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World HRD Congress 2016

The Congress will be an Executive Level Retreat in which participants will review Evolving Trends in HRM that could change their paradigm on leading people at work. It would provide an opportunity to acquire skills to maximize competencies and become a more knowledgeable contributor in the organization. Besides networking opportunities, the conference offers unique in-depth approaches to understanding important workplace issues that affect an organization's viability in today's fast-paced business environment. The Congress is governed by a Global & National Advisory Council that guides the strategic intent of the event & leads it to its success. The Congress is the largest rendezvous of HR Professionals. We would urge you to please visit

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Biometric System Market by Application (Government, Military & Defense, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Consumer Electronics, Travel & Immigration, and Security), Technology (Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Iris Recognition, Palm Recognition, Voice Recognition, Signature Recognition, Vein Recognition, and Others), Function (Contact and Non-Contact) & Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, Row) - Global Forecast to 2020

2016 Pharma CI Europe Conference & Exhibition

The Pharma CI Europe Conference & Exhibition (February 18-19, 2016, Paris, France, www.pharmaciconference.com ) is THE INDUSTRY'S GOLD STANDARD for senior level pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics professionals seeking the latest news and the rare chance to network with all the industry's luminaries. This is the biggest and best gathering of pharmaceutical competitive intelligence thought leaders in Europe. 35+ speakers!

Join us at this premier gathering and network with other key decision makers as you learn about the most pressing and relevant issues facing the industry today.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market by type (Innovative, Generic), Type of Synthesis (Synthetic, Biotech), Type of Manufacturer (Captive, Merchant), Therapy (Oncology, diabetes, Orthopedic, CNS, Nephrology, Ophthalmology) - Global Forecast to 2020

MEDICARE Risk Adjustment and MEDICARE STAR Ratings Conference & Exhibition

As MEDICARE administrators, you are all too familiar with increasingly difficult balancing act of reporting patient outcomes for appropriate and accurate reimbursement. This challenge, of course, is further intensified with adjustments handed down by CMS for achieving and maintaining the Holy Grail 5-Star rating, and further necessitating the move for a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach for not only clinical and fiscal success, but also performance.

At Opal's MEDICARE Risk Adjustment and MEDICARE STAR Ratings Conference & Exhibition, you will not only have the opportunity to learn insightful strategies and lessons learned from industry leaders, but you will also gain immediately applicable knowledge in peer-driven panel discussions, as well as expand your knowledge through networking opportunities and the exhibit hall marketplace

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Population Health Management Market by Component (Software, Services), by Delivery Mode (Web-based, Cloud-based), by End-User (Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Payers, Employer Groups) - Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2020

Single Family Office Summit

The Family Office Club is hosting their annual Single Family Office Summit on February 25th at the Edison Ballroom in Time Square. Come join 25+ single family office speakers and 200+ attendees including institutional investors, top single family office excecutives, high-net-worth individuals and a variety of family office industry participants. 

Associate Reports::

Private Wealth Management India - Family Offices for Ultra-High Net worth Individual (UHNWI) 2010-2015: (Trends and Needs Behavior Analysis)

Family Office Winter Forum

Families and financial managers will enjoy a fast pace day of interactive panel discussions and networking breaks.  With over 700 delegates, and in combination with the Investment Consultants Forum, there is always an opportunity to meet potential clients. While in the session room, trending investment topics will be addressed by some of Wall Street's most sought after managers and advisors.  Themes of family governance, alternatives, and impact investing, will have even the most cynical of New Yorkers believing in their financial future.

Associate Reports::

Private Wealth Management India - Family Offices for Ultra-High Net worth Individual (UHNWI) 2010-2015: (Trends and Needs Behavior Analysis)

Investment Consultants Forum

The Investment Consultants Forum provides a unique environment for developing dialogue between plan sponsors, managers and consultants. This event will feature panel-driven discussions focused on specific investment techniques of fixed income and hedge fund managers, the evolving role of institutional consultants, the manager evaluation process, transition management, investing in global markets, and more.

