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Government Policies Towards Green Products are Supporting the Entry of New Players

The major two categories in the renewable chemical market are alcohols and polymers. The renewable alcohol market is relatively mature as compared to polymers. The top players operating in the renewable alcohol market are located in the U.S. Some of them are Abengoa Bioenergy Corp., Aventine Renewable Energy LLC, Center Ethanol Company, South Dakota, and Minnesota Energy. Among the major renewable alcohols, ethanol is the most commercialized segment.

Bio-polymers cover PLA, PHA, starch-based plastics, polyethylene, and others. The starch-based plastics dominate the market with a large share as compared to other polymers. The major players in starch-based plastics are Novamont, BIOP, Livan, and Cereplast. The global PLA market exhibits oligopolistic characteristics as there are only a few suppliers supplying PLA on a global platform. NatureWorks (U.S.), Purac (The Netherlands), and Pyramid Bioplastics (Germany) dominate the PLA market, together accounting for more than 90% of the overall market in 2011.

The renewable polymer market is relatively niche with less number of players globally. In the future, with the increase in demand of these polymers, the trend will move towards full scale commercialization from pilot scale projects.

The market for renewable chemicals is witnessing dynamic growth with an estimated CAGR of nearly 8%. For each chemical, there are limited players in the market and they do not pose high competition for each other. The demand for these chemicals is high with almost all production volumes being consumed. Also, this market is at its growth stage and no company has yet stabilized here.

New players will have to make significant investments in R&D and facility development for entry into the market. However, favorable government policies towards green and biodegradable products and EUs wide policy support will allow more companies to enter into the market with increased capacities. Currently, most of the chemicals have limited companies and lots of market potential. This makes entry of new players easy in the market.

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