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World E-Paper Display Market: Technologies, Applications, Trends & Forecasts (2010 - 2015)

By: marketsandmarkets.com
Publishing Date: October 2010
Report Code: SE 1202

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E-paper technology offers the benefits of low power consumption and sunlight readability which results in an improved performance. E-paper display technology has the potential to compete with the established and mature display technologies especially LCD.

There is an increase in the adoption of e-paper display by the designers of consumer electronic devices due to the performance benefits it offers. Many new e-paper technologies are lined up for commercialization and will certainly help in increasing the adoption rate of the e-paper display.

Existing studies and third party market reports do not provide a comprehensive understanding of the E-paper market and there is a lack of focus on its various applications. In this report, we size and analyze E-paper market and its various application segments, product segments and also provide a geographic split, which is not present in any other third party reports.

Market Estimates and Forecasts

The report analyzes the global E-paper market into the following segments:

E-Paper market by technologies (electrophoretic, electrochromic, cholesteric LCD, electrowetting, electrofluidic, and others)

The report will provide market data, market drivers, trends and opportunities, top-selling products, key players, and competitive outlook. This report will also provide market tables for covering the applications and sub segments. In addition, the report also provides more than 20 company profiles for the market.

What makes our reports unique?

  • We provide the longest market segmentation chain in this industry- not many reports provide market breakdown up to level 5.
  • We provide 10% customization. Normally it is seen that clients do not find specific market intelligence that they are looking for. Our customization will ensure that you necessarily get the market intelligence you are looking for and we get a loyal customer.
  • We conduct detailed market positioning, product positioning and competitive positioning. Entry strategies, gaps and opportunities are identified for all the stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive market analysis for the following sectors:

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Semiconductor and Electronics, Energy and Power Supplies, Food and Beverages, Chemicals, Advanced Materials, Industrial Automation, and Telecom and IT. We also analyze retailers and super-retailers, technology providers, and research and development (R&D) companies.

Key questions answered

  • Which are the high-growth segments and how is the market segmented in terms of technologies, products and applications?
  • What are market estimates and forecasts; which markets are doing well and which are not?
  • Where are the gaps and opportunities; what is driving the market?
  • Which are the key playing fields? Which are the winning edge imperatives?
  • How is the competitive outlook; who are the main players in each of the segments; what are their strategic directives, operational strengths and product pipelines? Who is doing what?

Powerful Research and analysis

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   1.1 Key take-aways
   1.2 Report description
   1.3 Markets covered
   1.4 Stakeholders
   1.5 Research methodology


   3.1 Roadmap of e-paper display
   3.2 Types of e-paper display technologies
   3.3 Applications of e-paper display technologies
   3.4 E-paper display vs. existing display technologies
         3.4.1 E-paper display vs LCD
         3.4.2 E-paper display vs oled
   3.5 Porter’s five forces model
         3.5.1 Threat of substitutes
         3.5.2 Bargaining power of suppliers
         3.5.3 Bargaining power of customers
         3.5.4 Threat of new entrants
         3.5.5 Intensity of rivalry
   3.6 Industry lifecycle
   3.7 Market dynamics
         3.7.1 Drivers 
       Benefits of e-paper technology
       Growth of end-user markets
       Green technology
       Opening up of new markets
         3.7.2 Restraints
       Lack of color and video
       Low refresh rate
       Cost of manufacturing
         3.7.3 Opportunities 
       Increased investment
       Potential of untapped markets 
   3.8 Winning imperatives and market trends 
         3.8.1 Impact of the apple ipad on the e-reader market 
         3.8.2 Competitive pricing 
         3.8.3 Need for product differentiation 
   3.9 Patent analysis 
         3.9.1 Patents by technology
         3.9.2 Patents by geography 

