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Acids & Nutrients in Animal Nutrition Market - New Revenue Pockets

Amino Acids: Major Type of Nutrient Used in Animal Feed

Amino acids acquire a major share among all nutrients used in animal feed. The key function of amino acids is to act as a building block for the development of protein in the body of animals. It also has an impact on the end-use of applications, as it helps in improving the quality and quantity of meat that are produced by animals.

The feed manufacturers are more inclined towards the usage of amino acids as a nutrient than proteins, due to cost factors and similarity in their functioning. As proteins are generated from amino acids, the prices of both nutrients differ and it has been identified that proteins are costlier than amino acids. Hence, the market shares of both nutrients also differ. Amino acids acquire a large share due to lower cost and higher preference. Even the market is expected to experience a significant growth in future due to the development of the overall animal nutrition industry.

Asia-Pacific: Expected to Experience the Highest Growth

The Asia-Pacific is the largest-growing market, owing to the development in different economies of the region, growing awareness, increasing market potential and other factors. The animal feed acids and nutrients is also an emerging market in the Asia-Pacific region with growing demand for meat protein and milk. This increase in demand has activated the usage of nutrients in animal feed in order to increase the output.

The consumption of amino acids is high in Asia-pacific and the cost of the production is low. Hence, the elevated usage of amino acids in the Asia-Pacific region throws light on the potential market for other nutrient as well.

Aqua Feed: an Emerging Opportunity for Feed Acids and Nutrient Market

Aqua feed is expected to experience the highest growth rate as an application for feed acids and nutrients. Basically, the essential nutrients are applied in aqua feed to improve fish production and prevent diseases. The market for fish feed as an application for acids and nutrients are expected to experience high growth in future. This is because the market size for aqua feed is small and untapped; therefore manufacturers are spotting opportunities in the market which can lead to high growth in the future.

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