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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, Utilities, Transportation, and Agriculture Industries

Industrial IoT plays an important role in automation as it helps generate cooperative communications and interaction from the manufacturing field involving various Industrial IoT devices. For OEMs, with rapid maintenance, technology, operating conditions, environmental regulations, or innovation-triggered changes in the underlying infrastructure, it’s hard to keep adapting the products to the evolving infrastructure, leading to sub-optimal customer engagement. OEMs can implement Industrial IoT effectively by blending the use of off-the-shelf products with optimized IIoT devices to make the integration between new and existing infrastructure easier.

This whitepaper gives an overview of Industrial IoT devices solutions and will explore various Industrial IoT technologies, and their impact on Industrial markets. It’s intended to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end customers understand the infrastructure available for implementing Industrial IoT solutions, as well as how these solutions can help tackle different challenges across various industries, such as manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and agriculture. Through this whitepaper, OEMs can capture and understand more about Industrial IoT solutions that will help their customers automate data capture from any number of connected machines or edge devices.

Reimagining Competitive Intelligence Strategy

Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Strategy functions are becoming increasingly critical. Overseeing competitive intelligence is one of the many hats that one wears. So, how can one go about running the CI/MI program that is efficient and help the business grow and thrive during a crisis and beyond? Given the ramifications of how the COVID-19 pandemic has invoked a magnitude of disruption that has dramatically affected virtually all businesses across the world, the future can certainly be characterized as anything but “normal”. Increasing connectedness and volatility of markets, rapid globalization, advancements in technologies, convergence of industries, and the disruptive pandemic — all have a crucial role to play in an environment in which strategic planning needs to be quick and agile to sustain during the unforeseen circumstances. In this paper, we talk about:

- 5 key leadership competencies for competitive intelligence (CI) and market intelligence (MI) to succeed
- 5 steps every organization can take to develop these competencies
- How to leverage a network of partners to turbocharge CI effectiveness

5 Key Leadership Competencies for Competitive & Market Intelligence in 2021

COVID-19 completely disrupted the global economic landscape, creating new, undefined opportunities and subsequently unforeseen challenges and threats. We’ve seen how companies respond and pivot when faced with this disruption, but to efficiently adapt and have a successful competitive strategy, we need to shift beyond the traditional competitive intelligence (CI) agenda to one that could benefit greatly from the role of a new-age Intelligence Strategist. The traditional role of an intelligence practitioner has to evolve to encompass multiple perspectives around new technologies, growth opportunities, and product and services while anticipating the consequences of highly disruptive industry environments.

This infographic tells you about the 5 key competencies for competitive and market intelligence that you need to stay ahead in 2021. 

Chasing Growth- Tracking and Mitigating Blind Spots in Your Business, Marketing, or Product Strategy

Business ecosystems are getting more complex due to multiple crisscross connections among industries. There is a need to extend the lens to a macroscopic view of the ecosystem rather than looking at your business and clients only. In-depth intelligence concerning the interconnections can encourage proactiveness by facilitating early identification of new revenue sources and blind spots.

This whitepaper shares detailed insights on how the modern way of approaching problems should be, what are the questions every leader should be asking, and a way to find answers to these questions. It also offers an opportunity to sneak peek into the depth and breadth of market intelligence covered in our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStoreTM, and how it can help unravel granular opportunities and threats. Adapting to the new revenue planning approach ensures optimum utilization of the organization’s growth potential!

MNMs POV - IBM Spinoff

For almost seven years, the blue services giant has exhibited a slump growth, with dropping top-line revenues and operating income. With just seven months at the helm of a CEO role — Arvind Krishna took a bold step of splitting the company into two interdependent public listed entities—IBM and NewCo. This shift shows a transformative approach, outlining a new wave of innovations in the organization.

Potential Use Of Ceramics In Electronics Of The Future

Ceramics, while being hard and brittle, exhibit excellent chemical and thermal stability. They are used inthe manufacturing of various components of cell phones, computers, television, and other consumer electronic products because of their properties such as insulation, semi-conduction, superconduction, piezoelectricity, and magnetism.

