Global High Temperature Insulation Market

Global High Temperature Insulation Market (2009 - 2014)

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The increasing cost of power and the rapid depletion of conventional sources of energy have necessitated effective heat management and energy conservation in industrial processes. High temperature insulation (HTI) products provide high compressive strength and low shrinkage at high temperatures; and thus offer a cost-effective energy management solution for industrial processes.  

This research report provides in-depth market intelligence on the global market for HTI products, which is currently witnessing high growth due to expanding industrial applications such as petrochemicals, and cement and glass manufacturing. This report identifies and analyzes growth strategies such as portfolio expansion and the R&D initiatives taken by heat management solution providers.

This report analyzes the markets for the various HTI applications such as petrochemicalS, iron and steel, ceramics, alumina and powder metallurgy. The report also identifies the consumption of HTI products in different operational temperature ranges in these application segments. Each HTI submarket is forecasted and analyzed for trends and the competitive landscape in the HTI markets in the North America, Europe, Asia, and Rest of the World.

The report identifies factors that drive or inhibit market growth in order to support the market trends and forecasts made herein for each sub-segment. More than 30 company profiles are provided for a deeper insight into the competitive landscape. The market tables are categorized as per geographies application and temperature ranges.

The intended audience of this report includes:

  • High temperature insulation manufacturers
  • End consumers such as petrochemicals, glass, cement, iron and steel manufacturers
  • R&D (research and development) institutions
  • Distributors
  • Raw material suppliers

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  1. Which are the high-growth segments and how is the market segmented in terms of applications, products, services, ingredients, technologies, stakeholders?
  2. What are market estimates and forecasts; which markets are doing well and which are not?
  3. Where are the gaps and opportunities; what factors are driving market growth?
  4. Which are the key playing fields and winning-edge imperatives?
  5. What is the competitive landscape; who are the main players in each segment; what are their strategic directives, operational strengths, key selling products, and product pipelines? Who is doing what?

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Global High Temperature Insulation Market

The global HTI products market is witnessing tremendous growth due to the increasing awareness about the energy saving and cost effectiveness offered by these products. The global HTI market is estimated to grow from $2.9 billion in 2009 to $4.1 billion in 2014. While Europe led the global HTI market in 2009 with a 41% share, Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest market in the near future.

The impending saturation of the European and U.S. markets has induced several HTI manufacturers to adopt geographic expansion strategies to the Asian region. India and China offer especially lucrative markets and also offer the benefit of low-cost manufacturing. Value-based pricing has emerged as a major growth strategy in the relatively saturated markets. Market players in these regions are also focusing on emerging HTI applications such as aerospace and fire protection for further market growth.

Energy forms the largest cost component of HTI products, accounting for about 40% to 50% of the total production cost. Thus, energy efficiency in the manufacturing process could significantly lower the cost of the end-product. Petrochemicals currently hold a 30% share of the overall HTI market, and are expected to continue being the largest application market through 2014. Glass forms the next largest application segment, holding a 14% share of the overall market currently.

The global HTI products market is consolidated with two companies Unifrax and Thermal Ceramics holding almost a third of the entire market. These industry leaders are employing a number of growth strategies such as increased R&D investments, new product launches and agreements and collaborations to expand their market presence. Increased R&D investments have also had a positive impact on product enhancement and differentiation strategies. These competitive developments are expected to boost the growth of HTI market.


Executive summary      
 Market Overview       
 Market dynamics        
 High temperature insulation product market     
 High temperature insulation application Market
 Geographical analysis  
 Competitive landscape

1 Introduction  
  1.1 KEY TAKE AWAYS     
  1.4 Research Methodology     
  1.5 STAKEHOLDERS         

2 Summary      

3 Market Overview     
  3.1 Defining the global high temperature insulation market       
  3.4 High Temperature Insulation Value Proposition  
      3.4.1 Energy Conservation 
      3.4.2 Economic Considerations Roi        
      3.4.3 Environmental Benefits: lowers Emission        
  3.6 Geographical segmentation of high temperature insulation market  
  3.7 Conclusion           
      3.7.1 Key findings 
      3.7.2 Strategic recommendations    

4 Market Dynamics     
  4.1 Drivers    
      4.1.1 Need for energy conservation           
      4.1.2 Emission reduction Potential  
      4.1.3 Saving in production cost      
      4.1.4 Wide range of customizable products 
  4.2 Restraints & Opportunities           
      4.2.1 Carcinogenic nature  
      4.2.2 Durability issues         
      4.2.3 Newer materials & applications
5 High Temperature Insulation Product Market
  5.1 Overview
  5.2 Characteristics     
  5.3 Market segmentation       
      5.3.1 Ceramic Fibers          
      5.3.2 Insulating Firebricks  
      5.3.3 Calcium Silicate        
  5.4 Selecting an Hti Insulation product
      5.4.1 On the basis of production requirement         
   Nature of production   
   Type of fuel used         
      5.4.2 On the basis of product specification 
   Insulating efficiency      
   Thermal conductivity (k-value) 
   Thermal resistance (R-value)    
   Compressive strength   
   Linear shrinkage
6 High Temperature Insulation Application Market       
  6.1 Pricing of high temperature insulation products      
  6.2 Petrochemical Industry     
      6.2.1 Drivers         
      6.2.2 Growth strategies      
  6.3 Iron and Steel Industry     
      6.3.1 Drivers         
      6.3.2 Growth strategies      
  6.4 Ceramic Industry 
  6.5 ALUMINUM Industry    
  6.6 Powder metallurgy           
  6.7 Glass Industry      
  6.8 Cement Industry  
  6.9 Refractory Industry          
  6.10 Other Applications         
      6.10.1 Solar Equipment Manufacturing       
      6.10.2 Aerospace  
      6.10.3 Fire Protection        

