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Long Development and dynamic changes in C4ISR

The main purpose of C4ISR systems is ensuring the survivability of the platform, Ground-based, Naval or Airborne; and provides electronic cover for units at the frontline. Seamless integration of data must be ensured across all platforms to gain competitive edge in warfare. A typical C4ISR system can perform tasks like communication, surveillance, reconnaissance; integrate among different platforms to combat warfare.

The C4ISR environment is essentially a blend between Command & Control, Communications, Computer and ISR. Traditionally, Command & Control systems were defined to resolve specific issues in specific environments. As each battle space has been unique and has required a tailored product to maximize results C4ISR has gone through a long development and will continue to change dynamically.

C4ISR is divided into C4 (Command, Control, Communications & Computers) and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)

The C4ISR market can be split as 40 % of C4 and 60% of ISR With respect to platforms, airborne is 40%, land-based is 38% , naval is 15% and space is around 7 %. Airborne Systems will have the highest the CAGR across all platforms.

The typical lifecycle of a C4ISR system is 10-12 years and software and hardware updates take place midlife. Software and hardware updates do not occur in isolation and they are interdependent. The research and development process generally consumes around 3-4 years.

The future of C4ISR systems will be dominated by the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Other technological trends would be the semantic fusion technology coupled with Natural Language Processing (NLP), integration across all platforms for seamless net-centric environment where users will have access to real time data and Cloud Computing Services.

And with this massive volume of data in this market, there arises a need for better decision-making analytics, which will be a major driving force for the future C4ISR Market.

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