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The Directed Energy Weapon Market is expected to show substantial growth by 2020

The directed energy weapon market started developing from the 2003 Iraq War. These weapons produce a beam of electromagnetic energy that disables or destroys target by transferring its energy in to the target. It operates at the speed of light and can be lethal or non-lethal depending on the technology used. Two types of technologies are currently being weaponized: High Energy Lasers and High Power Microwaves. Lasers are vastly used as directed energy weapons which overheat targets and destroy them completely. Microwaves are radio frequency weapons which destroy the electronics of the target and disable it.

Directed energy weapons have several advantages over conventional weapons. These weapons transmit beam at the speed of light (3x108 m/s) and are not affected by the effects of gravity and atmosphere. These weapons have applications in defense as well as in homeland security. These are very precise and have the potential to replace conventional munitions. However, these weapons have few drawbacks; microwave beams are absorbed by conductive material between the weapon and target and the laser beams are weakened by water vapor, dust and other obscurants.

It is estimated that High Energy Laser (HEL) weapons will dominate the total directed energy weapon market in coming years. High Power Microwave (HPM) weapons will also show significant growth in the near future. The directed energy weapons market in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East region will grow at the highest CAGR.

The directed energy weapon market is on a significant upswing. The reason for the growing interest in directed-energy systems is that there has been considerable progress in developing relevant technologies over the past two decades, from power sources to beam-control concepts to pointing and tracking techniques. Also the directed-energy weapons have unique characteristics that potentially enable new concepts of military operation.

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