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Marketsandmarkets along with its employees, publishers, authors and partners takes great care to ensure that the published content, graphics and information on the company website is as relevant and accurate as possible. However, Marketsandmarkets does not guarantee for the 100% authenticity of the information (expressed or implied) and does not accept responsibility for any kind of loss and damage incurred due to the use of the information and graphics published on the website. We encourage you to check for all information provided on the website for its quality, authenticity, completeness and correctness. You must not rely on this information for your research, analysis, marketing, or for any other purposes.

The links given on the website may take you to a third website but Marketsandmarkets is not responsible and has no control over the content and information available on that particular website. The links given are only for general information purposes and Marketsandmarkets does not advertise or endorse that website. You are required to check the authenticity of that website. Marketsandmarkets is in no way responsible for the damages incurred by you due to the use of the content of the third website.

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