycling Category
          4.10.3 Thermal Conductivity Of Storage Material
      4.11 Market Dynamics
          4.11.1 Drivers
       Use Of PCM For Room Temperature Control
       Comfort In Textile
       Energy Saving
       Lower Green House Gas Emissions
       Faster Switching Time And Efficient Power Consumption
       Increasing Applications Base For Phase-Change Memory
       Reduction In Operating Cost
       Temperature Security
       Technical Drivers
                 Wide Range Of Melting Temperatures
                 Availability Of PCMS In Various Forms
                 Long Operating Life
                 Used For Both Cooling And Heating Purposes
                 Large Heat Storage Capacity
          4.11.2 Restraints
       High Cost Of PCM
       High Flammability & Corrosiveness
       Low Availability Of Right Grade PCM For Textile
       No Government Subsidy
       Shifting Cost
       Low Stability Of Phase Change Memory In Harsh Conditions
       Low Write Endurance Rate
          4.11.3 Opportunities
       Reducing Prices Of PCM
       R&D For Novel Materials
          4.11.4 Burning Issues
       Low Awareness
      4.12 Winning Imperatives
      4.13 Porter’s Five Forces
          4.13.1 Suppliers Power
          4.13.2 Buyers Power
          4.13.3 Threat Of New Entrants
          4.13.4 Threat Of Substitutes
          4.13.5 Degree Of Competition
      4.14 Patent Analysis

  • 5 Global Market, By Types  (Page No. - 84)
      5.1 Introduction
      5.2 Commercialization Status
      5.3 Price Analysis – Organic PCM Are The Most Expensive
      5.4 Major Revenue From Organic PCM
      5.5 Inorganic PCM – Largest Volume Consumption
      5.6 Major Companies By PCM Types
      5.7 Inorganic PCM
          5.7.1 Properties
          5.7.2 Europe Driving The PCM Market
          5.7.3 Key Manufacturers Of Inorganic Based PCM
      5.8 Bio-Based PCM
          5.8.1 Fatty Acid As PCM
          5.8.2 Bio-Based PCM Properties V/S Others
          5.8.3 Americas Is The Largest Market
          5.8.4 Key Manufacturers Of Bio-Based PCM
      5.9 Organic PCM
          5.9.1 Europe Is The Major PCM Market
          5.9.2 Paraffin As PCM
       Paraffin Production
       Extraction From Crude Oil
       Extraction From Lube Oil
          5.9.3 Paraffin Purification Methods
       Union Carbide Isosiv Process
       UOP Molex Process
       Exxon Ensorb Process
       Urea Adduct Formation
       Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
          5.9.4 Paraffin-Based PCM Manufacturing Process
          5.9.5 Types Of Paraffin
          5.9.6 Key Manufacturers: Paraffin And Paraffin-Based PCM
      5.10 Methods Of PCM Encapsulation
          5.10.1 Macroencapsulation
          5.10.2 Microencapsulation
      5.11 New Developments
          5.11.1 Use Of Erythritol As PCM
          5.11.2 Shape Stabilized Phase Change Material
    6 Global PCM Market, By Applications  (Page No. - 124)
      6.1 Introduction
      6.2 Maximum Players Focusing On Building Application
      6.3 Diverse Applications Of PCM Driving The Demand
      6.4 Building & Construction
          6.4.1 Market Dynamics
       Shift To Lightweight Architecture
       Use Of Additional Energy For Cooling
       Dual Temperature Control & Cost Savings
          6.4.2 Europe Driving The Market For Building & Construction
          6.4.3 Comparative Analysis – PCM For Building & Construction Applications
      6.5 Cold Storage
          6.5.1 Commercial Fixed Refrigeration
       APAC Driving The Market For Fixed Refrigeration Application
          6.5.2 Shipping, Packaging & Transportation
       Americas Is The Largest Market
      6.6 HVAC
          6.6.1 Europe Contributes Highest Growth
          6.6.2 PCM Supporting During Peak Load
          6.6.3 Boiler/Power Plant
      6.7 Energy Storage
          6.7.1 Solar Energy Storage
       Companies Offering PCM For Solar Energy Storage
          6.7.2 Geothermal Energy Storage
          6.7.3 Market Estimates For Thermal Energy Storage
      6.8 Textile
          6.8.1 Incorporation Of PCM In Textile
          6.8.2 Market Estimates For Textile Applications
      6.9 Electronics
          6.9.1 Telecom Shelters
          6.9.2 Phase Change Memory
          6.9.3 Market Estimates For Electronics Application
      6.10 Other Applications
          6.10.1 Healthcare
          6.10.2 Automotive

