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Disruptive innovation in transportation industry—Transportation Analytics

Transportation analytics and system is associated with the study of advanced and intelligent technologies to provide the future need of unrestricted mobility to serve the constantly growing world population. Driving efficiency, reducing congestion, and getting people where they need to go faster have created the need for efficient transportation system. By using the descriptive and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge related to transportation, we can look for future trends in advanced transportation system which will provide the high-end strategy to serve the need of congestion-free, safer, and timely as well as environment-friendly transfer of people and goods.

However, today the trends in transportation industry seem to be good, but not up to the mark as constantly growing world population is in the need of on-demand, round-the-clock transport. Traditional transportation systems are just bounded to serve as secure transport, but the future needs more. Modern transportation system will look for safer, on-demand, on-time services as well as fuel-efficient, environment-friendly, and green ways of transportation. It will deal with the hybrid technology vehicles, more efficient and energy saving which will result in reduced fuel consumption and lower pollutants emission, will help to cope the problem of increased price of crude oil. The green ways of transportation will attract industry giants for further investment as the transportation industry alone will cause the one-third of total CO2 emission.

Even today and in the future, the roadways will be the most preferred way of transport and then followed by the railways, intermodal, airways, and ships. There will be increase in the ocean ports as the logistics industry will expand due to formation of mega corridors connecting mega regions. Though the trade via airways is reduced, it will quietly grow following the roadways.

Considering the future trends, Europe (EU) followed by China are the leading countries in export industries and U.S., EU, and China are at the top in import trade, thus they are the main contributors in the revenue generation of transportation business solutions. The developing countries are expected to experience the rise in the trade, in the future period, demanding modern transportation solutions. Thus, to serve the modern transportation there will be a scope for traffic management systems, high-end service centers, data monitoring networks for traffic management, and infrastructure optimizing solutions.

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