Ceramic materials can be categorized as traditional ceramics and advanced ceramics. We explore the key facets, enabling technologies and market drivers that are leading to the increasing role of ceramics in electronics and electrical components. While offering a glimpse into key challenges and developments in the ceramics industry.


3D Printing: Soaring To New Highs In Aerospace And Defense

The aerospace and defense industry includes a range of commercial, industrial, as well as military applications, and comprises departments that design, manufacture, operate, and maintain aircraft and spacecraft. Earlier, aircraft components were manufactured at high costs and took a longer time to develop. Aircraft manufacturers today have begun moving towards 3D printed components, resulting in a significant decline in maintenance and production cost of components along with a less harmful impact on the environment.

We assess and explore the key implications of various dynamics influencing 3D printing and its impact on the evolution of the aerospace and defense industry.


Blockchain: A Game Changer For Logistics?

The rise in uncertainty and lack of transparency have delineated in a less efficient supply chain. It is here that the blockchain technology could act as a panacea for logistical woes. The blockchain is a ground-breaking innovation with potential applications across industries, and acts as an enabler of technology. In case of logistics, it could help it resolve the pertinent issues of transparency and information security.

We assess the key implications and various use case scenarios with regard to the implementation of the blockchain in the logistics sector.



AI And Robotics: A Glimpse Into The Future of Defense

Until recently, unmanned defense machines were simply controlled by human personnel via a remote location. However, the advent of AI shall enable the use of intelligent unmanned robotics in various defense applications. Leading to robots and UAVs that are smart and can perform complex tasks without any human intervention. AI can allows drone to make their own decisions and adapt to changing environments.

We assess the key advances in AI and automation while offering a glimpse into the competitive landscape as well as the key trends shaping the aerospace and defense sector.



Probiotics in Animal Feed: Key Trends and Challenges

The market for probiotics in animal feed is highly affected by the reduced reliance on therapeutic antibiotics to retain the antibiotic efficacy; this is accompanies by the increased demand for quality animal products. Despite these challenges, the health implications of anti-biotics has presented veritable opportunities for probiotics as a more sustainable long term animal feed alternative.

Probiotics are helpful in the treatment of conditions such as intestinal inflammation and urogenital infections in both humans and animals. We explore the key trends, challenges and opportunities that are shaping the market for probiotics in animal feed.


Rechargeable Batteries: Examining The Materials Of The Future

The rechargeable battery market is witnessing rapid technological change. The advancements in technologies have made smart technology and devices widely prevalent. These technologies have further evolved with the commercialization and advancements in rechargeable batteries.

While gadgets have become smaller and exponentially more powerful, the advancements in battery technology have been incremental at best. Organizations too on their part have tried by making chips and operating systems more efficient to ensure that the power consumption is minimal. We explore the key developments in battery technology and offer insight into the promising battery technologies of the future. 

Industrial Robotics: Transforming the manufacturing ecosystem

In an era of globalization, rapid sweeping changes have fast become the norm. It is here that automation has taken centre-stage due to the numerous advantages on offer. Since not only does automation act as an enabler for new forms of technology such as artificial intelligence, but can also help streamline the process of manufacturing, across locations. In many ways, automation and robotics offers a glimpse into the future of industry.

Today, key players in the market are also i investing towards developing advanced controllers and software for operating robots.We delve into the key dynamics shaping the market for industrial automation and robotics.

High Performance Fluoropolymers

High performance fluoropolymers depict an array of superior mechanical properties such as high chemical resistance and heat stability in comparison to other polymers such as commodity plastics and engineering plastics, which are used in high-end applications with extreme temperature requirements. These factors have made them the fluoropolymer of choice in various applications.

Despite these positives, the high performance fluoropolymers market faces several challenges and we explore the competitive landscape as well as offer a glimpse into the future of this market. We delve into the key intricacies of the market while shedding some light on the major developments for high performance fluoropolymers.




Microencapsulation Market: Key Technologies and Trends

Microencapsulation has been used by various industries such as nutrition & pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, personal care & cosmetics, agrochemicals, construction, energy, textile, chemicals, defense and paper over the past few years. The global economic downturn created many challenges for the market; however, due to the increasing health-consciousness among consumers and their preference for functional products, microencapsulation technologies are largely used in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and agrochemical sectors.