  • 7 PCM Market, By Geography  (Page No. - 154)
      7.1 Introduction
      7.2 Europe Is The Main Growth Driver
      7.3 Emissions Reduction Goals
      7.4 Market Estimates & Forecasts
          7.4.1 Europe
       Building & Construction Industry Is The Largest Consumer
       Organic PCM Attracting Major Revenue
          7.4.2 Americas
       Shipping, Packaging & Transportation Has Largest Consumption Share
       In Next Five Years Inorganic PCM Will Have The Largest Market
          7.4.3 Asia-Pacific
       Building & Construction Driving The Market
       Organic PCM Is Major Revenue Generator
          7.4.4 Middle East & Africa

  • 8 Competitive Landscape  (Page No. - 171)
      8.1 Introduction
      8.2 New Products Launch: The Most Popular Growth Strategy
      8.3 New Developments, By Applications
      8.4 Maximum Developments In 2012
      8.5 Outlast Technology & Sonoco Products: The Most Active Participants
      8.6 New Products Launch
      8.7 Supply Contracts
      8.8 Partnerships
      8.9 Mergers & Acquisitions
      8.10 Others

  • 9 Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, Products & Services, Strategy, And Developments)*   (Page No. - 201)
      9.1 Advansa B.V.
      9.2 Ai Technology Inc.
      9.3 BASF Se
      9.4 Ciat Group
      9.5 Climator Sweden AB
      9.6 Cryopak Inc.
      9.7 Datum Phase Change Ltd
      9.8 E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company
      9.9 Emco Klimatechnik Gmbh & Co. KG
      9.10 Entropy Solutions Inc.
      9.11 Ewald Dφrken AG
      9.12 Honeywell Electronic Materials Inc.
      9.13 Laird PLC
      9.14 Micron Technology Inc.
      9.15 Microtek Laboratories Inc.
      9.16 Outlast Technologies LIC
      9.17 PCM Energy P. Ltd
      9.18 Phase Change Energy Solutions Inc.
      9.19 Phase Change Material Products Limited
      9.20 Pluss Polymers Pvt. Ltd
      9.21 Rgees LIC
      9.22 Rubitherm Technologies GMBH
      9.23 SALCA BV
      9.24 SGL Group
      9.25 Sonoco Products Co.
      9.26 The Bergquist Company Inc.
      *Details On Financials Might Not Be Captured In Case Of Unlisted Companies.

