Europe TIC Market

Europe TIC Market by Sourcing type (In-house and Outsourced services), Service type (Testing, Inspection and Certification), Application (Consumer Goods and Retail, Automotive, Aerospace) and Country - Forecast to 2025

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[217 Pages Report] The Europe TIC market is expected to grow from USD 50.1 billion in 2020 to USD 60.4 billion in 2025, at a CAGR of 3.8%. The primary reasons for this rise in demand are the increasing mandatory certification and compliances by government in order to trade and growing awareness about standards of products among the customers.

Europe TIC Market

Outsourced services, by scanning type, is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

The market for outsourced services is expected to increase considering the innovative and advanced testing and inspection services performed by third party TIC service providers which gives a sense of trust and reliability to the manufacturer. Moreover, government are considering the results published by third-party service providers as the results are not biased and are accurate. 

The market for certification services to grow at highest CAGR in Europe TIC market, by service type, in 2020

Certification services ensure product safety and performance attributes. Certification services mainly include customized audit and certification services with reference to quality, health and safety, environment, and social responsibility. These services aimed at improving business performance.

Europe TIC Market  by Region

The Europe TIC market for agriculture and food application to grow at highest CAGR during forecast period

The agriculture and food businesses are built on the ideologies of integrity, safety, and sustainability, and close monitoring of each principle is highly important. TIC services for the agriculture industry are required to ensure quality and improve the productivity of food products. These services also support companies playing a crucial role in trading agricultural commodities and food products by acquiring certifications.

Poland, by region, is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

Poland is set to witness the highest growth rate during the forecast period due to the numerous manufacturing capabilities of the region. The largest industries in Poland are the agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and tourism industries.  The automotive sector in Poland has seen rapid growth since the collapse of the Soviet Union but experienced its most significant growth after the country became part of the European Union in 2004. 

Key market players

Key players in the Europe TIC market include SGS (Switzerland), Bureau Veritas (France), Intertek (UK), Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg), DEKRA (Germany). Intertek is a well-known player for providing innovative and customized TIC solutions in the TIC market. Strong brand name and customer base are among the key factors that resulted in the leading position of SGS in the market. Apart from the strong brand name and customer base, the company has strong R&D capabilities and geographic presence. SGS focuses on strategies such as acquisitions and product launches to strengthen its product portfolio and maintain its position in the market.

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Scope of the Report

Report Metric


Market size available for years


Base year considered


Forecast period


Forecast units

Value (USD)

Segments covered

sourcing type, Service type, Application, and country

Regions covered


Companies covered

SGS (Switzerland), Bureau Veritas (France), Intertek (UK), TÜV NORD (Germany), TÜV SUD (Germany), Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg), TÜV Rheinland (Germany), CETECOM (Germany), DEKRA (Germany), Applus+ (Spain), Element Material Technology (UK), and DNV GL (Norway)

This research report categorizes the Europe TIC Market based on offering, end-user application, and region.

Europe TIC Market, By Sourcing Type

  • In-house services
  • Outsourced services

Europe TIC Market, By Service Type

  • Testing
  • Inspection
  • Certification
  • Others

Europe TIC Market, By Application

  • Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Chemicals
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Energy and Power
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Medical and Life Sciences
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas and Petroleum
  • Public Sector
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Railways
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Sports & Entertainment

SWIR Market, By Geography

  • Europe
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • France
    • UK
    • Italy
    • Belgium
    • Spain
    • Switzerland
    • Hungary
    • Bulgaria
    • Morocco
    • Austria
    • Turkey
    • Croatia
    • Ireland
    • Greece
    • Denmark
    • Norway
    • Netherlands
    • Russia
    • Poland
    • Rest of Europe

Recent developments

  • Bureau Veritas partnered with Cornis (Paris), a leading provider for blade technology, to offer advanced blade inspection services for wind turbines.
  • Intertek launched ground-breaking total sustainability assurance services, which include benchmarking, assessment, and verification, along with TIC services.
  • Eurofins Scientific acquired Transplant Genomics Inc. to improve its transplantation testing skills, which, in turn, would enhance its diagnostic reliability and reduce the rejection risks.

