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Sugar Subtitutes Market: New Revenue Pockets

High Intensity Sweeteners: Major Type For Sugar Substitutes

High intensity sweeteners (HIS) are sugar substitutes that have high relative sweetness compared to sugar. HIS are high potent sweeteners and hence, a small quantity would be needed to impart sweetness to food and beverages as compared to sugar. Examples of HIS are aspartame, sucralose, stevia, cyclamte, saccharin, and others. NutraSweet Company paved the way for use of alternate HIS sweeteners by commercializing itís HIS aspartame. HIS are intense sweeteners, and hence low volumes are required to sweeten certain products. This enables companies to cut logistics and storage costs.

North America The Most Dominant While Asia-Pacific A Growing Market

North America leads the global sugar substitutes market with wide application in health care, beverages, and food. The consumption pattern and developed economy in North America played a special role in triggering the sugar substitutes market as well. There is a huge flow of money in the region and all the industries including food, beverages, and healthcare. The strong application industry provides ample opportunities for the growth of ingredients. The case is same with sugar substitutes. The application industries in the region focus on quality, and therefore use sugar substitutes at all the possible applications. The Asia-Pacific region, especially in India and China, has spurred rapid growth of this segment.

Beverages Dominate The Sugar Substitutes Application Market

Sugar substitutes found its major application in beverages as the functions that it performs are most required in beverages. Sugar substitutes are broadly divided on the basis of applications as healthcare & personal care products, beverages, and food products such as confections, bakery, dairy, frozen foods, and others. With increasing fluctuations in the availability and pricing of sugars, the beverages manufacturers globally are also reverting to sugar substitutes as their ingredient of choice. The North American market is dominated by the increasing demand of sugar substitutes in the beverages industry. High fructose syrup is used for sweetening of foods and beverages. Various sugar substitutes have different characteristics and are used in beverages applications based on the requirements in various beverages. The other applications of sugar substitutes include healthcare & personal care, confectionery, baked products, dairy & frozen foods, and others.

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