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Seed Market - New Revenue Pockets

Trait seeds have been developed for a long time and theirutilization in the agriculture industry is significant at the present. Due to efficacy of trait seeds, this market is attracting all global and regional seed companies as well as agricultural input market players. Trait seed can have better environment stress tolerance, increased yield, are more economical, minimum crop inputs, long term durability, and increased nutritional values. Corn, soybean, cotton, and canola are primary crops to provide with trait seeds. Due to increase in global food demand, next targeted crops are fruits, vegetables, and ornamental crops. Trait seed market for crops like corn, soybean, cotton, and canola are very well established and there are still many products in pipeline with other important attributes like drought tolerance.

Adoption of improved seeds in emerging markets has grown exponentially and demand for hybrid and trait seeds is expected to increase in coming years. Market for vegetable seeds like tomato and brassica is well established in many parts of the world. Demand for improved hybrid and trait seed for vegetable crop is expected to increase market revenue. With using advanced agricultural technologies, Latin American market has been highlighted as most growing market. It holds just 12.4% share but due to geographical advantages, fertility and availability of natural resources, many regional and global companies are targeting this market.


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