  • Appendix  (Page No. - 302)
    U.S. Patents
    Europe Patents
    Japan Patents
    List Of Tables   (101 Tables)
    Table 1 PCM: Its Applications, Drivers & Restraints
    Table 2 Comparative Analysis Of PCM Products
    Table 3 RAL Categorization
    Table 4 Drivers Impact By Applications
    Table 5 Comparative Analysis: PCM V/S Conventional Memory
    Table 6 Temperature & Its Applications Of PCM
    Table 7 Types & Forms Of PCM
    Table 8 Restraints Impact By Applications
    Table 9 Write Endurance Of Different Memory Technologies
    Table 10 Focus On Product Innovation & Modification
    Table 11 Comparative Analysis: Different Types Of PCM
    Table 12 Average PCM Prices, By Types, 2011 – 2018 ($/Mt)
    Table 13 Global Market Revenue, By Materials,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 14 Global Market Consumption, By Types,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 15 PCM Types& Key Market Players
    Table 16 Comparative Analysis: PCM
    Table 17 Properties Of Inorganic PCM
    Table 18 Inorganic PCM Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 19 Inorganic Market Consumption, By Geography,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 20 Inorganic Manufacturers & Their Products
    Table 21 Properties Of Fatty Acid-Based PCM
    Table 22 Bio-Based PCM V/S Others
    Table 23 Bio-Based Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 24 Bio-Based Market Consumption, By Geography,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 25 Bio-Based Manufacturers & Their Products
    Table 26 Organic PCM Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 27 Organic Market Consumption, By Geography,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 28 Types Of Paraffin Used As PCM
    Table 29 Major Paraffin Manufacturers, By Geography
    Table 30 Commercialized Paraffin-Based PCMs
    Table 31 Comparative Analysis: Encapsulation Techniques
    Table 32 PCM Manufacturers, By Applications
    Table 33 Global Market Revenue, By Applications,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 34 Building & Construction: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography, 2011 – 2018 ($Million)
    Table 35 Building & Construction: Material Type, By Property And Company
    Table 36 Fixed Refrigeration: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 37 Shipping, Packaging & Transportation: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography, 2011 – 2018 ($Million)
    Table 38 HVAC: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 39 Commercially Available PCM For Solar Heat Storage
    Table 40 Thermal Energy Storage: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography, 2011 – 2018 ($Million)
    Table 41 Textile: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 42 Operating Expenses In Telecom Shelters
    Table 43 Comparative Analysis: Different Memory Types
    Table 44 Electronics: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 45 Other: PCM Market Revenue, By Geography,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 46 PCM Market Revenue, By Geography, 2011 – 2018 ($Million)
    Table 47 PCM Market Consumption, By Geography, 2011 – 2018 (Mt)
    Table 48 Region Wise Environmental Norms
    Table 49 Europe: PCM Market Revenue, By Applications,2011 – 2013 ($Million) 
    Table 50 Europe: Market Revenue, By Types, 2011 – 2013 ($Million)
    Table 51 Europe: Market Consumption, By Types,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 52 Americas: PCM Market Revenue, By Applications,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 53 Americas: Market Revenue, By Types,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 54 Americas: Market Consumption, By Types,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 55 Asia-Pacific: PCM Market Revenue, By Applications,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 56 Asia-Pacific: Market Revenue, By Types,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 57 Asia-Pacific: Market Consumption, By Types,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 58 Middle East & Africa: PCM Market Revenue, By Applications, 2011 – 2018 ($Million)
    Table 59 Middle East & Africa: Market Revenue, By Types,2011 – 2018 ($Million) 
    Table 60 Middle East & Africa: Market Consumption, By Types,2011 – 2018 (‘000 Mt) 
    Table 61 New Product Launches, 2009 – 2013
    Table 62 Supply Contract, 2009 – 2012
    Table 63 Partnerships, 2009 – 2012
    Table 64 Mergers & Acquisitions, 2010 – 2013
    Table 65 Other Developments, 2009 – 2012
    Table 66 Advansa: Products, Description, & Its Applications
    Table 67 Ai Technology: Electrically Insulating Products & Its Applications
    Table 68 Ai Technology: Electrically Conductive Products & Its Characteristics
    Table 69 BASF Se : Products, Applications & Its Characteristics
    Table 70 BASF: Performance Products Segment Revenue,By Sub Segments, 2011 – 2012 ($Million) 
    Table 71 CIAT: Products, Description & Its Applications
    Table 72 Climator: Product, Description & Its Applications
    Table 73 Cryopak: Products & Its Description
    Table 74 Datum: Product & Its Description
    Table 75 DU Point: Revenues, By Segments, 2011 – 2012 ($Million)
    Table 76 Emcoklima: Products & Its Description
    Table 77 Entropy: Products & Its Description
    Table 78 Ewald Dφrken: Products, Description & Its Applications
    Table 79 Honeywell: Products & Its Description
    Table 80 Honeywell: Segment-Wise Revenues, 2011 – 2012 ($Million)
    Table 81 Laird: Products, Description & Its Applications
    Table 82 Laird: Revenues, By Segments, 2011 – 2012 ($Million)
    Table 83 Micron: Products & Its Description
    Table 84 Micron: Products Segment Revenue, By Sub Segments,2011 – 2012 ($Million) 
    Table 85 Microtek Laboratories: Products & Descriptions
    Table 86 Outlast Technologies: Products & Its Applications
    Table 87 PCM Energy: Products & Its Descriptions
    Table 88 PCES: Products & Its Descriptions
    Table 89 Phase Change: Products & Its Descriptions
    Table 90 Pluss Polymers: Products, Descriptions & Applications
    Table 91 Rgees: Products & Its Descriptions
    Table 92 Rubitherm: Products & Its Descriptions
    Table 93 Salca BV: Products, Descriptions & Applications
    Table 94 Salca BV: PCM-Based End Products & Its Applications
    Table 95 SGL Group: Products & Its Descriptions
    Table 96 SGL: Annual Revenue, By Business Units, 2011 – 2012 ($Million)
    Table 97 Sonoco: Products, Descriptions & Its Applications
    Table 98 Sonoco: Green Box Products Portfolio
    Table 99 Sonoco: Certis Products & Its Descriptions
    Table 100 Sonoco Products: Annual Revenue, By Business Segments, 2011 – 2012 ($Million)
    Table 101 Bergquist: Products, Descriptions & Applications
    List Of Figures   (59 Figures)
    Figure 1 PCM: Market Revenue, By Applications, Types & Geography, 2012
    Figure 2 Global Market Segmentation
    Figure 3 PCM Market Scenario In Different Applications
    Figure 4 PCM Market Revenue, By Geography, 2011 – 2018 ($Million)
    Figure 5 Market Life Cycle Analysis
    Figure 6 PCM Market Revenue, By Types, 2012 & 2018 ($Million)
    Figure 7 Growth Strategies Of The Major Players, 2010 – 2012
    Figure 8 Classification Of Smart Materials
    Figure 9 Defining Global PCM Market
    Figure 10 PCM Business Architecture
    Figure 11 Global Market Dynamics
    Figure 12 PCM Applications Market Scenario
    Figure 13 Relative Potential Matrix Of The Global Market, 2012
    Figure 14 Global R&D Initiatives To Increase PCM Efficacy
    Figure 15 Quality Assurance Parameters For PCM Products
    Figure 16 Impact Analysis Of Drivers, 2013 – 2018
    Figure 17 Drivers For PCM Market
    Figure 18 Temperature Control In Room With PCM
    Figure 19 Global Memory Consumption, 2008 – 2015 ($Million)
    Figure 20 Functioning Of PCM
    Figure 21 Comparative Analysis: Heat Storage Capacity Of Different Materials
    Figure 22 Impact Analysis Of Restraints, 2013 – 2018
    Figure 23 Restraints For PCM Market
    Figure 24 PCM Price Trend, 2002 – 2010
    Figure 25 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    Figure 26 Patents Analysis, By Geography, 2008 – 2013
    Figure 27 Patent Analysis, By Years, 2008 – 2013
    Figure 28 Patent Trend Analysis, 2011 Vs 2012
    Figure 29 Patent Registration Trends, 2008 – 2013
    Figure 30 Patents Analysis, By Companies, 2008 – 2013
    Figure 31 Classification Of Materials
    Figure 32 Comparative Analysis: Melting Temperature & Enthalpy
    Figure 33 PCM Market Revenue, By Types & Geography, 2012 ($Million)
    Figure 34 Sources Of Paraffin Production
    Figure 35 Paraffin Based PCM: Melting Temperature V/S Carbon Atom
    Figure 36 Extraction Of Paraffin From Crude Oil
    Figure 37 Extraction Of Paraffin From Slack Wax
    Figure 38 Union Carbide Isosiv Process Of Paraffin Purification
    Figure 39 Molex Process Of Paraffin Purification
    Figure 40 Exxon Ensorb Process Of Paraffin Purification
    Figure 41 Urea Adduct Formation Process Of Paraffin Purification
    Figure 42 Fischer-Tropsch Process Of Paraffin Purification
    Figure 43 Paraffin-Based PCM Manufacturing Process
    Figure 44 Driving Factor Analysis For PCM Building Application
    Figure 45 Thickness Comparison Of PCM With Other Construction Material
    Figure 46 Function Of PCM In Reducing Peak Load
    Figure 47 Functioning Of PCM In Power Plants
    Figure 48 PCM Application For Solar Energy Storage
    Figure 49 Temperature Management In PCM-Based Fabric
    Figure 50 Major Growth Strategies In The Global Market, 2009 – 2012
    Figure 51 Strategic Developments, By Applications, 2009 – 2012
    Figure 52 Developments In The Global Phase Change Material Market, 2009 – 2012
    Figure 53 Global Market Growth Strategies,By Companies, 2009 – 2012 
    Figure 54 Growth Strategies Of Top 5 Companies, 2010 – 2012
    Figure 55 New Products Launch, 2009 – 2013
    Figure 56 Supply Contracts 2009 – 2012
    Figure 57 Partnerships, 2009 – 2012
    Figure 58 Mergers & Acquisitions, 2010 – 2013
    Figure 59 Other Developments, 2009 – 2012