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1.1Study Objectives
1.2Market Definition and Scope
1.2.1Inclusions and exclusions
1.3Study Scope
1.3.1Markets covered
Figure 1Europe TIC market
1.3.2Years considered
2.1Research Data
Figure 2Research design
2.1.1Secondary data data from secondary sources
2.1.2Primary data data from primary sources industry insights
Figure 3Breakdown of primaries
2.2Market Size Estimation
Figure 4Process flow of market size estimation
Figure 5Bottom-up apprach
Figure 6Top-down approach
2.3Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
Figure 7Data triangulation
Table 1Study limitations
2.5Research Assumptions
Table 2Study assumptions
Figure 8Impact of COVID-19 on Europe TIC market, 2016-2025
Figure 9Market, by service type (2020–2025)
Figure 10Market, by application (2020–2025)
Figure 11Market, by sourcing type (2020–2025)
4.1Stringent Standardization Regulations to Offer Opportunities for the Europe TIC Market
Figure 12Swift implementation of product standardization practices and penetration of innovative technologies across multiple industries to lead growth of market during forecast period
4.2Market, by Service Type
Figure 13Testing services estimated to account for the largest share of market in 2020
4.3Market, by Application
Figure 14Consumer goods & retail application to account for largest share of market in 2020
4.4Market, by Sourcing Type
Figure 15Market for in-house sourcing type to account for the larger share in market in 2025
5.2Market Dynamics
Figure 16Europe Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) market: Drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges
Figure 17market drivers and their impact in illegal trade of counterfeit and pirated goods toward outsourcing TIC services in networking and communication technologies
Figure 18market restraint and its impact standards and regulations among European economies
Figure 19market opportunities and their impact in demand for TIC services across industries opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses
Figure 20market challenge and its impact of innovative technologies by smaller TIC players
5.3Industry Trends
5.3.1Value chain analysis
Figure 21Value chain analysis: Europe TIC market
5.3.2Key industry trends
Table 3Major trends in market
5.3.3Pest analysis factors factors factors factors
5.4COVID-19 Impact Analysis
5.4.1Impact on value chain
5.4.2Impact on market dynamics
5.4.3Country-level impact analysis scenario impact analysis
Figure 22Impact of COVID-19 on outsourced services on market
Table 4Market, by outsourced service, 2017–2025 (USD Billion)
Figure 23In-house services to account for largest size of market in 2020
Table 5Market, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
6.2In-House Services
6.2.1In-house testing services to continue to capture larger market share during forecast period
6.3Outsourced Services
6.3.1Market for outsourced services to grow at higher CAGR during 2020–2025
Figure 24Market, by service type
Figure 25Impact of COVID-19 on market, by certification service
Table 6Market, by certification service, 2017-2025 (USD Billion)
Figure 26Testing services projected to dominate market during forecast period
Table 7Market, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
7.2Testing Services
7.2.1New technolgoies have led to an increase in the demand for TIC services in Europe
7.3Inspection Services
7.3.1Inspection services allow products to meet industry standards and government norms to minimize losses due to defective products
7.4Certification Services
7.4.1Compliances to ensure marketability of products is achieved through certification services
7.5Other Services
7.5.1Asset integrity management and consulting services are critical to the TIC business
Figure 27Impact of COVID-19 on market, by consumer goods and retail application
Table 8Market, by consumer goods and retail application, 2017-2025 (USD Billion)
Figure 28Consumer goods & retail application estimated to account for largest size in market in 2020
Table 9Market, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
8.2Consumer Goods & Retail
8.2.1Strict measures taken to test and certify electrical and electronic products within the consumer goods & retail application
8.2.2Personal care and beauty products
8.2.3Hard goods
8.2.4Softlines and accessories
8.2.5Toys and juvenile products
8.2.6Electrical and electronics
8.3Agriculture & Food
8.3.1High demand for certified food products is driving market for TIC services for agriculture & food applications
8.3.2Seeds and crops
8.4.1Asset integrity management services ensure productivity, reliability, and safety of plant assets
8.4.2Asset integrity management services
8.4.3Project lifecycle services
8.4.4Finished product services
8.4.5Chemical feedstock services
8.5Construction & Infrastructure
8.5.1Heavy machinery is required to undergo testing and inspection before commercialization and thereby demands TIC services
8.5.2Project management services
8.5.3Material testing
8.5.4Construction machinery and equipment services
8.5.5Facilities management and inspection services
8.6Energy & Power
8.6.1Increasing demand for nuclear, wind, and solar energy propel Europe TIC market growth
8.6.2Energy sources fuels oils and gases
8.6.3Power generation
8.6.4Power distribution
8.6.5Asset integrity management services
8.6.6Project lifecycle services
8.7Industrial & Manufacturing
8.7.1TIC services play a critical role in quality, conformity, and safety of industrial products in supply chain of industrial & manufacturing ecosystem
8.7.2Supplier-related services
8.7.3Production- and product-related services
8.7.4Project-related services
8.8Medical & Life Sciences
8.8.1TIC approved advanced medical devices which are in demand drive growth of medical & life sciences applications
8.8.2Medical devices
