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Emerging Trends in the Indoor location Market

Indoor location market report analyze market trends in North America (NA), Latin America (LA), Europe (EU), Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (EMEA)on basis of hardware devices, software,positioning system & application

Indoor location technologies are being adopted all verticals and a huge investment in R&D has gone through in the past few years in this market. Inadequate strength of satellite signals in indoor environments for accurate data propagation has inevitably fuelled the need for indoor positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN) technologies. Majorly in North America, it is observed that more than 35% of the cellphone owners and 60% of smartphone owners use their phone to get turn by turn navigation or direction while driving in outdoor environments. Globally, it has been observed that more than 70% of the smartphone users utilize their handset to obtain real-time location-based information.

Moreover, it is observed 15% smartphone users use geo-social services to share their geographic location among friends. Thus, indoor location market has followed the trend to modernize the usage of smartphone by incorporating Assisted-GPS, sensor fusion, Wi-Fi and other positioning technologies with style mapping, which provides navigation and other location-based services inside malls, museums, casinos, offices, airports and other locations. Some of the prominent mobile device providers, such as Nokia, Apple, Samsung and Google are working on mobile applications in this market.

Further, huge database for indoor maps are being built and maintained by companies such as Google, Nokia (NAVTEQ), Micello and many other companies across the globe. Google alone has mapped over 10,000 indoor locations and is expected to increase it exponentially to over 500,000 layouts by 2015. Apple has recently acquired WiFiISLAM for enhancing their indoor map algorithms and to form location based APIs, which will be used to push messages to customers by the retailers. Many innovators have also ventured into the indoor location market such as Indoor Atlas, Teldio and Aisel411, forming indoor-alliances. MarketsandMarkets expects quite a few acquisitions in the indoor positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN) market over the next few years.

Indoor positioning technological trends have been evolving over past few years. Research on sensor fusion technologies, hybrid positioning and other integrated devices have also been a major driver to this market. These technological advancements have given a positive push to the indoor location market as well. Governments in various countries have also shown interest in public safety and urban security segment by easing up regulations in wireless technologies. The US government has been providing monetary help to the operators for E911 services and administrative bodies such as Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that has been working on E911 testing requirements.

Indoor location marketing and analytics is expected to be the future focus for retailers, healthcare and other industries. These applications allow venue owners in monitoring and asset tracking; information from users is expected to help drive strategic marketing decisions at the venue. Automation and Robotics in manufacturing industry shall also leverage from the indoor positioning technologies and real time asset information. MarketsandMarkets expects the growth of infrastructure and major complexes globally. Universities, mega malls, airports, stadiums, parking-lots, manufacturing facilities and various other mega infrastructures are being built across the globe, which provides a good opportunity for indoor location services. We expect the indoor location market to be the largest in North America, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The market for Indoor location is estimated to grow to $2.60 billion in 2018, at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.1% between 2013 and 2018.

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