Associate Reports::

Private Wealth Management India - Family Offices for Ultra-High Net worth Individual (UHNWI) 2010-2015: (Trends and Needs Behavior Analysis)

About Qatar Projects 2016

Detailing the plan to deliver Qatar’s National Vision 2030, a $200bn project. MEED’s Qatar Projects Conference 2016 brings together government representatives, key project owners, developers, consultants and financiers to address the evolving challenges of Qatar’s project delivery market and highlight future project opportunities, strategic priorities and master plans.

With more than $200bn-worth of major projects due to be awarded in the next 10 years, Qatar remains one of the three top attractive markets for companies doing business in and with the GCC. Qatar Projects Conference returns 15 - 16 March 2016.

Associate Reports::

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Market by Platform Type (Software and Services), Deployment Type (On-Premises and Cloud), End User, Business Solutions, Industry Vertical, and Region - Global Forecast and Analysis to 2020

European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging

Two Day “European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging” Conference will take place in 16th – 17th March 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Speakers and Attendees of the Conference will bring together brand owners, retailers, leading sustainability experts, packaging converters and manufacturers, plastic collectors and reclaimers and organisations from around the globe.

Key industry players will give in-depth presentations and get involved in the Panel Discussions with senior level audience covering the most important topics in the market. The conference will also offer an exhilarating series of presentations, sessions and Q&A’s to deepen connections and move the sector forward.

ACI’s European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Conference will allow you to examine and analyse successful case studies of latest projects presented by industry leaders, along with exploring the latest technology advancements.

Associate Reports::

Biodegradable Paper & Plastic Packaging Market by Applications (Food Packaging, Beverage Packaging, Pharmaceuticals Packaging, Personal & Home Care Packaging, and Others), Packaging Type (Plastic and Paper), & by Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and ROW) - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019

2 nd Asia-Pacific Medical Devices Summit 2016

Economic level and living level improved, so that today's global healthcare industry hot. Taking into account the huge population base and the number of developing countries, mostly in Asia, the healthcare industry, especially in the field of medical devices, which have yet to open up the market for many companies envious, but reluctantly forced the geographical policies, regulatory regimes, and market different environments and stop. Such as China, between Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and other ASEAN countries, to address market access problems in the development of medical devices, enhanced technology, learn from each other in order to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading is a development focus.

Chinese medical device market in Asia as one of the most important branch is the key to open up the Asian market.

7-year exploration of the medical device industry, the success of the 10th meeting held medical device, based views "2016 Second Asia-Pacific Medical Devices Summit (http://www.duxes-events.com/mdap2) provides a wealth of industry resources and broad industry relationships, is honored guests tap the potential business partners, a rare opportunity to broaden trade links.

Associate Reports::

Cosmetic Dentistry Market by Product (Dental Implants, Dental Bridges, Dental Crowns, Orthodontic Braces, Dental Lasers, Dental Veneers, Dental Handpieces, Bonding Agents, Dental Lasers, Dental Chairs, CAD/CAM Systems) - Global Forecast to 2020

Gasification 2016

ACI’s 5th Annual Gasification Summit, taking place on 23rd and 24th of March 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will comprise two days of formal presentations, interactive roundtable discussions and excellent networking opportunities, providing an ideal setting to convene with your peers to discuss both current operational & future planned gasification plants, end product markets, potential barriers & support policies as well as project economics & finance.

Key Topics Include:

  • Introductive market overview, drivers and regulatory update
  • Waste gasification outlook
  • Recent developments in the area of Gas Clean-up
  • Gasification for chemical and fuels production
  • Case studies: Biomass gasification, challenges and success stories
  • Coal gasification technologies in EU and overseas
  • Application, strengths and weaknesses of different technologies
  • Market future and prospects
  • UCG: Commercialisation of this technology challenges

Associate Reports::

Gasification Market by Gasifier Type (Moving/Fixed Bed, Fluidized Bed, Entrained & Others), by Feedstock (Biomass/Waste, Coal, Natural Gas & Petroleum), by Application (Chemicals, Liquid Fuels, Power & Gas Fuels) and Geography - Global Trends and Forecasts (2014 - 2019)

Real Estate Investors Summit: Dealmakers Conference

Network with the industry's leading experts as they analyze the opportunities in the real estate market! Opal's 2016 Real Estate Investors Conference will focus on the latest developments in the marketplace. This event was designed for real estate managers, operators, hedge funds, private investors, family offices, pension plans and other institutional investors.  It will provide various networking opportunities along with an educational platform.

