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New Revenue Pockets Semiconductor IP Market

Hence, these are some of the major as well as emerging revenue pockets for the semiconductor IP market. For silicon IP vendors, these sectors offer tremendous market growth potential and undoubtedly significant market opportunities. Overall, it can be concluded that these industries are expected to have a huge impact on the global semiconductor IP market in the near future.

Semiconductor IP cores are being widely used in diverse application sectors with primary bases in computer and peripherals, telecom infrastructure, networking technologies, and mobiles and tablets primarily to save crucial design time and expenditure. In addition, these IP cores are rapidly penetrating into new application sectors such as automotive, industrial, medical, defense, and aerospace. It is also estimated that the semiconductor IP cores have huge growth opportunities especially in avionics, aerospace, and defense applications as these sectors are increasingly becoming dependent on highly sophisticated, complex electronic systems. The demand in the field of electronic and semiconductor hardware components is increasing and has developed a need for searching for new means in the choice of execution. There is a need for high quality semiconductor solutions with long-term life cycle. Avionics, aerospace, and defense industries are expected to be the emerging markets for semiconductor IP cores with huge growth opportunities in the next few years. Currently, the demand for such semiconductor chips in these industries is very high. The demand for highly skilled technical manufacturing procedures and fail-proof designs from suppliers is also quite high along with protracted product accessibility and support, as failure cannot be afforded in electronic systems incorporated in mission critical applications.

In addition to the emerging markets such as aerospace and defense, the mobiles and tablets sector offers tremendous growth opportunities for semiconductor IP market. Presently, this sector is one of the major shareholders in terms of market revenue generation for the global semiconductor IP market. With the ground-breaking success of multi-core technology in the embedded computing sector of large form factor mostly in computing devices such as desktops, laptops, net books, and notebooks, the industry‘s eye is set on making it a successful transformation even in the smaller form factor devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs and other portable electronic gadgets such as wearable electronics.
The dual-core, quad-core processors market rose quickly owing to the advancement of personal computing for consumers globally, as well as emerging advancements such as octa-core processors for smart phones presents many future opportunities for the global semiconductor IP market. Today, most of the portable consumer electronics globally, run on dual-core or quad-core processors as the industry players have realized the need and are set on advancing in the competitive race by delivering faster, efficient, extraordinary performance delivering electronic gadgets for consumers by manufacturing highly advanced multi-core processor chips. IDMs, ODMs, and OEMs have a constant focus on evolving their products using multi-core technology. In addition, the advent of SoC technology enables the development of sophisticated dual-core and quad-core SoCs. Thus, with the rising adoption, growing penetration of multi-core technology, increasing design complexity in semiconductor ICs and SoCs, is resulting in increased revenue input for the semiconductor IP market from the consumer electronics sector especially mobiles and tablets.

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