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New Revenue Pockets - Air Quality Control Systems Market

The increase in industrialization throughout the globe has put immense pressure on the environment due to significant amount of harmful emissions being released in air, deteriorating its quality Industrial emissions produce harmful substances like sulfur oxides (SOX), nitrogen oxides (NOX), toxic metals like mercury, lead and particulate matters. With the growing demand for power generation and increasing urbanization, industries like coal-fired power generation, cement manufacturing, and metal processing are constantly growing. These industries emit harmful exhaust gases and particulate matters, which are treated by air quality control systems. To reduce these pollution-causing gases and particulate matter, strict regulations are made by countries to control air pollution through industrial emissions. Investments are being made for effective emission and gas treatment in developed countries, along with that low-level and middle-level income countries are focusing on implementing strict regulations to use air quality control systems controlling the emission of toxic compounds by treating industrial combustion exhaust.

Emission regulatory standards are made more stringent by most of the advanced economies as it reduces the emission of toxic compounds that pollute air. This will help to minimize the air pollution, recycle the exhaust gases, and become eco-friendly. Industrial emission regulations are being implemented at the state and local level strictly. Asia-Pacific is the biggest market for recycling services, followed by Americas and Europe.

Babcock & Wilcox Company (U.S.) is one of the major companies in air quality control systems. The company provides air quality control equipment that includes selective reduction systems, flue gas desulfurization, fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators across the globe.

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