Associate Reports::

Heavy Construction Equipment Market by type (Earthmoving, Material Handling, Heavy Construction Vehicles), Application (Excavation & demolition, Heavy Lifting, Material Handling & Others), Industry (Infrastructure, Construction & Others) - Forecast to 2020

Toronto Family Office & Endowment Investment Forum

The Toronto Family Office & Endowment Investment Forum is our flagship Canadian event. As part of the Private Wealth Series, this family office and endowment investment conference is Opal's premier event for high net worth individuals, family offices, and endowments. The Toronto program is tailored to Canadian investors who have an interest in new and exciting investment opportunities world wide.

Associate Reports::

Private Wealth Management India - Family Offices for Ultra-High Net worth Individual (UHNWI) 2010-2015: (Trends and Needs Behavior Analysis)

Asia Pacific Healthcare Summit 2016

With a population skyrocketing towards 4 Billion people as well as rapid economic growth, the healthcare industries in the Asia Pacific region are set to overtake those in the West. To examine complex issues that touch on market development as well as general social welfare, industry experts and policy makers of the region’s healthcare industries will meet in Singapore and attempt to predict the future course of the industry’s development as well as provide analyses and explanations of the policies that will help shape it. At the Asia Pacific Healthcare Policy Summit 2014, Duxes (Shanghai) Business Consulting will welcome officials from relevant food and drug bodies and representatives from the ASEAN group.

The Asia Pacific Healthcare Policy Summit will provide the latest developments in this crucial stage in the development of the healthcare market in the region by bringing together its brightest and most influential individuals, providing wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as a fantastic opportunity to forge new business partnerships that will be necessary to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by this flourishing industry.

Associate Reports::

Pharmaceutical Excipients Market by Products (Organic chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals), Functionality (Fillers, Binders, Lubricants, Preservatives), & by Route of Administration (Oral, Topical, Parenteral, Others) – Global Forecast to 2019

Renewable & Bio-based Chemicals Summit

ACI’s Renewable & Bio-based Chemicals Summit, formally known as Biochemical & Bioplastics, will bring forth present trends and needs within the emerging sustainable industry. The conference will focus on current trends in renewable & bio-based chemicals with a wider range of applications including; bioplastics, biopolymers, consumer, industrial and institutional products. Join us at the conference to explore insights from key players across the entire value chain.

The conference invites attendees from across chemical, plastics, packaging, industrial, consumer goods, speciality chemicals, automotive and cosmetic industries. With attendees from across value chain, ACI’s Renewable & Bio-based Chemicals Summit will welcome feedstock producers, product managers, process technologists, R&D scientist, and sustainability managers. Our previous editions have welcomed companies such as KODAK, Nestle, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas, Gevo, Shell, BASF, Corbion, DSM Bio-based products, Dupont, BioAmber, Myriant, Verdezyne, Ineos Bio, Clariant, Frost & Sullivan, NNFCC, Cargill, UPM Biochemicals, ThyssenKrupp, Synthos Group, Soffinova Partners, Arkema, Novamont, WUR, & many more.

Associate Reports::

Renewable Chemicals Market - Alcohols (Ethanol, Methanol), Biopolymers (Starch Blends, Regenerated Cellulose, PBS, Bio-PET, PLA, PHA, Bio-PE, and Others), Platform Chemicals & Others - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020

Future of Formulations in Cosmetics

Two Day “Future of Formulations in Cosmetics” conference is due to take place in 18th – 19th in May 2016 in Budapest.

