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Small UAV Market Forecast 2014 - 2020

Though SUAV market is currently in growing phase, however this market has dynamic growth potential and ample opportunities in near future. Various sensors are being used as payloads in SUAVs as per the application requirements.

Hyper spectral sensors are nowadays being integrated on SUAVs for imaging application. Hyper spectral imaging has developed as a powerful and versatile means for continuous sampling of broad intervals of the spectrum. The precise spectral information collected by the hyper spectral sensor enables better characterization and identification of targets.

Headwall Photonics has developed a Nano-Hyperspec sensor, which operators in the VNIR (400-1000nm) spectral range and is designed for use in small, hand-launched UAVs. This Micro-Hyperspec imaging sensor is being successfully deployed onboard small commercial UAVs to help agriculturalists monitor vegetation over wide areas.

Currently, small UAVs are essentially used to capture and downlink real-time videos. However, the rising demand for high efficiency and high advancements in SUAVs has encouraged the miniature design of high performing mission sensors as payloads. Various types of small sensors integrated with SUAVs are used for various applications. Amongst these sensors, the electro-optic sensor is the most widely used sensor payload due to its miniaturization as well as its capability to deliver the details in real-time. Laser designators are in high demand these days due to its accuracy in target strike and minimal collateral damage.

The increasing commercial and civil applications of SUAVs have increased the demand for various other miniature sensors. The demand for combat SUAVs has created a huge market for mini-laser designators with targeting capabilities that are equal to those of relatively larger systems. Due to advantages such as low cost, efficient performance, flexibility, and maximum data collecting capabilities, SUAVs are being used by meteorological departments, globally. These sensors that are implanted in small UAVs are designed to measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in real-time.

Cameras as a payload for SUAVs play a vital role in all applications. Small UAVs are used for applications such as mapping, surveillance, reconnaissance, research, film industry, photography, police operations, and search & rescue among others, which require cameras as necessary payloads to collect the data and transmit video information to the GCS. Multiple cameras are assembled on small UAVs to increase its performance and mission capabilities. Technology advancements and new sensor developments aim to overcome the weight and volume constraints for SUAVs.

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