   4.1 Electrophoretic 
         4.1.1 Applications 
   4.2 Electrochromic 
         4.2.1 Applications 
   4.3 Electrowetting 
         4.3.1 Applications 
   4.4 Cholesteric LCD (CH-LCD) 
         4.4.1 Applications 
   4.5 Others 
         4.5.1 Electrofluidic 
         4.5.2 Quick response liquid power display (QR-LPD) 
         4.5.3 Interferometric modular display (IMOD) 
         4.5.4 Photonic crystal technology 
         4.5.5 Reed technology 
         4.5.6 Bistable LCDs 

   5.1 Consumer electronics 
   5.2 Retail 
   5.3 Medical 
   5.4 Transportation 

   6.1 E-readers 
         6.1.1 Global market revenue 
         6.1.2 Global unit shipments 
   6.2 Sub-displays for mobile phones and media players 
         6.2.1 Global market revenue 
         6.2.2 Global unit shipments 
   6.3 White Goods 
         6.3.1 Global market revenue
         6.3.2 Global unit shipments 
   6.4 Wrist Watches 
         6.4.1 Global market revenue
         6.4.2 Global unit shipments 
   6.5 Poster/Signage 
         6.5.1 Global market revenue
         6.5.2 Global unit shipments 
   6.6 Smart Cards 
         6.6.1 Global market revenue
         6.6.2 Global unit shipments 
   6.7 Others 
         6.7.1 Global market revenue 
         6.7.2 Global unit shipments 
   7.1 North America 
   7.2 Europe 
   7.3 Asia Pacific 
   7.4 RoW 

   8.1 Market share analysis 
   8.2 New product developments 
   8.3 Mergers and acquisitions 
   8.4 Collaborations and partnerships 

   9.1 ACREO AB 
         9.1.1 Overview 
         9.1.2 Primary business 
         9.1.3 Strategy 
         9.1.4 Developments 
         9.2.1 Overview 
         9.2.2 Primary business 
         9.2.3 Strategy 
         9.2.4 Developments 
         9.3.1 Overview 
         9.3.2 Primary business 
         9.3.3 Strategy 
         9.3.4 Developments 
         9.4.1 Overview 
         9.4.2 Primary business 
         9.4.3 Strategy 
         9.4.4 Developments 
         9.5.1 Overview 
         9.5.2 Primary business 
         9.5.3 Strategy 
         9.5.4 Developments 
         9.6.1 Overview 
         9.6.2 Primary business 
         9.6.3 Strategy 
         9.6.4 Developments 
         9.7.1 Overview 
         9.7.2 Primary business 
         9.7.3 Strategy 
         9.7.4 Developments 
   9.8 ITRI 
         9.8.1 Overview 
         9.8.2 Primary business 
         9.8.3 Strategy 
         9.8.4 Developments 
   9.9 LG DISPLAY 
         9.9.1 Overview 
         9.9.2 Primary business 
         9.9.3 Strategy 
         9.9.4 Developments 
         9.10.1 Overview 
         9.10.2 Primary business 
         9.10.3 Strategy 
         9.10.4 Developments 
         9.11.1 Overview 
         9.11.2 Primary business 
         9.11.3 Strategy 
         9.11.4 Developments 
         9.12.1 Overview 
         9.12.2 Primary business 
         9.12.3 Strategy 
         9.12.4 Developments 
   9.13 NTERA, INC. 
         9.13.1 Overview 
         9.13.2 Primary business 
         9.13.3 Strategy 
         9.13.4 Developments 
         9.14.1 Overview 
         9.14.2 Primary business 
         9.14.3 Strategy 
         9.14.4 Developments 
         9.15.1 Overview 
         9.15.2 Primary business 
         9.15.3 Strategy 
         9.15.4 Developments 
         9.16.1 Overview 
         9.16.2 Primary business 
         9.16.3 Strategy 
         9.16.4 Developments 
   9.17 SEIKO EPSON 
         9.17.1 Overview 
         9.17.2 Primary business 
         9.17.3 Strategy 
         9.17.4 Developments 
         9.18.1 Overview 
         9.18.2 Primary business 
         9.18.3 Strategy 
         9.18.4 Developments 
   9.19 SONY 
         9.19.1 Overview 
         9.19.2 Primary business 
         9.19.3 Strategy 
         9.19.4 Developments 
         9.20.1 Overview 
         9.20.2 Primary business 
         9.20.3 Strategy 
         9.20.4 Developments 
   9.21 OTHERS 
         9.21.1 ZIKON, INC. 
         9.21.2 OPALUX, INC.  

