KNOWLEDGESTORE allows all employees, regardless of rank, democratic access to cutting edge market research data. It helps B2B companies translate growth intelligence to revenue intelligence, enables teams and partners to collaborate on analysis, insights and decision making while identifying niche market opportunities arising out of disruptions. It also enables gathering of intelligence by taking advantage of proven and highly scalable data analysis and insights.

How does it work?


Disruptions: The ability to predict disruption in the business landscape that could force a company to transform itself significantly is the raison d'etre of market research.


Market Research: Harnessing these insights quickly can help businesses to fuel innovative products inside their company, respond to specific industry trends and gain a first-mover advantage.


MI Cloud: Using MI Cloud companies can convert growth intelligence into revenue intelligence, grant democratic access to all company employees and empower them to optimise leads and conversions.


Consulting: Our consultants can combine business and marketing data, execute growth use cases for a holistic view of business impact and arrive at revenue intelligent solutions.


Revenue impact: Revenue intelligence can enable you to gain agility, and arrive at scalable, customised solutions in rapid time to value and maximise ROI.



Successful companies do not stop at meeting their customers' current needs but anticipate their unstated or future needs by identifying market disruptions ahead of competitors.


Empower employees by giving them a degree of autonomy, plus democratic access to resources and tools like MI Cloud to make smart, goal-oriented decisions.


Intelligence to put strategy, tactics and operations into context, measure progress against goals and use analysis and insights effectively to deliver customised solutions and results.


Explore and analyse potential market share, challenges, opportunities and competition in new geographies and formulate successful entry and expansion strategies.


Access fresh, relevant data on a timely basis to track seasonal and yearly market changes and save time extracting market insights with a single, intuitive interface.

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80% of Forbes Global 2000 B2B companies use MarketsandMarkets to identify new revenue opportunities in high growth niche markets. Shouldn't you?


Technology is driving more rapid market disruption and at the same time revealing more opportunities to increase your revenue. At Markets and Markets we help you with in-depth insights about untapped sectors to validate and guide your business decisions and incremental revenue sources worldwide.

Markets and Markets highly qualified team of consultants and analysts are often the first- to- market when it comes to identifying nascent themes, leveraging the company's 'growth engagement model (GEM). By using MI Cloud to conduct an analysis of your findings and synthesizing those results into meaningful market intelligence we help you identify significant patterns and trends, unlock unique market or industry insights, or uncover unforeseen relationships that could pose a threat or an opportunity.

Markets and Markets can help your sales team to understand your position in the market, evaluate your product, know your target audience, and conduct a competitor analysis. With this information, your team will be better equipped to position your company in the marketplace, keep pace with, and even ahead of ever-changing market conditions and reach sales targets more efficiently. We channel the industry's most accurate B2B data and sales intelligence directly into your CRM so your reps can find more of the right leads and know which ones to connect with, how to navigate opportunities, to engage with relevance, and to win bigger, faster, and more often.

As Head of Marketing we can increase your brand awareness by monitoring relevant markets and capturing information surrounding trends, consumers, products and competitors. MI Cloud integrates relevant sources across the web, as well as propriety consumer resources to aggregate all of this structured and unstructured data as a whole. Our consulting experts will analyse this data using the most advanced next generation artificial intelligence, to extract actionable, accurate insights that would then form the basis of strategic marketing decision-making that could positively impact every part of your enterprise.

Absolutely! One of our many core competencies is to create a single source of truth, by consolidating relevant information across business lines and regions. MI Cloud can enable your company's' fast desk research and knowledge exchange by compiling, summarising and sharing content with your stakeholders. We also ensure that you stay on top of topics and trends you care about with up-to-date industry, competitor, and market news. By automatically injecting existing knowledge into research briefs we help refine the scope of your information and avoid duplication.

At Markets and Markets we partner with individuals, companies, distributors, resellers, websites, and channel partners. We also enable brands to partner with affiliate individuals or companies in an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective way. If need be, we can even facilitate revenue opportunities, business plans, agreements, on-boarding and training for your company.

We have the capabilities to provide you with a target list as well as structure and execute a successful M&A deal. We are capable of developing frameworks to identify opportunities, valuate a business for sale, negotiate the deal and manage the post-merger integration. Our approach is practical and strategic, designed to help you realise maximum synergies for every stage of every deal, domestic or international.

Achieving product-market fit is one of the most important goals for a company, yet it is also one of the least understood concepts. Our market intelligence ensures that your product meets real customer needs and does so in a way that is better than the alternatives. We also help to identify the specific needs that correspond to a good market opportunity and to address underserviced customer needs that are not adequately met in order to create enhanced value for your customers.

Don't settle for static, outdated, traditional brand tracking methods when you can have dynamic, up-to-the-minute insights with our market assessment capabilities. Market share tracking is the most important metric used to determine a company's position in an industry and MI Cloud has inbuilt capabilities to provide you with this assessment. Our cutting edge market intelligence offers deep market insights and quantitative market share data, that also covers top-performing players in the market. Thus you can assess how well your business stands in relation to your competitors and set goals for the next phase of your growth trajectory.

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