We examine the various challenges and drivers for the industry while offering a market prognosis for the microencapsulation market.




Cryogenics: Key Growth Factors

Cryogenics is the science of very low temperature produced by liquefaction of permanent gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium. These gases are cooled to absolute zero temperature by compression and expansion of gases. This process involves various stages with multiple compression and expansion to get distilled liquid gases. The gases are then stored, transported or used using cryogenic equipment.

We assess the key market drivers and major trends that are shaping this market while assessing its increasing importance in the energy and power industry.

Precision Farming: A Glimpse Into The Future of Agriculture

Agricultural land has become increasingly scarce with a widespread focus on industrialization. Conversely, the demand for agricultural products has only increased exponentially. These factors have led to the advent of precision farming that involved key technologies such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) with cutting edge agricultural techniques to acquire the maximum possible yield from a limited area of land.

We assess the key market drivers for the precision farming market while also offering a prognosis of the various market dynamics involved. Since the implementation of precision farming shall open a new epoch for the agricultural sector.

Wire to Board Connector Market: Technological Revolution Fueling Market Growth

The wire to board connector market has evolved as technological paradigms have changed. Especially since there is an increasing reliance on technology leading to a subsequent rise in the prospects for the wire to board connector market. There exist immense opportunities for the wire to board market with the growing demand for smartphones and other connecting devices apart from automation.

 Apart from the key market drivers we assess the technological advancements, market dynamics and competitive landscape of the wire to board connector market. 

Acousto-Optics: Growth Amid New Technological Possibilities

Acousto-optics (AO) is a technology which is used to study the interactions between sound waves and light waves, especially the diffraction of laser light by ultrasound (or sound) through an ultrasound gating. It makes use of the phenomenon known as AO diffraction in a variety of optical devices that perform spatial, temporal, and spectral modulations of light.

 AO devices are suitable for various laser applications in scientific research, space-optics and medical field. They are used in barcode scanners, three-dimensional holography, microscopy, spectroscopy, and laser-based medical diagnostics and surgery.  We study the key advancements and developments influencing the Acousto-Optics devices market.


Food Automation: Key Technologies and Innovations

Food automation has acquired increasing prominence as it helps overcome manual errors occurring due to various steps involved in a process as well to save substantial time in the production.

Furthermore, with large globalized food chains, automation helps streamline the process of foodmanufacturing and ensures brand integrity and quality to end consumers. It helps manufacturers adopt a granular and cohesive approach to food manufacturing while lowering lead times. We explore the key trends and technologies that are expected to shape the future of the food automation market while also offering a glimpse into the competitive landscape.


Artificial Intelligence: Key To The Future Of Cybersecurity

Artifical Intelligence (AI) has been evolving at an expedited pace as it finds application various sectors and verticals. Today, in light of the increasingly dire nature oArtificial Intelligence (AI) has been evolving at an expedited pace as it finds application various sectors and verticals. Today, in light of the increasingly dire nature of cybersecurity attacks, AI is being leveraged to make cybersecurity solutions more secure. AI’s dynamic nature and raw number crunching prowess could prove to be a boon for cybersecurity applications and help enable key technologies such as the Internet of Things.

We assess the key developments and the role of AI in the cybersecurity solutions landscape.

Advanced Composites: Key Trends and Opportunities

Advanced composites are prevalently being used in a large degree of applications right from construction to aircraft material owing to their light weight and high tensile strength. This has made them the preferred material of choice in various new applications through improvements in structural, functional or cosmetic properties. Industrial applications for advanced composites has also made the overall market an extremely competitive one.

This has also led to various innovations and novel areas of use. We assess the key areas of opportunity, competitive landscape and overall market outlook for advanced composites.

Steam Traps Market: For Whom The Bell Tolls

When it comes to end user industries, a significant amount of energy is used to generate steam. Therefore, steam and condensate leaks are expensive and cost prohibitive leading to major losses for establishments. An effective steam trap system is a must for an organization to remain viable and competitive. As industries change and grow, the technology behind steam traps has also become more robust and flexible leading to enormous opportunities amidst a dynamics industrial landscape.

We assess the key market drivers for the steam traps market, its technological evolution and future outlook.