7 Geographical Analysis           
  7.1 High Temperature Insulation market -ASIA          
  7.2 High Temperature Insulation Market - North America      
  7.3 High Temperature Insulation Market - EuropE     
  7.4 High Temperature Insulation Market -ROW         

8 Competitive Landscape        

9 Company Profiles     
  9.1 3M Co    
  9.2 ADL Insulflex Inc
  9.3 Almatis GmbH     
  9.4 BNZ Materials, Inc.         
  9.5 Cellaris Ltd          
  9.6 Cotronics Corp.  
  9.7 Dyson group        
  9.8 ETS Schaefer Corp         
  9.9 Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc.  
  9.10 Insulcon Group  
  9.11 Isolite Insulating Products Company Ltd 
  9.12 LIT Industries    
  9.13 M.E. SCHUPP Gmph   
  9.14 Microtherm Group         
  9.15 Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.  
  9.16 Pacor Inc.         
  9.17 PAR Group       
  9.18 Prairie Ceramic Corp.    
  9.19 Promat International Ltd
  9.20 Pyrotek U.S Inc
  9.21 Rath Inc
  9.22 Refractory Specialties Inc.         
  9.23 RHI AG
  9.24 Sheffield Refractories Ltd           
  9.25 Skamol Inc        
  9.26 Thermal Ceramics {The Morgan Crucible Company plc}
  9.27 Uniceram Advanced Materials Inc         
  9.28 Unifrax Corp     
  9.29 Worbo Inc        
  9.30 Zircar INC        

Patents - U.S.  
Patents - Europe          
patents - Asia  
List of Tables

Summary table GLOBAL High temperature insulation ApplicationS MARKET 2007 2014 ($MILLIONS)   
Table 1 Heat Energy saving with Insulation        
Table 2 Fuel Cost saving with High Temperature Insulation       
Table 3 Emission reduction with use of High Temperature Insulation      
Table 4 Features and advantages of insulating firebrick (IFB)    
Table 5 Physical Properties of Insulating Fire Bricks      
Table 6 Hti Product Comparison Ceramic Fiber Boards from unifrax & Thermal Ceramics     
Table 7 High temperature insulation application temperature ranges       
Table 8 Global Annual Average Price of high temperature insulation products, By temperature ranges 2009 ($per ton)   
Table 9 Global Hti consumption in Petrochemical applications, by Temperature Ranges  2009 (Thousand Tons)
Table 10 Global Hti revenues from Petrochemical applications,by Temperature Ranges 2009 ($millions)           
Table 11 Hti Petrochemical Applications market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millions)          
Table 12 Global Hti consumption in Iron and Steel applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 (Thousand Tons)           
Table 13 Global Hti revenues from Iron and steel applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 ($millions)           
Table 14 Iron and steel Hti ApplicationS market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millionS)         
Table 15 Global Hti consumption in Ceramics applications,by Temperature Ranges 2009 (Thousand Tons)       
Table 16 Global Hti revenues from Ceramics applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 ($millions)     
Table 17 Global hti Ceramic ApplicationS market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millions)       
Table 18 Global Hti consumption in Aluminum applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 (Thousand Tons)     
Table 19 Global Hti revenues from Aluminum applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 ($millionS)    
Table 20 Global hti Aluminum ApplicationS market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millions)     
Table 21 Global Hti consumption in Powder METALLURGY applications, by Temperature Ranges  2009 (Thousand Tons)           
Table 22 Global Hti revenues from Powder Metallurgy applications, by Temperature Ranges  2009 ($millions)  
Table 23 Global hti Powder metallurgy Applications market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millionS)    
Table 24 Global Hti consumption in Glass manufacturing applications, by Temperature Ranges  2009 (Thousand Tons) 
Table 25 Global Hti revenues from Glass Manufacturing applications, by Temperature Ranges  2009 ($millions)
Table 26 Global hti Glass Applications market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millionS)
Table 27 Global Hti consumption in Cement applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 (Thousand Tons)        
Table 28 Global Ht revenues from Cement applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 ($millionS)        
Table 29 Global hti Cement Applications market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millions)         
Table 30 Global Hti consumption in Refractory applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 (Thousand Tons)    
Table 31 Global Hti revenues from Refractory applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 ($millionS)   
Table 32 Global Refractory Hti Applications market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millions)    
Table 33 Global Hti consumption in Other applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 (Thousand Tons)           
Table 34 Global Hti revenues from Other applications, by Temperature Ranges 2009 ($millions)           
Table 35 Global Other Hti Applications market, by Geography 2007 2014 ($millions)           
Table 36 Asian High temperature insulation market, by Applications 2007 2014 ($millions)    
Table 37 North America High temperature insulation market, by Applications 2007 - 2014 ($millions)  
Table 38 European High temperature insulation market, by Applications, 2007 2014 ($million)          
Table 39 ROW High temperature insulation market, by Applications 2007 2014 ($millions)   
Table 40 New Developments/Contracts (Jan 2007 Feb 2010)          
Table 41 Agreements/Partnerships/Collaborations (2007 2009)         
Table 42 Mergers and Acquisitions (2007 2009)        109
Table 43 Other Developments (2007 2009)  
List of Figures

Figure 6 PATENT COMPARISON (2005 VS 2009) 
Figure 7 Geographical segmentation of high temperature insulation market, by value (2009)       
Figure 9 Heat and Electrical energy consumption in various sectors       
Figure 10 Sector-wise greenhouse gas emission
Figure 11 Market shares of different HTI categories 2008        
Figure 12 shares of high temperature insulation Market players 2008    
Figure 13 KEY GROWTH STRATEGIES - 2007 -2009        

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