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Carbohydrase Market-New Revenue Pockets

North America leads the carbohydrases market with a wide application in food & beverage, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, textile, bio-fuel, and other industries. The consumption pattern and developed economy in North America has played a significant role in triggering the usage of carbohydrases over the years. The United States is the largest consumer of the carbohydrases. Due to the developed industrialization, it is expected to continue to be the market leader for carbohydrases.

Amylase - Most Applicable Carbohydrase; Xylanase – Growing Market

Amylase is used as an important component in all ‘bread improvers’ for all types of yeast-leavened baked goods. Specific amylases alter the starch in bread, enabling it to remain soft for longer period of time. The enzymatic hydrolysis using amylase is preferred over acid hydrolysis in the baking industry due to a number of advantages such as specificity of the reaction, stability of the generated products, lower energy requirements, and elimination of the neutralization steps.

Desizing of starch-sized textiles is achieved by the application of alpha-amylases. The usage of amylases in pulp and paper industry is in the modification of starch for coated paper. A number of amylases obtained from fungi are used in the paper industry. Alpha-amylases are used in laundry detergents and there is an increasing demand for alpha-amylases for automatic dishwashing detergents. Also, there are several processes in the medicinal areas that involve the application of amylases.

Xylanase is finding applications in many industries like bio-ethanol production, animal feed stocks, production of xylo oligosaccharides in paper industries, pulp fiber morphology, biobleaching, in the kraft process for pulp industry, bread fluffing, baking, fruit juice and beer clarification, and in bioenergy.

Asia-Pacific: Growing Market; North America: Market Leader

Asia-Pacific is the second largest market after North America and is estimated to experience a high growth rate due to an increase in the high disposable income of the population and increased industrialization in developing countries such as China and India.

Food & Beverage: Dominates The Carbohydrase Application Market

Carbohydrase enzymes have the largest application in the food and beverages industry. Amylases are used in beverages to liquefy grain starches to increase the fermentable sugar (glucose and maltose) content, ease filtration of the beverage, enhance yeast growth, and accelerate fermentation rates. Pectinases is use to break down pectin substances in plant materials to facilitate liquefaction, increase fermentable sugar contents, and reduce viscosity. Dairy enzymes such as lactase are used for the production of cheese and yogurt as well as other milk products. The function of these enzymes varies widely from coagulants, which are used to make cheese, to bio-proactive enzymes to enhance the shelf-life and safety of dairy products. Carbohydrases account for the largest market in the food and beverage enzymes category.

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