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Leadership Team

Leaders of our organizations are focused on aligning collective efforts towards goals set and monitoring progress against objectives. Endeavors are directed towards zero deviation from goals set for the organization, while maintaining premium quality of services offered.

Sandeep Sugla
Founder, CEO & Chairman

Sandeep is the Founder and CEO of MarketsandMarkets. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Sandeep has 18+ years... Read More

Aman Gupta
Co-founder, Vice Chairman

As the Chief Strategy Officer, he plays a pivotal role in the execution of all strategic plans including but not limited to M&A... Read More

Krishnan Chatterjee
Chief Operating Officer

Krishnan holds the overall responsibility to drive operational excellence at MarketsandMarkets. He plays a vital ... Read More

Anoop Garg

Anoop Garg, Co-Founder of MarketsandMarkets, has more than 17 years of experience working under guidance of ... Read More

Sulakshana Patankar
Chief People Officer

Sulakshana leads Global Human Resources function as a strategic partner to CXOs to achieve MarketsandMarkets’s... Read More

Harwinder Singh
Chief Innovation Officer

Harwinder leads Global Research & Consulting division of MarketsandMarkets. He is closely involved... Read More

Rajat Kumar
Chief Knowledge Officer

Rajat manages the India based syndicated research team of MarketsandMarkets. He brings over 10 years... Read More

Aashish Mehra
Chief Research Officer

As Chief Research Officer, Aashish leads MarketsandMarkets’ Analyst teams across verticals to deliver revenue impact to our... Read More

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