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The Directed Energy Wepaon Market Will Show Momentous Growth in Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region by 2020

Currently, the directed energy weapon market is dominated by North America and Europe due to the strong defense spending of these regions. However, APAC, the Middle East, and Latin America lags far behind its counterparts, as far as defense spending is concerned. The directed energy weapon market is nascent in APAC and Middle East and will significantly grow and reach the peak by 2020.

China is the major player in directed energy weapons. India is currently focusing on developments of such weapons. As APAC countries are facing internal and external threats as well as threats from terrorists, the region has to have strong defense inventories. These recent conflicts between countries in the APAC region are driving procurements and investments in the inventories of APAC. In the future, APAC laser weapons could be carried by three services' platforms, such as the Air Force's transport planes, fighters and the Navy's destroyers and submarines.

The directed energy weapon market in China will be the largest after a few years. China is developing anti-laser defenses because protection against them is considered far cheaper than creating competing laser weapons themselves. A recent study says that China’s system has shot a laser beam that destroyed the guidance systems and caused the projectile to fall harmlessly to the ground. The study also noted that Beijing had conducted tests of its new technology since August 1999, and said the system was similar to the laser defense system technology being developed by the U.S. Air Force.”

Also, India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) have recently planned to develop high-powered laser weapons technology to shoot missiles down; however this program is still in the developing stage. India is developing a series of directed energy weapons (DEW) to improve anti-ballistic missile capability. By 2020, India will emerge with all revolutionized weapons and a strong defense system.

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