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Telecommunication to be the first commercial application segment for Metamaterials

Telecommunication applications will be the biggest contributor to the metamaterials market with the commercialization of antennas, an integral component in smartphones, routers, and satellite communication equipment. The use of metamaterials by companies like Rayspan, Kymeta, and Evolv and others in their products willmake this segment thebiggest contributor to the metamaterials market.

Another fast growing segment for metamaterials is the medical instrumentation sector. Research andDevelopment is going on to develop many innovative products which will enable and help doctors to serve and treat patients in a more easy and effective manner. Research is being carried out at St. Petersburg Laboratory in order to inculcate MRI scanning with metamaterials so as to increase its capabilities and offer better images with a higher resolution. The team is working on ways to provide sub-wavelength resolution for MRI using metamaterials. However, a lot needs to be done for the commercialization of these prototypes which are extremely large currently and barely fit inside a conventional MRI scanner.

Aerospace and defense segment holds the key for an exponential growth of the metamaterials market as many metamaterial based applications are expected to emerge out for this segment such as cloaking devices, radomes, and antennas. Although these are in the development stage and applications like cloaking are still almost a decade away, the R&D activities by the U.S. Department of defense (DOD) and federal agencies like DARPA along with the major U.S. universities such as Caltech, to develop the aforementioned devices on a large scale arefuelling up the activities in these segments. Invisibility cloaks will enable the U.S. military to turn the concept of ‘invisible army’ into a reality. The DOD has also phased out many projects through Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/SBTT) program to innovate and develop more applications based on metamaterials for the aerospace and defense segment.

Some of the practical applications of metamaterials, which may probably be among the first ones to commercialize, are satellite user terminals, dynamic cellular base station antennas, collision avoidance radar systems, advanced medical devices, and imaging systems.

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