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Lecithin & Phospholipids Market New Revenue Pockets

Lecithin is anaturally-occurring emulsifierand a mixture of phospholipids, commonly obtained from soybean, egg yolk, and vegetables. The soft, viscous, orange-brown colored substance hasoil-tending and water-tending properties,which allows it to form an emulsion.Lecithins are widely used in food and feed applications. Phospholipids are the compounds extracted from sources similar to that of lecithin such as soy, egg, and others. These are used to impart functional properties in nutrition &supplements and pharmaceutical applications.

Europe is the largest market for both lecithin & phospholipids in 2014 in terms of value, with France accounting for a major share in the lecithinmarket andItaly in the phospholipids market.The growth in the region is mainly attributed to the growing health consciousness among consumers,which isboosting thedemand for better functional foods in the region. This has led to phospholipids experiencing an upward trend in the European market. Further, the demand for non-GM soy lecithin is facing an upward trend due to the increasing level of consumer apprehension about the use of GM soy lecithin. Thus, lecithin and phospholipids are experiencing an increasing level of usage in food, nutritional supplements, feed, and pharmaceutical applicationsin the European region.

North Americais the largest market forlecithinin terms of volume in 2014. The U.S. is the dominant market for both lecithin and phospholipids,while Canada is the fastest growing market for phospholipids and Mexico for lecithin. This growth in the North American market is attributed to the cheaper and easy availability of raw material in the region. Moreover, the increasing level of adoption of these natural emulsifiers by end-users is further boosting the demand for lecithin and phospholipids in North America.

Asia-Pacific has a tremendous growth potential in the field of lecithin & phospholipids and is the fastest growing region. Chinaaccounts for a majority share in 2014 in both the lecithin & phospholipids market, followed by India and South Korea. The growing demand for food and beverage applications, especially convenience food and end-use productsalong with the enormousfeed market potential are driving the growth for lecithin andphospholipids in Asia-Pacific region.

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