HOME Top Market Reports Polyamide Market - By Type (Polyamide 6, Polyamide 6-6, Bio-Based Polyamide) & By Application (Automotives, Electrical, Machinery, Consumer Goods, Textiles & Sports Wear, Films and Coatings & Packaging) – Global Trends & Forecasts Up to 2018

Polyamide Market - By Type (Polyamide 6, Polyamide 6-6, Bio-Based Polyamide) & By Application (Automotives, Electrical, Machinery, Consumer Goods, Textiles & Sports Wear, Films and Coatings & Packaging) – Global Trends & Forecasts Up to 2018

By: marketsandmarkets.com
Publishing Date: July 2013
Report Code: CH 1385

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Polyamide Market, by Types (PA 6, PA 6/6, Bio-based), applications (Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Machinery, Consumer Goods, Textiles, Films & Coatings, Packaging, and others) & Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018

This report covers the major polyamide market including PA 6, PA 6/6, and Bio-based polyamide. It further divides the market on the basis of types, industry verticals, and geography. The report analyses the market for polyamides with respect to drivers, opportunities, and winning imperatives related to the industry.

There are various applications of polyamides and the performance of these products is based on key functions that it performs. The total market for polyamide has been analyzed based on Porters Five Forces model. This gives an idea of the current ongoing in the industry at a commercial level. The study provides a value chain analysis with respect to polyamide and its applications. This consists of raw material suppliers, manufacturers, channel partners, and end use manufacturers. It also includes key suppliers, manufactures and end products manufacturing companies. The report provides the market share for polyamide manufacturers. It represents the top players which contribute to the polyamide industry.

The impact of different market factors such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities is also illustrated in the report. This is done based on parameters which include the impact of specific market factors (low, medium, high) and the time period over which these market factors will persist. This gives an idea of the major drivers and opportunities which are of key importance for the commercial success of polyamide products and its market.

The market is also analyzed based on patents filled by different industrial participants over a period of time. This elaborates the latest products and technologies within the polyamide market on which the manufacturers have been focusing over the past few years. Along with that, it also focuses on the life cycle of the polyamide industry with respect to different regions. These phases include development, growth, maturity and decline.

Polyamide has been used in diverse applications across industries such as automotive, electrical & electronics, machinery, consumer goods, textiles, films & coatings, packaging, and others. PA 6 and PA 6/6 are the major types within the global polyamide market. The market data for these product types is given with respect to volume (thousand tons) and value ($million). The data is based on the demand for all polyamide categories.

The polyamide market is also classified based on different industry verticals. The automotive industry dominates the polyamide market, followed by electrical & electronic, consumer goods, textiles, and machinery. The market study segments the polyamide market with respect to major regions including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. The regions are further segmented for Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan and Rest of Asia-Pacific), Europe (Germany, U.K., France, and others) and North America (U.S. and Canada). The market data for these regions is given with respect to volume (thousand tons) and value ($ million). The data is based on demand for all polyamide types and industrial segments.

The report also presents a competitive landscape which covers different strategies and developments that polyamide companies have done in the past few years. Furthermore, different market participants within the polyamide market are also profiled in the report. This gives details of the company which include company overview, financial details, products, strategy, and recent developments.

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Table Of Contents 
1 Introduction (Page No. - 19)
  1.1 Key Take-Aways
  1.2 Report Description
  1.3 Markets Covered
  1.4 Stakeholders
  1.5 Research Methodology
      1.5.1 Market Size
      1.5.2 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
      1.5.3 Key Data Points Taken From Primary Sources
      1.5.4 Assumptions Made For This Report
2 Executive Summary (Page No. - 25)

3 Premium Insights (Page No. - 28)
  3.1 Asia-Pacific Dominating The Global Market
  3.2 Double Digit Growth For Regional Markets
  3.3 Automative & Electrical Industry - Major Markets
  3.4 Major Demand From Asia-Pacific
  3.5 New Technologies & Mergers: Major Strategies By Market Players
  3.6 North America & Europe: Strong Base For Polyamide Companies

4 Market Overview (Page No. - 39)
  4.1 Introduction
  4.2 Market Dynamics
      4.2.1 Drivers
   Automotive Industry – Weight Reduction In Vehicles
   Growth In Electrical & Electronics Applications
   Growth Of Emerging Economies
      4.2.2 Restraints
   Moisture Absorption Resulting In Degradation Of Properties
   Current Economic Condition Of Europe
      4.2.3 Opportunity
  4.3 Winning Imperatives
      4.3.1 Long Term Contracts With Leading Customers
  4.4 Burning Issue
      4.4.1 Raw Material Prices
  4.5 Impact Of Dro (Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities)
  4.6 Value Chain Analysis
      4.6.1 Raw Material Supplier
      4.6.2 Manufacturers
      4.6.3 End Use
  4.7 Raw Material Analysis
  4.8 Porter’s Five Force Analysis
      4.8.1 Threat Of New Entrants
      4.8.2 Threat Of Substitutes
      4.8.3 Bargaining Power Of Buyers
      4.8.4 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
      4.8.5 Competitive Rivalry Within An Industry
  4.9 Market Share Analysis
      4.9.1 Global Polyamide Market Dominated By European Companies
  4.10 Patents Analysis