    • The global industry is witnessing high growth on an account of increasing applications, technological advancements, and growing concerns over environmental regulations on reduction of green house gas emissions. Phase Change Material is used in various applications such as building and construction, fixed refrigeration, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), thermal energy storage, textiles, shipping & transportation, electronics and other applications namely healthcare, automotive, and telecommunications.

      Europe is the largest market which also offers the highest growth over the next five years. Americas (constituting North America and South America) stands second in terms of market size which is closely followed by Asia-Pacific. New and better products by suppliers and improved macro and micro-encapsulation techniques that decrease the Phase Change Material price will create new opportunities.

      Phase Change Material (PCM) Market Share, by Geography, 2012

      Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market

      Source: MarketsandMarkets Analysis

      The major players in the markets are Germany based BASF which focuses on building & construction application, U.S. based Sonoco Products Co. targets shipping, packaging & transportation application, Entropy Solutions Inc. (U.S.) for bio-based PCM applications, Outlast Technology (U.S.) for textile, and Micron Technology Inc. (U.S.) for electronics.

      The competition in this market is low; the companies instead of competing are trying to increase awareness of Phase Change Material products and its advantages that remains as key challenge. New products development is the preferred strategy adopted by chief players. With new products, companies can widen or even generate new markets for Phase Change Material.

      Organic PCM accounts for largest revenue while inorganic PCM holds maximum share in terms of consumption volume. Organic PCM are expansive which makes them major revenue share holder. Bio-based PCM is expected to grow by highest CAGR during next five years. Prices of bio-based Phase Change Material are also likely to decrease significantly during the same period.

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