Singularity: AI To Add The Human Touch

The advent of AI based technologies holds the potential to revolutionize the world and bring in a possible utopia of science and technology. This is largely possible due to AI espousing greater than human levels of intelligence. AI is being used in nearly all fields today from marketing, analytics to self-driven cars.

We explore the potential implications of various developments in AI and provide insight into the enormous opportunities that are present in the AI solutions market. We examine the steady consonance of disparate technologies as they come together to usher in an age of singularity.


Cold Chain Logistics: Driven By New Technologies And Integrated Cold Chain Infrastructure

Temperature controlled logistics play a significant role in fast changing regulatory environment with an assortment of biopharma and the advent of new technologies. The emphasis on reducing the wastage of goods has furthered the prospects of the cold chain industry. Certain key drivers such as a focus on quality attributes like safety, taste and freshness are also changing the rules of the game.

We delve into the various factors affecting the future outlook of the temperature controlled logistics market.

Neuromorphic Chips: Redefining Intelligent Design

The approach towards computing is undergoing a sea change from brute force computing to one that mimics the human brain. This change shall herald the age of neuromorphic chips where learning is possible at the hardware level. The advent of neuromorphic chips shall have profound implications for AI and Deep Learning algorithms. The emerging architecture tries to imitate how the brain processes information effectively from various visual and auditory stimuli.

We look at the opportunities for the Neuromorphic Chips Market while offering insight into its future

Enterprise Session Border Controller Market: Changing Paradigms

The market is undergoing a transition as conventional networks are being replaced with IP networks that offer various advantages such as a unified communication infrastructure that enhances collaboration and productivity while cutting down on running and capital costs. Enterprise session border controllers play a crucial role in this as they are specifically designed to overcome the challenges related to interoperability, complex security, and service quality in the implementation of VoIP, UC, and mobility initiatives.

We assess the opportunities present in the Enterprise Session Border Controllers market while offering future insight.

Elastomers: Re-Defining the Electronic Design Blueprint

Conventionally, electronics were considered as being rigid structures. This perspective is fast changing as elastomers are aggressively replacing conventional rigid materials in the electronics industry. As electronics find new applications, flexibility has become a much sought after feature. That is why Silicone elastomers have attracted interest of several electronic component manufacturers who are keen on developing their share in the elastomer market. The primary reason behind the increased demand for silicone elastomers is their conductive and insulative nature.

We assess the key technological advancements with elastomers and offer a prognosis of its use in commercial applications for electronics.

Top Trends in Automotive Industry

Various technological innovations are coming together to create a completely new blueprint for automobile design. Sensors, Cloud Computing and IOT are playing a significant role in the paradigm shift for vehicle design. These new technologies shall lead to more refined end user experiences. The confluence of these trends shall delineate into extremely efficient vehicles with cutting edge features.

We take a look at how the vehicles of tomorrow are being built today as automobile manufacturers focus on safety, efficiency and the car as a hub model. 

Is AI the Holy Grail of Marketing?

AI Is a boon to organizations that engage in extensive marketing efforts.  It can help organizations design effective marketing campaigns and target their clients better. AI has evolved to the degree where it goes far beyond predictive analytics and significantly enrich end user interactions. Ergo, AI enabled data can help a brand acquire real time data to act appropriately in various situations.

We assess the various where AI can enhance marketing endeavors leading to a more result oriented business for organizations and end users both in real time.

Silicon Anode Battery: The Future of Energy Storage

Silicon anode batteries are emerging technology that are being rapidly adopted across various applications due to enhanced safety demands and portability in consumer electronics, wearables and electric vehicles.  They hold the promise of meeting the high degree of flexibility, safety and power density for these applications.

Various technological advancements mean that silicon anode batteries shall soon replace the conventional lithium ion batteries leading to an era of new possibilities and opening up new vistas for applications. We take a look at the key developments in the silicon anode battery market and offer insight into the key market drivers shaping this sector.

Tracking Geometry Measurement Systems: Enhancing Safety and Security in Railways

Safety and security has become pivotal in modern railways as various intelligent techniques and solutions are becoming increasingly deployed to consolidate these very goals.  Today, rail transportation systems have become smart with the aid of technological advancements such as smart meters, sensors and grids that offer increased connectivity to enable a robust railway transportation system. Here track geometry helps assess tracks and its inherent irregularities significantly enhancing security while considerably bringing down the threat of a rail mishap.

