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New Revenue Pockets in Alcohol and Starch/Sugar Enzyme Market

Alcohol and starch enzymes are a group of enzymes that occur in several organisms and facilitate the process of hydrolysis where a carbohydrate is broken into its component sugar molecule. Alcohol and starch enzymes also play a vital role in the inter conversion between alcohols and aldehydes. These enzymes are responsible to speed up all biological processes. Alcohol and starch enzymes find their applications in food and beverage, cleaning agents, biofuel production, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and research & biotechnology. Increasing population combined with rising disposable income is creating tremendous demand for consumer products such as food and beverages, cleaning agents, as well as biofuels. All these factors will drive the demand for alcohol and starch enzymesAlcohol and starch enzyme demand is indicated by the growing industrial economies, as it impacts not only demand for enzymes used as food & beverages, cleaning agents, animal feed but also the demand for bio-fuels.

The alcohol industry makes the maximum utilization of carbohydrases to optimize its processes and yield. The industry witnesses positive growth due to the industrial and specialty utilization of alcohol enzymes. North America is a key market for carbohydrases due their vast utilization in biofuel, paper, and food and beverages production. Key alcohol manufacturers have optimized their production in order to accommodate the massive demand for alcohol products from customers. Asia-Pacific is a new destination for carbohydrases in the market for these enzymes, which is projected to grow at a fastest CAGR for the forecasted period.

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