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Apheresis Market Forecasts To 2017

Apheresis Market is driven by the advantages of apheresis collection over the whole blood collection, huge demand for plasma in plasma fractionation and research for new applications of therapeutic apheresis.

Valued at $1140.80 million in 2012, the apheresis market is expected to grow at an impressive rate of 11% CAGR, reaching 1,922.40 million by 2017.

Apheresis Market is an extracorporeal therapy in which the blood of a patient/ donor is passed through a medical device which separates out one more constituents of the blood, while returning the rest back into the blood stream. The separated constituents are either treated or replaced.

One of the many reasons apheresis is gaining rapid popularity is due to the fact that it is a “subtractive” therapy which seeks to restore the blood in nearly its natural state, thereby preserving the body’s essential functions. Therefore, it can be used to cure intractable diseases as well as in cases where drug administration should be avoided or minimized, as in the case of pregnant women, infants, children, and the elderly.

The apheresis industry is oligopolistic in nature with a few large players. The current market leader is Haemonetics Corporation, enjoying one-third of the market share which is shared between its winning apheresis devices like Cymbal, MCS+8150, MCS+9000 and PCS 2 and disposables like Apheresis Solutions, Anticoagulant Citrate Dextrose etc.

Apheresis procedures are either used on donors wherein the required component of the blood is stored and the rest is transfused back into the donor, or as therapy like plasma exchange, LDL apheresis, photopheresis, thrombocytapheresis etc. The global market for each of these applications has been covered in detail in the report and some interesting insights have been revealed. The application of therapeutic apheresis in the treatment of neurological disorders is leading the therapeutic apheresis market. Donor apheresis is the most popularly used type of apheresis procedure.

North America is the most dominant market for apheresis enjoying a close to 50% share in 2012. This is mainly owing to U.S’s share in the plasma supply market. However, the Asian markets show startling growth according to the research findings. This is primarily due to increasing investments by major players and initiation of apheresis collection programs. Japan’s Asahi Kasei Medical is the pioneer of apheresis for intractable disease treatment. It enjoys 4% market share in apheresis market owing to its membrane separation/ filtration based apheresis devices.

A lot is being done to spread awareness and support the cause of smarter blood management systems like apheresis. Haemonetics, the global leader in the apheresis market has announced a research grant along with SABM to support a young researcher planning to study methods of promoting blood conservation.

By technology, the report has classified the apheresis market as centrifugation and membrane separation. Centrifugation technology uses centrifugal force to separate blood components based on their density whereas membrane separation uses the particle size to separate components. The former dominates the market.

For being such a promising therapy, apheresis is still to receive the recognition it deserves. However, as awareness is building in the smaller countries, apheresis is slowly gaining acceptance by blood banks, doctors, plasma collection centers and very importantly, it is soon becoming a preferred form of therapy for patients as well.

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