We analyze the key factors shaping the track geometry measurement systems and delve into its intricacies.

Industrial Agitators: Enormous Opportunity with Market Diversification

Industrial agitators are extremely crucial for the purpose of mixing or blending a wide variety of chemicals. They are thus used in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, cosmetic, etc., and are customized depending on the application. Technological advancements in agitators have incorporated faster mixing, device flexibility and robust infrastructure. These factors have helped the mixing process become more streamlined and optimized. Industrial agitators are being deployed across various industries.

We assess the opportunities of the Industrial Agitators market and insight into the existing challenges and threats.


3D Printing: Implications on the Supply Chain

3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and has the potential to de-centralize the process of product innovation. Its software driven nature can lead to a new era where there exist no hardwired capital costs of building a sophisticated assembly line.  Everyone from automobile manufacturers to shoemakers is exploring 3D printing as a viable option to conventional manufacturing.

Various advancements in 3D printing are leading to new applications across sectors and when done correctly this method of manufacturing can lead to enormous cost savings across the supply chain. MarketsandMarkets explores the key trends and market drivers for 3D Printing becoming a critical tool for manufacturing as well as the supply chain.

Top 10 Paints and Coatings Market

The global paints & coatings market is witnessing a moderate growth rate with demand arising from the Asia-Pacific region especially from China, India, and South Korea. The global paints & coatings market is growing owing to the increasing demand from the building & construction industry. High demand for waterborne coatings has also been driving the architectural coatings market for the past few years. However, the health and environmental concerns regarding the release of VOC content to the environment are likely to hamper the growth of the solvent borne paints & coatings segment, globally.

Deep dive into the exclusive insights presented by MarketsandMarkets™  on Top 10 Paints and Coatings Market.

Top 10 Sensors Market

Sensors have come a long way from being basic devices that detect and respond to an input in a physical environment to being a vital building block in the Internet of Things (IoT) world. They come in all shapes and sizes these days and fulfill all sorts of uses. From pressure and humidity sensors gradually appearing in smartphones, to night vision and infrared, sensors are everywhere and in every form. They're making palpable progress in integrating more electronics content in a bid to better serve the battery-powered IoT devices.

Use of sensors across a complete mass of products and businesses is exploding. As these sensors become more robust and exhibit greater fidelity, we’re beginning to see really interesting ways companies are using them to collect data and interpret that in a digital format. Here’s a look at top 10 sensors.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Finding cost effective and innovative packaging solutions is something of a challenge. Especially since manufacturers have to maintain product integrity and quality throughout the supply chain without compromising on shelf life. This is where Modified Atmospheric Packaging comes in and acts as a complete solution.

In this article, MarketsandMarkets examines the intricacies of modified atmospheric packaging and its impact on the supply chain as well as shelf life. We also delve into how modified atmospheric packaging can lead to innovative product packaging solutions without the need for preservatives and additives.


Solar Power: A New Dawn

Various advancements and ground breaking innovations have helped enhance the overall efficiency of solar power.  The nature of these advancements has helped make solar power a highly compelling proposition vis-à-vis conventional power sources. The case for the utilization is also strong in developing nations that have an abundance of sunlight. Harnessing power from a limitless source like solar power could help trade, industry and the overall economy of these countries.

MarketsandMarkets examines the key trends and factors that are impacting the future of solar power and highlight how it is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Top 10 Cloud Technology Market

Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly by enterprises due to various factors such as the need for agility, on-demand scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. The cloud offers pay-as-you-go service for users, which helps in reducing costs to a great extent.

Cloud users are provided with Disaster recovery and security services, which makes it a reliable and secure source for data storage and management. A detailed analysis of Top 10 cloud technologies has been covered in this paper which will be helpful for players as well as end users.


Top 10 Pumps & Motors Market

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, pumps consume almost one-quarter of the total energy used by electric motors in industrial applications in the U.S. The pumps segment also accounts for approximately 20% of the industrial electricity demand in Europe. This implies that pumps are involved in nearly every aspect of fluid handling and transportation.

