MarketsandMarkets™ hosted its 4th Global Annual Customer Summit on 21st and 22nd October 2019, at The May Fair, A Radisson Collection Hotel, London.

The event theme was centered around an ongoing dialog with our customers about the fact that emerging and disruptive technologies and opportunities dictate that the revenue mix of companies will constantly change. To gain a competitive advantage, it is important to understand not only how market disruptions will impact a business, but also how they will impact its client’s business and the client’s customers as well. Our 2nd European Customer Summit, on the heels of our US Summit in California in May 2019, explored the challenges around growth initiatives related to these dynamics.

Many of our speakers at the summit were customers who experienced first-hand disruptions to their businesses caused by an ever-growing set of ‘unknown unknowns.’ As revenue transitions from one area of business to yet-to-be-defined areas, understanding where one’s revenue, one’s customers’ revenues, and customers’ customer’s revenues will develop is critical in building effective long-term growth strategies.

A key ingredient in the MarketsandMarkets™ ecosystem is its interactive dialog on connected markets and the revenue impact that the company facilitates. True to form, our ConnecTED speakers were concise and thought-provoking. We also organized panel discussions to encourage our clients to discuss and debate on challenging but relevant issues that were both pragmatic and intellectual.

Throughout the event, participants were encouraged to respond to poll questions related to topics discussed during the conference. To support this overall interactive format, we made it an exclusive event, with 100 attendees only. The poll results provided substantial insights into emerging business opportunities and challenges over the next 10 years. For instance, 43% of attendees said a lack of awareness of potential disruptive threats is the toughest barrier for a company and prevents the company from responding to disruptive threats.

We express our gratitude to our customers for their active participation in making our 4th Global Annual Customer Summit a tremendous success.

Day 1: October 21, 2019

Bill Mitchell [VP, NA Operations, Foxconn, and CEO, Aguila], Master of Ceremonies for the conference, kicked off the 2nd European Customer Summit by discussing the importance of experience and the value of strong information when making decisions in today’s world. He introduced Sandeep Sugla [Founder and CEO, MarketsandMarkets™] and Manjula Singh [Head - HR, US, MarketsandMarkets™] for a fireside chat to discuss Sandeep’s viewpoints.

Sandeep and Manjula discussed how a burning desire for growth was what fueled MarketsandMarkets™’ beginnings, and how his mission was to provide companies with strong service in market intelligence. This evolved from a report business to the engagement model we follow today.

Shelly Singh [COO, MarketsandMarkets™] then declared the conference open by thanking everyone for attending and being valued customers; expressing his excitement about learning more about their business problems over the next two days; and ensuring that attendees would take back relevant, real-world questions, ideas, and answers they could implement in their business, using our engagement model and market intelligence data as a backdrop.

ConnecTED Session 1 – Sales Transformation within a Large Enterprise

Mohit Joshi [President, Infosys] described how Infosys retooled its sales and marketing departments to become better aligned with the company’s vision, producing stronger and more consistent results in the long term.

Discussion Panel A – Validating Investment Decisions in Connected Markets Amid Disruptions from Outside Industries

On the first day, our panel discussed how businesses deal with increasing uncertainty in global markets, while still meeting their growth targets. Will Polese [VP, Japan, MarketsandMarkets™] started off by posing the question, ‘How can businesses navigate the disruptions and evolutions of adjacent markets that impact their internal decision making?’

The panelists discussed the various methods they use to approach these problems, focusing mainly on the impact of today’s fast pace of disruption on the industry, and how it is important to stay up-to-date with relevant data and gain insight into important areas that a company is operating in.

ConnecTED Session 2 – Ditch Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics: How to be Lawful, Ethical, Safe, and Happy in the AI World

Mark Lewis [Partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP] elaborated on a relevant and much-needed viewpoint on how to stay within the bounds of legal and ethical gray areas when it comes to the extremely fluid and changing world of artificial intelligence.

