MarketsandMarkets Knowledge Service Architecture

Through the years of researching niche B2B markets, MarketsandMarkets has created a unique architecture of research services that drives continuous value for every customer facing persona with an organization. The foundational stack comprises of vital building blocks which are instrumental in providing the required knowledge solution that translates into measurable outcomes. Our flexible customer engagement model allows us to interchangeably use these building blocks in variety of ways such that the outcome evolves with the frequently changing dynamics of your business.

Clients /Users


Increase market standing


Improved MQL to SQL conversion


Revenue growth & target achievement


Bigger pipeline, 20% higher conversion


Better funnel management

BU Head

Increased share of voice

Growth Programs

  • TAM Expansion
  • GTM Strategy to Execution
  • Market Share Gain
  • Account Enablement
  • Thought Leadership Based Demand Generation

Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Industry Trends
  • Competitive Insights
  • Account Insights
  • Deal level insights
  • Where to play?
  • TAM & Prospecting
  • Value Differentiation
  • MicroQuadrants
  • Unique Proposition
  • Business Cases
  • Strategic Communication
  • Account Triggers
  • Battle Cards
  • Thought Leadership
  • Campaign Audit
  • Customer Analysis
  • Right to Win Strategy
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • White Paper
  • Growth Funnel
  • Innovation Funnel

Knowledge Service Subscription

3D Printing | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data & Analytics | Blockchain | Connectivity | IOT Digitalization | Nano Technologies | Robotics | Smart Infrastructure | Smart Manufacturing | Wearables

Aerospace & Defense | Agriculture | Automotive & Transportation | Chemicals & Materials | Energy & Power | Food & Beverage | Healthcare | ICT | Packaging, Construction, Mining & Gases | Semiconductor & Electronics

  • 30,000+high growth use cases
  • 600+ full-time research analysts
  • 10,000+ customer network
  • 85,000+ company profiles
  • Dedicated Customer success team
  • 100K+ primary respondents' network
  • Global Expert panel
  • Strategic Partnerships (SRI, Oxentia)

Knowledge Services Subscription

MarketsandMarkets Knowledge Service subscription grants access to premium syndicate market research content comprising of 30,000+ high-growth use cases across 8+ industry verticals through our Market Intelligence Cloud - KnowledgeStore™. It is accompanied by the inputs of 600+ in-house research analysts, supported by a wide global network of 100,000+ industry experts.

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Our industry coverage spans 8 key B2B industries and 6,000+ micro-markets, tracked and covered through our team of over 600 analysts and consultants

Knowledge Services Subscription Model:

Journey From Creation To Consumption To Operationalize Insight

Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting and Advisory Service Portfolio

Strategy Growth Type Solutions Customer Segments Framework Specific Use Cases Common Use Cases
Revenue Growth Organic Growth Your Existing Solutions Your Existing Customer Segments Increase Market Share
  • Strengthen existing market presence
  • Country / region growth strategy
  • Competitive differentiation strategy
  • Key account planning
  • Customer perception / VoC
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Category expansion strategy
  • Exit strategy
  • Opportunity prioritisation
  • Assistance with realizing RoI / NPV modeling
  • Promotional Projects
  • Bottom-up assessment of sales pipeline
  • Account plan / customer dossiers
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Detailed market sizing
  • Whitepaper / collateral / infographic for marketin
'New to You' Customer Segments Your Existing Customer Segments
  • Enter a new geography
  • Enter a new end industry
  • Use case prioritiation
  • Capacity expansion planning
  • Price benchmarking
  • Product benchmarking
'New to the World' Customer Segments Drive solution adoption and Identify new customer segments
  • Planning for increased TAM
  • Customer segmentation
  • Need-gap analysis
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Market positioning strategy
'New to You' Solutions Your Existing Customer Segments Extend solution portfolio
  • Enter a new business
  • Supplier identification and strategy
  • Supplier selection criteria analysis
  • Product differentiation strategy
  • Customer prioritization
'New to You' Customer Segments Expand value chain
  • Enter a new end industry
  • Channel strategy
  • Product benchmarking
  • Segment prioritization
'New to the World' Customer Segments Drive solution adoption and Identify new customer segments
  • Identify top markets for new solution
  • Identify top customers for new solution
  • TAM analysis
'New to the World' Solutions Your Existing Customer Segments Market transformation
  • R&D team support
  • Technology Scouting
  • Substitution potential analysis
'New to You' Customer Segments Market transformation
  • Product development support
  • Substitution potential analysis

'New to the World' Customer Segments

Create new market
  • Product adoption roadmap
  • TAM analysis
Inorganic Growth Takeover / Acquisition
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Strategic fitment analysis
  • Backward integration study
Joint Venture
Strategic Alliance / Partnership

Growth Programs

Service Offerings
Opportunity Prioritization (Attractiveness VS Right To Win) New Market Entry (Geographies, Customers, Technology, End Use Case/Industry) Competitive Analysis & Right to Win Voice Of Customers (Unmet Needs)
Customer Identification & Prioritization Voice Of Customer & Refine Value Proposition Competitive Anlysis (Right to Win) Partner Identification & Prioritization Pricing Strategy/Commercial Model M&A or Inorganic Growth
In-depth Competitive Insights & Quarterly Updates Voice Of Customer: Perception Of Client Vs Competitors Positioning And Differentiation Via 360 Quadrants
Account Iq - Executive Conversation And Demand Enablement Account Nudges (Connect IQ) Buying Centre Expansion : Unmet Needs and Share of Wallet Value Prop and Right to Win V/S Competitior
Thought Leadership Content For Campaigns (Whitepapers, Films) Events/Roadshows Account Based Marketing Sales Play/Sales Priority And Localisation Positioning And Differentiation Via 360 Quadrants

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