On the other hand, motors are rotating machines that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. The market is driven by the increased investment in water and wastewater recycling plants, mainly due to a rise in population, urbanization, and manufacturing activities. Industries such as power, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage are heavily water-reliant and will have a significant impact on the global demand for water.


Medical Holography A Glimpse Into The Future of Medicine

Medical Holography has been much sought after for medical imaging purposes. Today, as Medical Holography is made possible with recent technological advances. This technology has paved the way for doctors to render highly complex 3D structures and is leading to the accurate depiction of interior organs of the body without the need for invasive surgery or the use of physical probes.

This can greatly enhance the diagnostics prowess of doctors and we look at the market for medical holography while providing an elaborate prognosis of future potential in this market.


Top Display Technologies and Devices

Display technologies have been playing a crucial role in consumer electronics products for the last few decades. Researchers and companies are coming up with the latest display technologies such as OLED and Quantum dot. In the present scenario, CRT and plasma among others are being replaced by LCD and LED display technologies.

There are other emerging display technology based products available in the market such as virtual retinal display, quantum dot, e-paper, digital light processing and others which have better image resolution, quality, flexibility, and are smaller in size.


Role of Data Analytics in Controlling Vehicular Emissions

Rapid technological and material advances have made automobiles cheaper. Consequentially, vehicle adoption has risen exponentially at a sporadic rate among the masses. This has mandated a significant need to bring down the rate of vehicular emissions amidst increasing health concerns. However, despite stringent regulations, there exists a significant discrepancy between real world emissions and those seen in laboratory conditions.

There is a need to explore if real time data analytics can help monitor and cut down on emissions significantly. We assess the challenges and opportunities with real time data analytics.


Top 10 Bioprocess Technologies

Bioprocessing technologies utilize living cells for the production of biologics-based therapeutic drugs including protein-based therapeutics, vaccines, gene therapies, and cell therapies. They have a wide range of applications in providing diagnostic and prognostic information, as well as in clinical study related to HIV and cancer patients.

Many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic institutes opt to outsource numerous core functions like manufacturing, clinical trial management, and portions of drug discovery to CROs. This makes investment in advanced techniques like virus filtration studies and biologicals safety tests a cost-effective option for CROs, therefore, serving as opportunities for the growth of bioprocessing technologies market


Blockchain: IoT's Magic Bullet

The Internet of Things (IoT) can revolutionize nearly every aspect of our lives and change the core dynamics of commerce. It heralds a new age where technology is seamless and omni-present. Wherein the flow of information can great enhance our lives. However, there exist several issues before it becomes mainstream. Especially with cybersecurity as worldover countries increase their reliance on technology.

It is here that blockchain’s decentralized network can as a veritable panacea for blockchain’s cybersecurity woes. Furthermore, could the nature of blockchain technology also help save upon infrastructure costs paving the way for widespread IoT adoption?


Top 10 trends for electronics and semiconductors in 2017

Advancements in semiconductors have led to an exponential increase in processing power for a chip that is the size of a finger nail. As a consequence, developments in the field of electronics have also been affected. We now find ourselves in an era where technological disruption has become the exception rather than the norm. Semiconductor design innovations have opened up new vistas for technological applications in nearly all verticals while technology is becoming seamless and omnipresent.

In this paper, we analyze the key trends influencing the electronics and semiconductor sector in detail.


Assessing the economic potential of drones in commercial logistics operations

While drones are an exciting new technology in a world where the mandate for delivery time frames is becoming increasingly shorter, it remains to be seen if drones are economically viable vis-à-vis conventional modes of delivery. Thus we assess the various solutions used by key players in the drone delivery sector and delineate the inherent challenges for drones to become mainstream apart from regulations.

We analyze the infrastructure costs involved and limitations of drone delivery as well as the potential of its use in mainstream logistics applications.


Equinix data centre acquisition signifies Verizon transition

Verizon’s sale of its 24 data centers to Equinix is indicative of a business transition for the former. We highlight the implications of the move for both organizations and also how the newly acquired data centers add strength to Equinix’s portfolio while Verizon endeavors towards strategic consolidation.

