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Impact Investing Market by Illustrative Sector (Education, HealthCare, Housing, Agriculture, Environment, Clean Energy Access, Climate Change, Financial Inclusion, Rural Development, Sanitation & Waste Management), and Country - Global Forecast to 2020

The global impact investment market is estimated to be valued at USD 135 Billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.86 % during the forecast period to reach to USD 307 Billion by 2020. Major asset owners in impact investing market are Triodos N.V. (Netherlands), Sarona (Canada) and Omidyar (U.S.), while key asset managers are RISE (Canada), Leapfrog (U.K.), responsAbility (Switzerland) and Acumen (U.S.). Revolution Foods (U.S.), Vestergaard Frendsen (Denmark), Vasham(Indonesia) and Waterhealth International (U.S.) are some of the impact enterprises and key enablers in this market are Intellecap(India), Unitus(U.S.), LAVCA(U.S.) and GIIRS(U.S.).

July 2017 $ 4950 selected

Private Wealth Management India – Family Offices for Ultra-High Net worth Individual (UHNWI) 2010-2015: (Trends and Needs Behavior Analysis)

Till recently, companies were targeting the high net worth individuals (those who have invest able assets more than rupees five crore or $1 million); but the focus is now shifting towards Ultra high net worth individuals or families (those who have invest able assets more than rupees 45 crore or $10 million)

March 2011 $ 4950 selected

HNWI in Singapore Wealth Management Industry – Trends, Analysis and Forecast (2010-2015)

Singapore offers remarkable opportunities to wealth management firms due to the rapidly growing wealth and population of HNWI. Demographic shifts in the HNWI are expected to initiate a change in wealth management strategies, as HNWI seek newer and safer ways of investing wealth.

November 2010 $ 4950 selected

HNWI of Indian Wealth Management Industry – Trends, Analysis And Forecast (2010-2015)

India offers considerable opportunities to wealth management firms due to the rapidly growing wealth and population of HNWI.

November 2010 $ 4950 selected

Post Crisis Changes in Mortgage Lending in U.S. – Forecast & Analysis, 2010-2015

The U.S. has world’s largest mortgage market, a country with an outstanding mortgage-to-GDP ratio above 100% in 2009 despite being worst affected by recent financial crisis. The report ‘Post Crisis Changes in Mortgage Lending in U.S. – Analysis & Forecast, 2010-2015’ is a market research study, which underlines the recent changes in U.S. residential mortgage industry. The report has five chapters – Market Overview, Forecast & Analysis, Strategy Formulation, Case Studies and Vendor Analysis. 

September 2010 $ 4950 selected

Trends in Back Office Outsourcing by banks in U.S –

Back office outsourcing is a strategy adopted across industries. The recession has brought about significant changes in the outsourcing space. These changes include outsourcing services such as customer relationship management, procurement outsourcing to improve customer focus and transparency in business processes, and outsourcing end-to-end processes instead of particular functions in the process.

August 2010 $ 4950 selected

Mobile Payment Technology (Near Field Communication) - Remote and Proximity M-payments Market Forecast (2010 - 2015)

The market for NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile payments in the U.S. is in the nascent stage with an adoption rate of only 1.7%; this represents a huge opportunity for early movers offering the same. Adopting NFC mobile payment will open new revenue channels for banks as well as mobile operators as more than 94% of the U.S. population owns a mobile phone, and 60% of these have a card slot in their mobile phone. With the help of NFC technology, banks will be able to tap micro transactions made by cash, representing around 20% of the total transactions in the U.S. This will also help banks to capture the growing GEN Y population as well as the huge underbanked and unbanked population.

August 2010 $ 4950 selected

U.S. Wealth Management Industry – Special Focus on Mass Affluent Segment

The recent economic crisis significantly decreased client trust in wealth management firms, resulting in a shift toward personalized services and safer products such as fixed income securities. However, the mass affluent offer the wealth management industry high growth opportunities. In the U.S., this segment has around 33 million individuals, representing around 43% of the country’s investable assets. However, only 18% of the mass affluent are estimated to have availed financial planning services.

August 2010 $ 4950 selected

Merchant Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) – Increasing Adoption

Every bank offers it, many banks advertise it, but few merchants use Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). This report reviews the programs, the vendors, and customer appeal for RDC. Learn what’s working and what’s not and how to take RDC to the next level at your financial institution.

July 2010 $ 4950 selected

U.S. Community Banks – Strategies and Best Practices

Community banks are independent, locally-owned banks with less than $10 billion in assets. These organizations focus mainly on small businesses for town/city development. The 8,000 community banks currently operating in the U.S. together hold over 20% of the nation’s banking industry assets. This research report will identify and analyze the trends in this market; and will also provide data on the market shares and growth strategies of the leading community banks in the U.S.

July 2010 $ 4950 selected

Lending to Small Businesses – Impact on Bank’s Profitability

The small business banking market in the U.S. offers huge opportunities with an annual demand for financial products and services exceeding $300 billion. As many as 25 million small businesses currently operate in the U.S., and a major portion of these require financial solutions such as cash and credit management, trade financing, payroll processing and treasury services.

June 2010 $ 4950 selected

Analysis of Underbanked Population in U.S. – Banking the Underbanked with Prepaid Cards

Wooing the Underbanked – Need, Behavior, and Attitude Analysis is a market research study designed specifically to profile underbanked populace/households. The aim of this report is to analyze the reasons behind the low adoption of traditional banking products by underbanked and their preference for alternate financial services (AFS) and products (transaction/credit).

June 2010 $ 4950 selected

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