Rene Scholl

Senior Business Development Specialist,


Largest plastics, chemicals & refining companies advancing solutions for a growing world

Excellent research approach in terms of value for money on small and midsize market studies in the chemical market

Mareike Drager

Global Marketing Campaigns,

Dell Technologies,

OEM Solutions

The team at MarketsandMarkets is highly knowledgeable and demonstrated excellent project management skills and a hig quality customer service. they were very supportive and clearly understood your business objectives.

Ryan Duong

Product Line Manager

SMART Modular Technologies

A global leader in memory modules, solid-state storage products and hybrid solutions

We had an excellent experience working with the MarketsandMarkets team, and I must say they are truly a customer-focused organization. We were happy with the paramount services delivered by the team, and we look forward to our future collaboration.


Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Milliken & Company

Leading Chemical Industry company

We started working with MarketsandMarkets 3 years ago. We see them as a trusted partner, providing key market insights that support our broad portfolio of businesses. We appreciate their professionalism and the ability of their Research & Client Services team's engagement with our C-suite.


Global Market Intelligence & Strategy Director

Thermo Fisher CMD

MarketsandMarkets offers a unique combination of expertise and dedicated engagement model. The Analysts and Client Services team at MarketsandMarkets is extremely supportive and flexible, the analytical capabilities are commendable. The business insights were very detailed and aligned well with our expectations which we have been using to make strategic decisions. We were thoroughly impressed with their approach and continue to partner on revenue impact.

Mike Schoff

Global Industrial Commercial Strategy Leader

Nexus Controls LLC

Leading Manufacturer of Automation System & Electrical Panels

We consulted MarketsandMarkets for potential Partner Identification. Overall, it was a good experience. The insights provided through interviews conducted by the team helped us put together the questionnaire required for discussion with the selected partners. Their ability to provide insights through interviews with customers in a timely manner was quite impressive.



Weasler Engineering, a CentroMotion organization

Global Provider of Industrial Actuation & Control Solutions

Our organization was interested in learning more about the attractiveness of a particular market space. We contacted MarketsandMarkets to help us based on previous positive experiences we had with them. The results did not disappoint! We discussed our objectives with them, and the team at MarketsandMarkets developed and executed a proposal that met our needs precisely. We were very impressed by their level of expertise, the quality of the analysis and their insightful recommendations. We would not hesitate in working with them again in the future.


Senior Chif Consultion Research & Consulting Division

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation,

Leading Manufacturer of Chemical Products

We recently engaged with MarketsandMarkets for a study, the team not only clearly understood our business objectives but was also extremely professional in the way they handled the entire project. The study was efficiently conducted in a phase-wise manner, and the engagement model furnished us with high-quality business insights that far exceeded our expectations at each phase. We were especially happy that MarketsandMarkets could provide us with both, an English as well as a Japanese version of the study. A special thanks to the Analyst Team and Client Services Team, whose fluency in Japanese enhanced our comfort level, as we could converse with them in our preferred language.


Head of Commercial Analytics


Leading Pharmaceutical Company

We partnered with MarketsandMarkets for an assessment study on hard empty capsules. The team was extremely professional in understanding our business requirements and we received timely responses to all our queries. The market intelligence and the recommendations has met our business requirements. We were extremely impressed to see the final study results; it really exceeded our expectations. The market intelligence offered by MarketsandMarkets, and clarity on next steps will help us achieve our business objective for the Year 2021. We are happy with the services and would strongly recommend MarketsandMarkets to my peers in the industry.

Kimberly Murphy


Bently Nevada,

Leading Condition Monitoring & Asset Protection

MarketsandMarkets™ showed consistent rigor for success and relentlessly worked with Bently Nevada stakeholders to positively impact go-to-market strategy. Their proactiveness and flexibility has been instrumental in achieving the objectives to grow our sales pipeline in key industrial markets.