The deal is expected to help both companies to respond to key market trends effectively as they can now optimize their resources and gain access to newer markets. Equinix has chosen only a few strategically located data centers for the purpose of acquisition.


Cyberspace: The future warzone

In an era of globalization as countries across the world increase their reliance on technology; the looming threat of cyberwarfare presents a far more dangerous scenario than conventional war ever could. This is a significantly worrying trend as the number of electronic attacks has only increased in the past 12 months.

Cyber sabotages of servers, satellites, IoT installations and defense communication networks may set up a dangerous precedent for the future. Furthermore, the hackers identity could remain anonymous leading to widespread panic and consequential paranoia if robust security systems are not deployed.


Re-thinking automotive innovation

Car design is undergoing a complete overhaul as disruptive technology is changing the core dynamics of the industry. We examine the key trends that depict this change as manufacturers seek to offer cutting solutions to consumers. The car is no longer an instrument to get from point A to B but is set to become so much more as we have to come to live in an era of convergence.

Soon, the use and evolution of AI, sensors and car safety systems shall pave the way towards self-driven cars.


3D Printing: Transforming the Manufacturing Process

The software based nature of 3D Printing and its unprecedented growth has the potential to transform the manufacturing process.  Since this technology can significantly bring down lead times and decentralize the supply chain. Apart from these factors 3D Printing offers the benefits of ease of customization, reduction in manufacturing costs and government investments in 3D Printing Projects for several countries are fueling the growth of this market.  As a consequence the focus of 3D Printing is shifting from design and prototyping to direct manufacturing.

This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on how the growth of 3D Printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and is taken from the ‘Industrial Automation’ Magazine, May 2017, pages 60- 61

Industrial Valves: A Matured yet Innovative Market

The increasing adoption of pipelines for transportation and downstream network expansion is driving the demand for valves. However, to take advantage of the immense opportunity that exists, the valves industry must bring about innovative solutions as there are various challenges that must be addressed. Various market drivers such as connected valves, wireless monitoring, IIoT/ Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing are enabling the valves to grow at unprecedented levels.

This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on how the growth of Industrial Valves is revolutionizing manufacturing and is taken from the ‘Industrial Automation’ Magazine, May 2017, pages 38- 39.

Industrial Robotics Enabler of the next Production Revolution: Industry 4.0

The demand for industrial robotics has grown exponentially in recent times.  Furthermore various government programs and initiatives like the ‘Industry 4.0’ by the German government and ‘Made in China 2025’ by the Chinese government are driving the adoption of industrial robotics. Various sectors are expected to leverage the advantages that industrial robotics offers such as automation, efficiency and reduced lead times among others.

This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on how Industrial Robotics is revolutionizing manufacturing and is taken from the ‘Industrial Automation’ Magazine, May 2017, pages 30- 31.

Feed Premix Formulations To Unlock Livestock Potential

The feed premix market is being driven by global factors such as increased demand in compound feed consumption.  Furthermore, owing to recent disease outbreaks, the ingredients used in feed premixes have come under scrutiny with efforts being made towards enhancing the immunity of livestock. Technological advancements and increasing awareness among dairy are also driving developments in the feed premix market.

This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on key development driving the efficacy as well as efficient of feed premix formulations and is taken from the ‘Think Grain Think Feed’ Magazine, August 2016, pages 8-9. Need for Effective Feed Premix Formulations to Unlock Livestock Potential.

Impressive Growth In Indian Aquaculture Industry

Aquaculture production plays a significant role in the socio economic development of India’s economy, considering its vast coastline. India is an important producer when it comes to global fisheries production and is only second in the world after China. The commercialization of fish farming, favorable price realization for producers and availability of nutritive feed solutions are some of the key drivers promoting aquaculture production.

Apart from these, various factors such as the rising population, dietary patterns of middle & high-income population and awareness about the nutritive value of fish among consumers. This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on the key trends that are driving the Indian Aquaculture Industry and is taken from the ‘Think Grain Think Feed’ Magazine, November 2016, pages 16-19.