8.8.3Health, beauty, and wellness
8.8.4Clinical services
8.8.5Laboratory services
8.8.6Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical services
8.9.1Exploration services and production & plant services contribute significantly to growth of Europe TIC market for mining application
8.9.2Inspection and sampling services
8.9.3Analytical services
8.9.4Exploration services
8.9.5Metallurgy and process design services
8.9.6Production and plant services
8.9.7Site operations and closure services
8.9.8Project risk assessment and mitigation services
8.10Oil & Gas and Petroleum
8.10.1Need for high-quality analytical testing services and specialist knowledge in upstream segment of oil & gas and petroleum application accelerate demand for TIC services
8.10.4Biofuels and feedstock
8.10.6Asset integrity management
8.10.7Project lifecycle
8.11Public Sector
8.11.1Product Conformity Assessment (PCA) require TIC services to ensure products meet country-level regulations
8.11.2Product conformity assessment services
8.11.3Monitoring services
8.11.4Valuation services
8.12.1Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS) in automotive industry foster growth of market
8.12.2Electrical systems and components
8.12.3Electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and battery systems
8.12.5Fuels, fluids, and lubricants
8.12.6Interior and exterior materials and components
8.12.7Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS)
8.12.8Homologation testing
8.13.1Flight tests, traceability-to-certification management, and certification within aviation management application lead to growth of market
8.13.2Aerospace manufacturing services
8.13.3Aviation management services
8.14.1TIC services play vital role in marine fuel system and component testing in marine applications
8.14.2Marine fuel system and component services
8.14.3Ship classification services
8.14.4Marine material and equipment services
8.15.1Inspection and monitoring activities augment demand for TIC services in Europe
8.15.2Rail construction and production monitoring
8.15.3Infrastructure management
8.16Supply Chain & Logistics
8.16.1Digitalization of TIC services in supply chain & logistics is expected to grow the Europe TIC market
8.16.2Packaging & handling
8.16.3Risk management
8.17IT & Telecom
8.17.1Testing and standardization of components to meet regulatory requirements in the IT & telecom sector expected to boost demand for TIC services in Europe
8.17.2IT & telecom infrastructure equipment
8.17.3Modules and devices
8.18Sports & Entertainment
8.18.1Threats of product recalls and injuries and potential fatalities drive demand for TIC services in sports & entertainment application
8.18.2Sports venues and facilities
8.18.3Sporting goods and protective equipment
Figure 29Snapshot of TIC market in Europe
Table 10Market, by country, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.2.1Industry 4.0 creates space for TIC ecosystem in automotive and medical applications across the country
Table 11Market in Germany, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 12Market in Germany, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 13Market in Germany, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.3.1Adoption of newer technologies and enforcement of strict regulations across agriculture & food application expected to create new growth opportunities for TIC market in UK
Table 14Market in UK, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 15Market in UK, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 16Europe TIC market in UK, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.4.1Exports are growing significantly, thereby fueling demand for TIC services
Table 17Market in France, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 18Market in France, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 19Market in France, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.5.1Government strives to maintain product standards and meet international regulatory measures
Table 20Market in Italy, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 21Market in Italy, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 22Market in Italy, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.6.1Manufacturing industry has seen significant advancement, offering prospects for TIC service providers
Table 23Market in Spain, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 24Market in Spain, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 25Europe TIC market in Spain, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.7.1Investment in IT & telecom sector has facilitated the development of the TIC market in Belgium
Table 26Market in Belgium, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 27Market in Belgium, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 28Market in Belgium, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.8.1TIC players witnessing scope and opportunities in manufacturing and FMCG companies
Table 29Market in Russia, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 30Market in Russia, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 31Market in Russia, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.9.1Increasing innovations in Netherlands have led to increase in product offerings, thereby fostering demand for TIC services
Table 32Market in Netherlands, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 33Market in Netherlands, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 34Market in Netherlands, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.10.1Consumer goods & retail industry is booming, thereby surging demand for TIC services
Table 35Market in Switzerland, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 36Market in Switzerland, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 37Market in Switzerland, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.11.1Digital and e-commerce companies offer significant opportunities for TIC players in Hungary