5 Polyamide Market, By Types (Page No. - 71)
  5.1 Introduction
      5.1.1 Types Of Polyamide
  5.2 Global Polyamide Market – Bio-Based Polyamides Expected To Lead
      5.2.1 Polyamide 6
      5.2.2 Polyamide 6/6
      5.2.3 Bio-Based Polyamides
      5.2.4 Manufacturing Process
      5.2.5 Bio-Based Polyamide: Market Player Initiatives
      5.2.6 Arkema
      5.2.7 Royal Dsm N.V.
      5.2.8 Ems-Chemie Ag
      5.2.9 Evonik94
      5.2.10 Others
    Polyamide 46
    Polyamide 6/12
    Polyamide 11
    Polyamide 12
    Polyamide 6/10

6 Polyamide Market, By Applications (Page No. - 105)
  6.1 Introduction
  6.2 Automotive Industry
  6.3 Electrical &Electronics Industry
  6.4 Consumer Goods  
  6.5 Machinery
  6.6 Textiles
  6.7 Fishing Nets 
  6.8 Films &Coatings
  6.9 Packaging
  6.10 Others

7 Polyamide Market, By Geography (Page No. - 140)
  7.1 Introduction
  7.2 Global Polyamide Market
      7.2.1 North America
      7.2.2 Europe
      7.2.3 Asia-Pacific
      7.2.4 Rest Of World
   Middle East

8 Competitive Landscape (Page No. - 187)
  8.1 Introduction
      8.1.1 Agreements, Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures – Leads The Way
  8.2 Royal Dsm, Huntsman, & Rhodia - Most Active Companies
  8.3 Recent Trend In Development Strategies Of Polyamide Market, 2009 – 2013
  8.4 New Products Launch/Developments
  8.5 Agreements, Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures
  8.6 Investments, Expansions & Other Developments
  8.7 Mergers & Acquisitions
9 Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, Products & Services, Strategy, And Developments)*  (Page No. - 204)
  9.1 Arkema
  9.2 Asahi Kasei Corporation
  9.3 BASF SE
  9.4 Domo Group
  9.5 E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Company
  9.6 Evonik Industries Ag
  9.7 Formosa Plastic Group
  9.8 Honeywell International INC.
  9.9 Huntsman Corporation
  9.10 Invista S.A.R.L
  9.11 Lanxess Ag
  9.12 Li Peng Enterprise Company Limited
  9.13 Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products INC.
  9.14 Radici Group
  9.15 Rhodia Sa
  9.16 Royal Dsm N.V.
  9.17 Sabic Innovative Plastics LLC
  9.18 Sk Capital
  9.19 Ube Industries Limited
  9.20 Zig Sheng Industrial Company Limited *Details On Overview, Financials, Product & Services, Strategy, And Developments Might Not Be Captured In Case Of Unlisted Companies. 

Appendix (Page No. - 281)

U.S. Patents 281
Europe Patents 296
Only Consumer Goods And Not Consumer Goods & Appliances 
We Have Added New Segment

Polyamide is commonly used as polymers. The global polyamide market is lined up for high growth and huge demand from emerging economies in the next five years. The polyamide market is segmented by different types of products which include PA 6, PA 6/6, and Bio-based. These are best known for their commercial usage in the automotive, electrical & electronics, and consumer goods industry.

Within the application segments, Automotive is a major area for the polyamide market. It is expected to maintain a dominating position over the next few years. The market is also analyzed by raw materials and their pricing with respect to the global market. Major drivers, restraints, and opportunities are analyzed and their impact is studied. The polyamide market value chain defines the key contributors to the polyamide markets at different stages from product development to end use and it also consists of major companies involved in raw material supply, manufacturing, and end use product manufacturing. The market analysis covering also includes the contribution by major polyamide manufacturers in terms of market share in the overall global polyamide industry.

The market is studied for different regions such as North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World. The polyamide market is analyzed in terms of volume and value market which depicts its future outlook. This analysis covers major developments, expansions, agreements and mergers & acquisitions of leading global companies.


Polyamide Market

Source: Secondary Research, Expert Interviews, MarketsandMarkets Analysis

In 2013, the global polyamide demand is estimated to be worth $XX billion and is expected to reach $XX billion by 2018, growing at a CAGR of XX% from 2013 to 2018. The Asia-Pacific region dominates the polyamide market and its value is expected to grow at nearly XX% CAGR in the next five years. North America and Europe are growing at a steady CAGR compared to Asia-Pacific.

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