Business Development Leader

Nexus Controls LLC,

Leading Manufacturer of Automation System & Electrical Panels

We partnered with MarketsandMarkets to expand our business further by tapping into new industrial segments. It was critical for us to gather crucial business insights about specific markets to achieve this goal. MarketsandMarkets engagement model and client services helped us provide those insights, it was really impressive and valuable for my business. The team was extremely flexible and helpful.


Director of Market Insights, Data and Analytics

SFI Health,

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

We at SFI Health approached MarketsandMarkets for an Opportunity Assessment on "Incidence and Prevalence of Focus Indications" as we wanted to know the most attractive HCPs like Physician, Functional MD, Naturopath and Pharmacist. The project was critical for us to ensure our focus on the right target which would enable sustainable growth and profitability for SFI Health. The business insights provided exceeded our expectations and we were extremely impressed. The team at MarketsandMarkets is highly professional and detail oriented and very well understood our business needs. MarketsandMarkets offers a unique combination of expertise and dedicated engagement model. We identified 2 new products to be launched in coming months, based on the research findings provided by MarketsandMarkets. We are happy with the services and would strongly recommend MarketsandMarkets to my peers in the industry.

Tetsuya Ohhira

Business Development Manager-Technology Business

Nikon Corporation,

Leading Japanese MNC specializing in optics and imaging products

MarketsandMarkets™ response is quick. Their attitude is flexible and positive. Analyst Insights are globally considered and significant. Client Services quickly respond to our inquiry and demand. Their wide range of global surveys help us make our strategic plan.

We hope Knowledge Store will be easier to search for a report.

Matt Kardel,

Vice President


A global technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions.

We contracted with MarketsandMarkets to evaluate the value chain and potential go-to-market partners related to our interest in the Fleet Management space. The team successfully completed the work on time and at the pricing agreed. MarketsandMarkets listened and understood our objectives and collaborated well with us to help us get the visibility we needed to make an investment.

We have subsequently used MarketsandMarkets again related to Smart Cities to good results.

Nissan Chemical Corporation,

Leading Manufacturer Of Chemical Products

We at Nissan Chemicals Corporation have been clients of MarketsandMarkets for more than a year now. We recently consulted MarketsandMarkets for a study, the team at MarketsandMarkets was extremely professional and organized. The business insights were very detailed and aligned well with our expectations that really helped us formulate the Business Plans and device new strategies for development themes. MarketsandMarkets offers a unique combination of expertise and dedicated engagement model. Their research findings have helped us in designing our Pricing Strategy which will make it easier for us to predict the future sales and profits for the next ten years. We look forward to working with MarketsandMarkets in the future.

Global engineering company, Japan

Deputy Manager,

Strategic Planning Office

The high-quality insights shared by the MarketsandMarkets team helped us understand the pharmaceutical plant designers in a specific geography. It also captured the risks that we may likely face in communicating with our potential partners. The study would enable us identify partners, which would impact our future growth.

Leading IT Company in US

The research and discussions with the MarketsandMarkets team were insightful and influential towards driving our team's strategic direction. After engaging with the analyst team, we were able to have focused use cases, a targeted market segment, and strategic partners to consider as part of our GTM. The insights shared by MarketsandMarkets captured some useful information that we could leverage to develop our point of view for the next steps. The market reports were a great start for the project, but the analyst hours made a rough diamond turn into a polished gem of a project

Leading technology innovator in Aerospace and Defense

MarketsandMarkets has been crucial to our research findings and so far, they are the best source we've been able to locate. I'm sure nobody has the predictions nailed, but they seem to know it better than most.

Independent entrepreneurs

Arrow Precision

We approached MarketsandMarkets for study on Proppants Market, and their work exceeded our expectations. The study conducted was comprehensive and enabled us to view the market through the various dimensions. In addition, the team was extraordinarily responsive throughout the process and resolved our queries on time. I strongly recommend MarketsandMarkets and will certainly consider them for additional market assessments we will need in the future.

