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Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles Supplies, a Huge Growth Opportunity for Super Junction Technology

Power electronics devices go on with changing the automotive designs. Electric motors are replaced by belts and hydraulic systems; automotive electrical systems are moving to higher voltages ranging from 12V to 1200V. Besides, to protect the global degrading environment condition, occurred due to the adverse use of non-renewable resources in automotive systems and its heavy depletion rate, electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are the only solution.

Though today the total market of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles is less than $10 million, but it is expected that soon in coming years it would be tripled. SJ-MOSFET is one of the major power devices that are being used in all the automotive systems including EV/HEV systems today. With the increase in the market of EV/HEV vehicles the SJ-MOSFET market would increase exponentially in few years. On saying that, with the increasing use of power devices it is very important that a low failure rate, high amplification and switching tendency, light weight and low cost be maintained for the automobile industry as a whole, and all these concerning factors are satisfied by SJ-MOSFET’s.

In automotive system, SJ-MOSFET’s are majorly used in engine control, ignition control, electronic fuel injection, motor and generators, electronic transmission control, traction control, anti lock breaking, electronic suspensions, power steering, power windows, power lock, windshield wiper, air condition, dome lamp, air bag, head light, and in Engine control module (ECM’s). With this huge requirement of SJ-MOSFET and expected increasing need of EV/HEV systems, surely the market of SJ-MOSFET will be benefited.

According to this study, the use of SJ-MOSFET’s in above applications is the game-changers for power device manufacturers and also hybrid vehicle manufacturers, as this would propel the industry to unbeatable technological excellence. According to this study, the SJ-MOSFET’s will have the highest expected growth in this application segment which is around 42%. For instance it can be said that the utilization of SJ-MOSFET’s in the EV/HEV industry will take time to adapt, but with the time, it will touch the pinnacle of technological innovation and consequent market growth.

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