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Feed Palatability Enhancers & Modifiers Market New Revenue Pockets

Feed palatability enhancers & modifiers are feed ingredients that enhance the overall appeal of the feed by improving on the taste, smell, and texture. It includes feed flavors, sweeteners, and textures.

Feed flavors and sweeteners are additives that improve the taste and smell of the feed to increase the feed intake by animals. These additives also mask the unpleasant taste in feed caused by the addition of vitamins, minerals and medicinal products during the animal growth period and increases salivary, gastric & pancreatic secretion; regulates the pH level; and makes the feed more digestible. Texture is the visual and tactile quality of a feed item that helps an animal to assess, perceive, and accept the feed, thus evaluating their preference for one feed over the other. Texture, along with the organoleptic parameters, greatly influences the palatability and acceptability of a feed item, for e.g. in the case of pet foods, these attributes encourage pets such as cats and dogs to increase their feed intake.

Asia-Pacific was the largest market for feed palatability enhancers & modifiers, with China accounting for the biggest share in 2013, followed by Japan and India. The rising disposable income and therefore the demand for consumption of animal products spur the growth of animal feed additives in the region. This resulted in an increased demand for better animal health and growth, which in turn drove the demand for palatability enhancers & modifiers. Owing to the economic development in China, pet adoption has emerged as a popular trend, which has consequently escalated the demand for pet foods. Also, the growing demand for meat products of various livestock has led countries such as China to be the key producers of feed additives and main exporters of meat products in the Asia-Pacific region.

North America was second-largest market for feed palatability enhancers & modifiers in 2013 and has a tremendous growth potential for feed additives. The U.S. dominated the regional feed palatability enhancers & modifiers market, with a share of about 63.0%, in 2013. The rising awareness regarding the chemicals used in animal feeds and the increase in preference for the quality products by the pet owners is thus driving the growth for feed additives in the North America region.

Europe is another important market for palatability enhancers & modifiers. However, over the past few years, the feed palatability enhancers & modifiers market in the European countries is experiencing stagnation owing to the stringent legislations in the European countries. The rising demand from the European countries for import of meat products is benefiting countries such as Brazil and China. The rising awareness regarding the quality of the meat and the change in meat consumption trend is promoting the growth of the animal feed palatability enhancers & modifiers market in Europe.

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