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Technological Advancements Such As Super Resolution and High Throughput Techniques is the New Revenue Pocket for the European Microscopy Market

The European microscopy market is segmented on the basis of products, applications, end users, and regions. By type of product, the market is categorized into optical microscopes, confocal microscopes, electron microscopes, and scanning probe microscopes. The optical microscopy segment is further divided into fluorescence microscopy (FM) and super-resolution microscopy. The subsegments of fluorescence microscopy included in this report are total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRF), fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching (FRAP), and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM). The super-resolution microscopy segment is divided into stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM), structured illumination microscopy (SIM), stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED), coherent anti-strokes Raman scattering microscopy (CARS), photo-activated localization microscopy (PALM), and reversible saturable optical fluorescence transitions (RELSOFT). The confocal microscopy segment is divided into multi-photon microscopy and confocal disk spinning microscopy. The electron microscopy segment is further categorized into transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The scanning probe microscopy segment is divided into scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM).

The microscopy applications market is divided into semiconductors, life sciences, nanotechnology, and material science. Nanotechnology is the fastest growing application, while semiconductors form the largest application segment.

On the basis of end users, the microscopy market is classified into academic institutes, industries, and others (government research institutes and private laboratories). Academic institutes are the major end user of the microscopy market.

Europe is established market for microscopy; however, developing countries  such as the U.K., Germany, France are expected to witness a higher growth rate. The rising worldwide focus on nanotechnology and favorable government and corporate funding are the major drivers for the market. Technological advancements like high-throughput techniques, super resolution, digitization of microscopes, and spending power of consumers in the developing regions are also driving market growth.

The super resolution microscopy and electron microscopy market segments are estimated to witness tremendous growth in the next five years. Factors such as technologically advanced super-resolution microscopes, high throughput techniques, live-cell imaging, and digitization of microscopes are expected to fuel the growth of the microscopy market in Europe.

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