Table 38Market in Hungary, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 39Market in Hungary, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 40Market in Hungary, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.12.1Technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, and cybersecurity are and boosting TIC market in Poland
Table 41Market in Poland, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 42Market in Poland, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 43Europe TIC market in Poland, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.13.1Significant potential for manufacturing companies in the TIC ecosystem
Table 44Market in Bulgaria, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 45Market in Bulgaria, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 46Market in Bulgaria, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.14.1Increasing focus on electronic manufacturing and exports to improve global ranking
Table 47Market in Sweden, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 48Market in Sweden, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 49Europe TIC market in Sweden, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.15.1Agro-industrial and renewable companies to contribute to TIC market growth in morocco
Table 50Market in Morocco, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 51Market in Morocco, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 52Market in Morocco, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.16.1Exports and petroleum industries contribute to improve global rankings
Table 53Market in Norway, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 54Market in Norway, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 55Market in Norway, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.17.1Software and service industries help in generating employment in Romania
Table 56Market in Romania, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 57Market in Romania, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 58Europe TIC market in Romania, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.18.1Logistics & telecommunications sector to lead to demand for TIC services in Austria
Table 59Market in Austria, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 60Market in Austria, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 61Market in Austria, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.19.1Turkey has become new hub for start-ups and innovative companies offering opportunities for TIC service providers in Turkey
Table 62Market in Turkey, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 63Market in Turkey, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 64Europe TIC market in Turkey, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.20.1Developmental strategies in Croatia to boost demand for TIC services
Table 65Market in Croatia, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 66Market in Croatia, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 67Market in Croatia, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.21.1Innovative technologies are helping Ireland to improve global ranking
Table 68Market in Ireland, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 69Market in Ireland, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 70Europe TIC market in Ireland, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.22.1Strategic location has helped in fishing, mining, and export industries
Table 71Market in Greece, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Thousand)
Table 72Market in Greece, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 73Europe TIC market in Greece, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
9.23Rest of Europe (ROE)
Table 74Market in Rest of Europe, by application, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 75Market in Rest of Europe, by service type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Table 76Europe TIC market in Rest of Europe, by sourcing type, 2017–2025 (USD Million)
Figure 30TIC market top 5 companies (2019)
10.2Ranking Analysis: TIC Market
Figure 31Ranking of top 5 players in TIC market (2019)
10.3Competitive Leadership Mapping, 2019
10.3.1Visionary leaders
10.3.2Dynamic differentiators
10.3.4Emerging companies
Figure 32TIC market (Europe) competitive leadership mapping, 2020
10.4Competitive Situation and Trends
Table 77Expansions, 2018 - 2020
10.4.2Service launches and developments
Table 78Service launches and developments, 2018 - 2020
Table 79Acquisitions, 2018 - 2020
Table 80Agreements and contracts, 2018 - 2020
(Business Overview, Services Offered, Recent Developments, COVID-19 Related Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, MNM View)*
11.2Key Players
Figure 33SGS GROUP: Company snapshot
Figure 34BUREAU VERITAS SA: Company snapshot
Figure 35INTERTEK: Company snapshot
11.2.4DEKRA SE
Figure 36DEKRA SE: Company snapshot
Figure 37EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC: Company snapshot
11.2.6TÜV SÜD
Figure 38TÜV SÜD: Company snapshot
11.2.7DNV GL
Figure 39DNV GL: Company snapshot
Figure 40TÜV RHEINLAND: Company snapshot
Figure 41APPLUS+: Company snapshot
Figure 42TÜV NORD GROUP: Company snapshot
11.3Other Important Players and Associations
11.3.7RINA SPA.
*Details on Business Overview, Services Offered, Recent Developments, COVID-19 related Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, MNM View might not be captured in case of unlisted companies.
12.1Insights of Industry Experts
12.2Discussion Guide
12.3Knowledge Store: MarketsandMarkets’ Subscription Portal
12.4Available Customizations
12.5Related Reports
12.6Author Details