 U.S. Patents 
 EUROPE Patents 
 JAPAN Patents 

1  E-paper market engineering measurement chart 
2  Global e-paper market, by technologies 2008 – 2015 ($Million) 
3  Comparison between different e-paper technologies 
4  Comparison between e-paper display and lcd displays 
5  Comparison between e-paper display & oled displays 
6  Impact analysis of drivers 
7  Impact analysis of restraints 
8  List of investments in the e-paper market 
9  Comparison between e-reader and ipad 
10 R&D initiateives 
11 Electrophoretic technology market, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
12 Electrochromic technology market, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
13 Electrowetting technology market, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
14 Cholesteric lcd technology market, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
15 Other e-paper technology market, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
16 Comparison of different e-readers 
17 Market for e-paper display used in e-readers, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million) 
18 Market for sub-displays used in mobile phones and media players, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million) 
19 Market for e-paper display used in white goods, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
20 Market for e-paper displays used in wrist watches, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
21 Market for e-paper display used in poster/signage, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
22 Market for e-paper display used in smart cards, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
23 Market for e-paper display used in other goods, by geography 2008 – 2015 ($Million)  
24 New product launches (2008 – 2010)
25 Mergers and acquisitions (2008 – 2010) 
26 Agreements and collaborations (2008 – 2010) 
1  E-paper technologies and major players 
2  Roadmap of e-paper 
3  Components of e-paper 
4  E-paper applications 
5  Suitability of e-paper technologies with respect to different e-paper applications 
6  Porter’s five forces model 
7  Industry lifecycle of e-paper technologies 
8  Analysis of regional market life cycle (2010) 
9  Effect of falling price of e-readers 
10  E-paper patents, by technology (2004 – 2010) 
11  E-paper patents, by geography (2004-2010) 
12  Advantages of using e-paper display in consumer electronic devices 
13  E-paper display market for consumer electronics 
14  Advantages of using electronic shelf labels 
15  E-paper display market for retail sector 
16  E-paper display market for medical sector 
17  E-paper display market for transportation sector 
18  Market share of various e-readers 
19  Market share of e-readers on the basis of screen size 
20  E-reader shipments 
21  Sub-display shipments 
22  White goods shipments 
23  Wrist watch shipments 
24  Poster/signage shipments 
25  Smart card shipments 
26  Other goods shipments 
27  E-paper market – North America 
28  E-paper market – Europe 
29  E-paper market – Asia Pacific 
30  E-paper market – RoW 
31  Market share analysis of the e-paper market

Global E-paper Market 2010-2015

E-paper technology offers the benefits of low power consumption and sunlight readability, which results in an improved performance. The technology has the potential to compete with the established and mature display technologies, especially LCD.

There is an increase in the adoption of e-paper display by the designers of consumer electronic devices due to the performance benefits it offers. Many new e-paper technologies are lined up for commercialization and will certainly help in increasing the adoption rate of the e-paper display.

This market research report analyzes the global e-paper market by technologies (electrophoretic, electrochromic, cholesteric LCD, electrowetting, electrofluidic, and others), applications (Consumer electronics, retail, and transportation, medical), products (e-readers, poster/signage, white goods, wrist watches, smart cards, and others) and geographic regions (APAC, Europe, North America and ROW).

The global E-Paper market is expected to reach $5.73 billion by 2015 growing at a CAGR of 25.3%. E-reader market is the fastest-growing application market, while North America forms the largest geographic market for E-paper.

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