ConnecTED Session 3 – PPP - The Public, the Private, & the Politics of Delivery

Kulveer Ranger [SVP, Strategy & Communications, Atos UK&I] described the importance of fusing public and private interests in services and business in general, using his many years of experience in the UK government and private sector. Trust is one of the key factors, and governments working in tandem with the private industry is much needed to develop a stronger society.

Discussion Panel B – Building and Leveraging Ecosystems to Adjust to Dynamic Market Changes. Can this Best be Done Internally or through Leveraged Partnerships?

Kunal Joshi [VP, Global Business and Strategy, MarketsandMarkets™] moderated a panel focused on assessing the need to leverage partnerships and collaborations to navigate the complex ecosystems existing in today’s business world successfully. The idea that an ecosystem best exists when it strongly benefits everyone that is a part of it was also discussed in depth.

Unveiling 360Quadrants, Powered by MarketsandMarkets™

Following a panel discussion, Sandeep Sugla [CEO, MarketsandMarkets™] and Rajat Kumar [CKO, MarketsandMarkets™] unveiled an exciting product, 360Quadrants, aimed at helping clients build their revenue impact strategies. 360Quadrants is a four-channel source of information and insights based on marketplace inputs and is set to disrupt the business intelligence world. Additionally, this new engagement model provides a custom-made combination of human-machine research and revenue impact support that leverages insights from the rich repository of thousands of research reports by MarketsandMarkets™ along with use cases, to help businesses understand their customer’s needs.

The first day ended with a delightful networking cocktail reception and a plated gourmet dinner that tied many aspects of the first day’s discussions, such as revenue mix and convergence, into an entertaining demonstration.

Day 2: October 22, 2019

The second day of the summit began with a networking breakfast at the May Fair Hotel, before the guests participated in another interactive day of table discussions, panels, and speakers.

ConnecTED Session 4 – Siri is 10 Years Old.

Peter Marcotullio [VP, SRI International] discussed the distinguished history of SRI International and used the case study of Siri, which SRI researchers invented, to show how much has changed so rapidly in the years since its invention. He also discussed how SRI International, in partnership with MarketsandMarkets™, used our data to look at the markets in which to commercially market their inventions.

Discussion Panel C – The Curse of Information Overload and the Journey toward a Single Source of Truth

Shekhar Gupta [VP, Central Region US, MarketsandMarkets™] moderated on how to cut through the noise of the incredible amount of information available to businesses today, to focus only on relevant data to achieve actionable results.

The panelists agreed that the amount of data a business can obtain is not as important as the quality and relevance of the data. One of the topics discussed was finding a solution to the question of how businesses can put processes that can enable smart and timely decision making in place.

ConnecTED Session 5 – How to Build your Teams of the Future

Lee James [Chief Technology Officer, Rackspace], gave strong insights into how Rackspace is using its core values to develop a culture that appreciates and rewards innovation and helps them stay ahead of their competition to ensure future success through strong teams.

Discussion Panel D – The Journey from Strategy Design to Strategy Delivery - How to Transform Strategy into Real Revenue Impact

Shaurya Singh [VP, MarketsandMarkets™] led the final discussion panel on assimilating the optimal convergence of the right information, talent, resources, tactics, and tools to not only create but also implement great strategies. The panel noted that people massively underestimate the cultural change required to execute strategic change. They also emphasized the famous “pizza rule” at Amazon, where if your team is not small enough to be fed by 2 pizzas, it is too big.

The panelists also debated how outcomes should be your target and metric as well as how to get the right message across to your teams to drive real change and, thereby, revenue growth. Teams and companies, to compete in today’s business environment, need the flexibility and agility to adapt to changing demands and thrive as a result.

To close the event, Pavan Palety [VP, Europe, MarketsandMarkets™] and Sandeep Sugla [CEO, MarketsandMarkets™] thanked the audience and invited everyone to a final lunch to network and enjoy each other’s company.

We at MarketsandMarkets™ would like to work with you to uncover new opportunities in an increasingly complex market and ecosystem. With the ongoing adoption and change regarding KnowledgeStore and 360Quadrants, we look forward to furthering our relationship with you and your organization.

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