The study involved 4 major activities in estimating the current size of the Europe TIC market. Exhaustive secondary research was done to collect information on the market and its peer and parent markets. The next step was to validate these findings, assumptions, and sizing with industry experts across the value chain through primary research. Both top-down and bottom-up approaches were employed to estimate the total market size. After that, market breakdown and data triangulation were employed to estimate the market size of the segments and subsegments.

Secondary Research

In the secondary research process, various secondary sources were referred to for identifying and collecting information relevant for this study. These secondary sources include biometric technologies journals, magazines, and IEEE journals; annual reports, press releases, and investor presentations of companies; white papers; certified publications and articles from recognized authors; and directories and databases such as Factiva, Hoovers, and OneSource.

Primary Research

In the primary research process, various primary sources from both the supply and demand sides were interviewed to obtain qualitative and quantitative information pertinent to this report. The primary sources from the supply side included industry experts such as CEOs, VPs, marketing directors, technology and innovation directors, and related executives from key companies and organizations operating in the Europe TIC market. After a complete market engineering (including calculations regarding market statistics, market breakdown, market size estimations, market forecasting, and data triangulation), extensive primary research was conducted to gather information and verify and validate the critical numbers arrived at.

Europe TIC Market  Size, and Share

To know about the assumptions considered for the study, download the pdf brochure

Market Size Estimation

In the complete market engineering process, both top-down and bottom-up approaches were implemented, along with several data triangulation methods, to estimate and validate the size of the Europe TIC market and other dependent submarkets listed in this report.

  • Key players in the industry and markets were identified through extensive secondary research.
  • In terms of value, the industry’s supply chain and market size were determined through primary and secondary research processes.
  • All percentage shares, splits, and breakdowns were determined using secondary sources and verified through primary sources.

Data Triangulation

After arriving at the overall market size from the estimation process explained above, the global market was split into several segments and subsegments. To complete the overall market engineering process and arrive at the exact statistics for all segments and subsegments, the market breakdown and data triangulation procedures were employed wherever applicable. The data was triangulated by studying various factors and trends identified from both the demand and supply sides—in government, scientific research, healthcare, automotive, and military & defense verticals.

Report Objectives

The following are the primary objectives of the study:

  • To define, describe, and forecast the Europe TIC market based on the sourcing type, service type, application, and country
  • To forecast the market size of various segments with respect to Europe region
  • To provide detailed information regarding the major factors influencing the growth of the market (drivers, restraints, opportunities, and industry-specific challenges)
  • To strategically analyze the micromarkets1 with respect to individual growth trends, prospects, and contributions to the total market
  • To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their market ranking and core competencies, along with detailing the competitive landscape for market leaders
  • To analyze the competitive developments, such as agreements, contracts, partnerships, acquisitions, and product launches & developments, carried out in the SWIR market

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Company Information:

  • Detailed analysis and profiling of additional market players (up to 5)
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