VP of Strategy & New Business Development

Leading Specialty Chemical Company

The MarketsandMarkets Engagement Model, composed of both the Knowledge Store and advisory custom research, has greatly helped us in understanding our markets and making strategic decisions. The Knowledge Store is a fast way to allow everyone in our organization to understand more about most any market they are interested in. The ability to then get custom research done and get answers to specific strategic questions and market insight has been spectacular. The Markets and Markets team feel more like colleagues than vendors and their services have helped us change our culture where statements of things like growth opportunities and competitive position are always backed by industry research.


Head of intelligence and Information

Israel Export Institute,

Leading Government Agency to facilitate Trade Opportunities

As an Export Development Agency, we have been working with MarketsandMarkets for the last 4 years. The research insights have helped us better understand various industries and future trends, as well as the growth potential of different countries that will help support the economy. This has given us good exposure to market opportunities and enabled our sector managers and exporters to make better business decisions. The analyst team at MarketsandMarkets has been constantly providing us and the exporters direct benefits through sectorial insights, which has helped grow exports significantly. We appreciate the proactive support that they provide, be it by quickly answering our business queries or keeping abreast with current trends through webinars, newsletters, etc. We love working with MarketsandMarkets

Cody Coonradt,

Market Development and Strategy Manager

3M Health Information Systems,

Leader in Health care Coding, Payment & Analytics Solutions.

The value for our organization comes from three things: depth of research, specificity of segments and being easy to work with. As important as the first two are, the third can't be underestimated. MarketsandMarkets, maybe more than any other research vendor, wants to know what is top of mind for our team and what big questions we are grappling to answer.

Their customer first approach and high value engagement model, have given us great analysis and excellent value for money

Rich Gibson,

Director, Corporate Strategy

Milliken & Company,

Leading Industrial Manufacturer of specialty chemical, floor covering, performance and protective textile materials, and healthcare

MarketsandMarkets is a trusted resource that helps us to better understand markets that are near-adjacencies-whether its technology, value chain or geography. Their Knowledge Store platform provides a dashboard of markets and their characteristics which is easy to use and saves us time.

Adam Shaw,

Market Development and Strategy Manager

AdvanSix Inc. USA,

An American Leader in Chemicals

The Knowledge Store from MarketsandMarkets is a valuable tool which has helped my team acquire greater insight in to the end markets that our business serves. This has enabled us to help our company build stronger strategies throughout our planning process.

Bob Williams,

Senior Director Business Development & Innovation

Bracco Diagnostics Inc.,

Italian Multinational in life sciences sector and a World Leader in imaging diagnostics

We were pleased with targeted insights that MarketsandMarkets identified from a custom study on the 'Radiation Dose Management Solutions Market'. Your team identified and characterized the market participants as well as underlying trends accurately. This study was useful to Bracco in formulating business strategies for our dose monitoring product lines and we thank MarketsandMarkets for the job well done.

Business Innovation Director

US Based Leading Agribusiness,

Food and Ingredients Manufacturer

I highly appreciate the team's efficiency for a well-conducted study that helped us clarify some blind spots in the area of proteins. Although compiling information for B2B ingredients is very difficult, the MnM team pulled out the task successfully. The quality of research, level of insights, and the responsiveness of the team were commendable!

VP - Marketing & Business Development

Leading Provider of Process Control Solutions

We engaged with MarketsandMarkets on a study to perform an analysis and recommend a Go-To-Market strategy for metrology and process control in the semiconductor market. The study was tailored to our targets and needs with well-defined milestones. Our overall experience with the MarketsandMarkets team was very good throughout the project in all aspects including the analysis methodologies used, the quality and depth of primary and secondary data sets, the professionalism and flexibility of the team and the ability to meet the target schedule and milestones. We want to thank MarketsandMarkets team for a job well done. Protection Status