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Smart Antenna Market: Adaptive Array Antennas, Multiple Antennas, MIMO - Global Forecast and Analysis (2012 - 2017)

By: marketsandmarkets.com
Publishing Date: February 2018
Report Code: SE 1168

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A smart antenna is a digital wireless communications antenna system that takes advantage of diversity effect at the transmitter, the receiver, or both. Diversity effect involves the transmission and/or reception of multiple radio frequency (RF) waves to increase data speed and reduce the error rate.

In usual wireless communications, a single antenna is generally used at the source, and another single antenna is used at the destination. This is called SISO (single input, single output). Such systems are exposed to problems caused by multipath effects or interference, when it comes in contact with an electromagnetic field. A smart antenna system combines multiple antenna elements with a signal processing capability to optimize its radiation and/or reception pattern automatically in response to the signal environment. Smart antenna systems are usually categorized as either switched beam or adaptive array systems.

Smart antenna report describes all the applications and types of Smart antenna that are currently being used in ICT industry. This smart antenna market report segmented into global market by type and by applications. Applications are further segmented into technological applications and cellular applications. This report forecasts the market of applications and types for the period 2012-2017. This report also summarizes the geographical analysis that includes regions like North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World (ROW) and their respective market share.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
  1.1 Key Take-Away
  1.2 Report Description
  1.3 Markets Covered
  1.4 Stakeholders
  1.5 Research Methodology
      1.5.1 Market Size
      1.5.2 Key Data Points Taken from Secondary Sources
      1.5.3 Key Data Points Taken from Primary Sources
      1.5.4 Assumptions Made for This Report
      1.5.5 List Of Companies Covered During Primaries

2 Executive summary
  2.1 Parent market tables
  2.2 Method of analysis
  2.3 Recommendations

3 Market Overview
  3.1 Market Definition
  3.2 Need  of Smart Antenna
  3.3 Evolution of Smart Antenna from Omnidirectional antennas
  3.4 Features of Smart antenna
      3.4.1 Signal gain
      3.4.2 Interference rejection
      3.4.3 Spatial diversity
      3.4.4 Power efficiency
  3.5 Improvements and benefits of Smart Antenna
      3.5.1 Capacity increase
      3.5.2 Range increase
      3.5.3 New services
      3.5.4 Security
      3.5.5 Reduced ISI (inter symbol interference)
  3.6 Market Dynamics
      3.6.1 Drivers
      3.6.2 Restraints
      3.6.3 Opportunities
  3.7 Value chain analysis
  3.8 Burning issue
  3.9 Winning imperative

4 Smart antenna market
  4.1 Market trends
  4.2 Types of antennas
      4.2.1 Directional antennas
      4.2.2 Micro strip
      4.2.3 Whip antennas
      4.2.4 Outdoor panel antennas
   Panel diversity
   Geohelix antennas
   Sector antennas
      4.2.5 Internal antennas
      4.2.6 External antennas
   Telecommunication antennas
   Smart antenna
  4.3 Smart Antenna technologies
      4.3.1 Beamforming
      4.3.2 Multiple input multiple output (MIMO)
      4.3.3 Active Smart antennas
      4.3.4 Passive Smart antennas
   Diversity combining
   Switched diversity
   Maximum ratio combining
   Polarization diversity
   Space-time processing
   Spatial diversity
  4.4 Segmentation of Smart antenna
      4.4.1 By type
   Switched multibeam antenna
   Adaptive array antenna
      4.4.2 By application areas
   Technological applications
           Wi-Fi systems
           Wimax systems
           Cellular systems
           Broadband and wireless access networks (BWA)
   Cellular applications
           WCDMA (3G)

5 Smart antenna market forecast, by type

6 Smart antenna market forecast, by technological applications

7 Smart antenna market forecast, by cellular applications

8 3D technology market forecast, by geography
      8.1.1 North America
      8.1.2 Europe
      8.1.3 APAC
      8.1.4 ROW

9 Competitive Landscape
  9.1 Market share analysis
  9.2 Key Growth Strategies
      9.2.1 M&A
      9.2.2 New product launch/Developments
      9.2.3 Collaboration/ partnership/ agreements/contracts/JV

10 Company Profiles
  10.1 Advanten
  10.2 Accel networks
  10.3 Airgain
  10.4 Airgo Netwroks Inc.
  10.5 Airnet Communications corp.
  10.6 Andrew corporation
  10.7 Arraycom LLC
  10.8 Bandspeed Inc
  10.9 Bell labs
  10.10 bluesocket
  10.11 Broadcom Corp.
  10.12 California Amplifier Inc
  10.13 Conrad
  10.14 eTenna Corp.
  10.15 Intel Corp.
  10.16 Interdigital communications Corp.
  10.17 Kyocera Corporation
  10.18 Lucent technologies
  10.19 Lumera Corporation
  10.20 Magnolia Broadband  Inc
  10.21 Motia, Inc.
  10.22 Motorola, Inc.
  10.23 Molex
  10.24 Navini Networks, Inc.
  10.25 Nortel Networks Corp.
  10.26 Paratek Microwave Inc.
  10.27 Philips semiconductor
  10.28 Qualcomm Inc.
  10.29 Ruckus Wireless
  10.30 SiBEAM Inc.
  10.31 Symena software and consulting GmbH
  10.32 Texas instruments Incorporated
  10.33 Trimble

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