Feed Phytogenics: A Revolution in the Feed Industry

The forms and types of natural feed and the use of feed additives has changed significantly over time. The ban on the use of antibiotics in various developed regions has helped increase the popularity of feed phytogenics as alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters. Research on livestock nutrition and customer requirements has provided insight into the increasing role of feed phytogenics in animal nutrition. Especially since feed phytogenic additives has various positive effects on livestock health.

However, many phytogenic sources are sensitive substances that lose their efficacy and efficiency in higher temperatures presenting a commensurate challenge for the industry. This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on the outlook of the technological advancements in the feed phytogenics industry and is taken from the ‘Think Grain Think Feed’ Magazine, September 2016, pages 24-26.

Future Trend in Feed Raw Material Market

Various factors such as the rising disposable income levels in emerging economies and increase in health and environmental concerns in developing countries have fueled the demand for organic animal sourced products. There exist commensurate opportunities for a country such as India towards tapping the organic feed raw material export market.

Especially since India leads the current global milk production and is working towards becoming a global feed raw materials supplier. There is also a tremendous opportunity for India to act as a supplier of raw material feed globally due to a shortage in supply and various government initiatives are giving the country further impetus. This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on the future outlook of the feed raw materials market and is taken from the ‘Think Grain Think Feed’ Magazine, March 2017, pages 6-8.

Changing Dynamics In The Indian Feed Industry

The increase in livestock population has seen a visible increase in the consumption of animal-based products owing to an increase in disposable incomes, change in dietary preferences and improvement in livestock production. However, at present there exists a demand and supply gap in the Indian feed industry that is attracting the attention of several big players. Especially since the industry is fragmented and appears to be evolving.

However, there exist challenges in the form of high tariffs and unfavorable trade terms when it comes to the imports of animal feed ingredients. Such factors depict the rapid transition that the Indian Feed Industry is undergoing. This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on the outlook of the Indian Feed Industry and is taken from, ‘Think Grain Think Feed’ Magazine, December 2016, pages 12-14.

Indian Healthcare Outlook in 2017

India is one of the biggest consumption markets for healthcare across the APAC region. With the state undergoing a change in governance ? introduction of GST in July 2017; price capping on medical devices and medicines, the industry in general is watching the market closely. MarketsandMarkets believes that the first mover advantage will come to those players who have the ability to take risks and have the right information and pulse of the end users.

Overall, 2017 shall remain a mix bag of new initiatives both from the government and the private sectors. This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on the outlook of the Indian healthcare industry and is taken from Consultants Review Magazine, March 2017, pages 8-9.


India Stands at the Intersection of Hospitality and Healthcare

The Private Healthcare Market in India is a highly profitable one. With the introduction of the ultra-luxury segment in the hospital industry, providers are eyeing huge growth numbers. Although there are a few players in the market, yet the target remains the same i.e. the ultra-modern and super rich, which comprise 10% of the population, who are changing their spending patterns in 2017 and all set to make the boutique hospitals richer.

MarketsandMarkets viewpoint is that India is standing at the intersection of the hospitality and healthcare industry. This model, though small, is here to stay for a while. This article is a is taken from Consultants Review Magazine, December 2016, pages 35-36.


Data Driven

Scientific and technological advancements have led to a consequential rise in research and development activity. Laboratories are also increasingly getting automated and have to comply with stringent regulations leading to huge volumes of scientific data. To meet these commensurate challenges while maintaining the quality of various processes requires effective and robust data solutions. This is the need of the hour for life science firms.

The evolution of informatics has led to a wide array of solutions that caters to the various individual requirements of life science firms. This article is a MarketsandMarkets viewpoint on the laboratory informatics industry and is taken from European Pharmaceutical Contractor February 2017, pages 9-11. © Samedan Ltd.


Breathing Space

Inhalation technology is deemed to be revolutionary as a method of application. Espousing the virtues of being painless and flexible, it is prominently used in the treatment of asthma, chronic pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among other respiratory ailments. Inhalation therapy is localized in its delivery and reduces systemic side effects with smaller doses.

Of late, some of the most significant advancements have been witnessed in inhalation technology wherein the goal is to make the management of respiratory ailments much easier while reducing overall healthcare costs. This article is aMarketsandMarkets viewpoint on inhalation technology which has appeared in an article is taken from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer February 2017 © Samedan Ltd.


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