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Emerging technologies and their effect on global Torque Sensor Market

Torque Sensor Market have been categorized into automotive, industrial, test & measurement, aerospace & defense, medical, and others.

With increasing need of efficient and accurate torque measurement methods in diverse fields such as medical prosthetics, robotics, electric and hybrid car engines; new technologies for torque measurement have paved their path in torque sensor industry. These emerging technologies offers numerous advantages  such as non-contact operation, low cost, embedded design, high bandwidth and noise immunity over conventional methods used in torque sensing such as slip-rings.

Magnetoelastic, Surface acoustic wave (SAW) and Optical torque sensors are some of the examples. In time, various quality control specifications like ISO 9000 have also played a vital role in the growth of these reliable and efficient torque measurement technologies as they require manufacturers to compulsorily measure torque as a critical performance parameter in the manufacturing process itself. Increased awareness regarding the importance of torque measurement presented an opportunity for torque sensor manufacturers and start-ups to develop more efficient and reliable technologies in order to capture this opportunity.

Torque Sensor Market are being widely employed in automotive and industrial applications for performance optimization and high quality assurance. In coming future, the demand for torque sensors in different applications such as test & measurement, aerospace & defense, medical, agriculture, mining and so on is expected to rise at a phenomenal rate and major driving factor behind this growth is the emergence of non-contact and wireless torque sensing technologies like magnetoelastic, SAW and optical torque sensors.

Presently, automotive and industrial applications of torque sensors holds maximum share but new applications also indicates a very bright future ahead for torque sensors with these emerging technologies. Aerospace and defense applications offers great opportunities especially for new and efficient technologies of torque measurement because these applications demands peak performance and high quality in harsh environments like dust & water where traditional methods like slip-ring donít perform well. Medical field is another area of high interest for manufacturers of magnetoelastic, SAW and optical torque sensors as this field requires very high precision in all procedures and these emerging technologies are best fir for such challenging requirements.

Hence, it is quite clear that future of these emerging technologies is very promising and they will also contribute to a great extent in the future growth of torque sensors in diverse application areas.

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