Key players of the Cosmetic Industry will present and discuss with the senior level audience through the Panel Discussions the most important topics of the market. Join us in Budapest to exchange your point of view with your peers and engage in excellent networking opportunities. Topics that we will cover include:

  • Cosmetics Market Outlook
  • Raw Material Focus: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Regulatory Compliance, Claims & Product Safety
  • Exploring Trends Across the Beauty Sectors
  • Innovation Zone: The Future of Formulation
  • Sustainability & Natural Cosmetic Products
  • Advancements in Cosmetic Technology
  • And lots more…

ACI will bring together the right companies and the best professionals to share their “job story”, which has an exceptional value for the players of the industry. We are proud to announce that in our Cosmetics Conference, we are going to examine a lot of aspects of the market in practical terms.

Register today for the opportunity to gain useful industry insights and network amongst the leading personal care professionals.

With an investment of £1,495 (ex. VAT) you can take advantage of becoming a part of the story and gain valuable experience and priceless expertise. As the number of attendees is strictly limited, please register

Associate Reports::

Color Cosmetics Market by Target Market (Prestige products and Mass products), by Application (Nail products, Lip products, Eye Make-up, Facial Make-up, Hair Color Products, Special Effects Products, and Others ) and Geography - Regional Trends & Forecasts to 2020

Emerging Managers Summit

The Emerging Managers Summit will provide the unique opportunity to access a diversified group of up-and-coming performance-oriented managers and manager of managers. The conference will explore the benefits and opportunities offered by investing in emerging managers as well as new strategies for implementing an emerging managers program.

Associate Reports::

Financial Services Application Market by Software (Audit, Risk & Compliance, BI & Analytics, Business Transaction Processing, Customer Experience, Enterprise IT), by Services, by Deployment, by Users & Region - Global Forecast to 2019

6th MEED Quality Awards for Projects

We are delighted to announce that the entry process is now open for the 6th MEED Quality Awards for Projects, in association with Mashreq. Enter the awards and be recognised for your quality work in design, construction and engineering. Deadline for entries 21st January 2016.

Associate Reports::

Heavy Construction Equipment Market by type (Earthmoving, Material Handling, Heavy Construction Vehicles), Application (Excavation & demolition, Heavy Lifting, Material Handling & Others), Industry (Infrastructure, Construction & Others) - Forecast to 2020

Aquaculture summit 2016

Aquaculture summit 2016 is the event that brings together a unique and International mix of experts, like aquaculture engineers, researchers and decision makers both from academia and industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations to its world aquaculture conference. Aquaculture is a Major Field in modern food supply according to the FAO, aquaculture "is understood to mean the farming of aquatic organisms including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants. Farming implies some form of intervention in the rearing process to enhance production, such as regular stocking, feeding, protection from predators,

In the recently published global outlook report entitled Fish to 2030, the overwhelming majority of the projected increase in global fish production is expected to come from aquaculture as it has for the past several decades. The production gains from various regions of the world and the share that comes from aquaculture.

Associate Reports::

Feed Palatability Enhancers & Modifiers Market by Type (Natural and Synthetic), by Livestock (Swine, Poultry, Cattle, Pets, Aquaculture, and Others) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019

Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum

As Opal Financial Group's flagship event, The Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum has become Opal's largest family office event in the world.  The voyage begins with an annual Regatta Cup race, giving delegates an opportunity to find their inner competitor, and race across the harbor. In the course of three days, family offices, private investors, and investment managers navigate their way through the choppy waters of the past recession, while continuing to explore the best ways to map out their portfolios.Discussions will cover a wide variety of investment topics including direct investing, impact investing, non-correlated assets, and many more.

Associate Reports::

Private Wealth Management India - Family Offices for Ultra-High Net worth Individual (UHNWI) 2010-2015: (Trends and Needs Behavior Analysis)

Public Funds Summit East

Opal Financial Group's annual Public Funds Summit East addresses issues that are critical to the investment success of senior public pension fund officers and trustees in the new millennium. The exchange of ideas both in and out of the session halls is key in educating and identifying viable alternatives that will address these concerns. Beyond the investment sphere, we also address legal issues facing pension plans, ethic regulations and the importance of on-going education for plan sponsors and their fiduciaries.

Associate Reports::

Private Wealth Management India - Family Offices for Ultra-High Net worth Individual (UHNWI) 2010-2015: (Trends and Needs Behavior Analysis)

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