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Gluten-Free Products Market Has Witnessed A Revolution.

Gluten-Free Product Market report provides a full analysis of the worlds key players in the industry, major gluten-free products types and their sales channel, with a clear insight and commentary on developments and trends.

Gluten free diet is not only for medically accepted treatment for people suffering from celiac disease (people who are gluten intolerant) but also for people who are health conscience. Gluten consumption induces celiac disease in gluten intolerant people releasing harmful antibodiescapable of damaging small intestine in the body of gluten intolerant people.

The number of gluten intolerant people has doubled in the past decade. The added benefits of weight management, nutrition & sound digestive health is further creating a shift even among gluten tolerant consumers, driving up the demand for Gluten-Free Products Market. The gluten-free market has witnessed a revolution where these products were seen as a specialty niche product and today they are known as mainstream sensation products.

The global market for GF products is projected to reach $6,206.2 million at a CAGR of 10.2% by 2018.North America is the largest consumer of gluten free products followed by Europe. Among European member states, UK is the largest market for these products.Europe is expected to show significant growth in the market in the near future.

Gluten free bakery and confectionary products are leading the market share followed by GF snacks. However other formats such as cereals, meat products etc. are slowly catching up. Conventional sales channels such as grocery stores, mass merchandisers, drug stores etc.is the biggest contributor of sales (by volume & by value) of GF products followed by natural sales channel such as stand-alone health food centers and food chains .

The market research report on gluten free products by markets and markets provides deep insights to business houses/people that are looking to expand or venture into GF products market. The research divulges realistic market statistics by following three segments:

  1.     Food Type (Bakery, Confectionary, Snacks, Cereals, Mixes, Flours, Meat & Poultry and others)
  2.     Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, ROW) : They are further broken down to countries with high growth markets e.g. North America US, Canada, Mexico
  3.     Sales Channel Conventional & Natural for each region

In addition the report helps in understanding Opportunities, Consumer resonance factors, The winning imperatives, Burning issues, Recent trends, Competitive landscape(Company & Market Strategies, Products, New Launches, Organic/Inorganic Growth Dynamics), New product launches, Market share analysis, Rules & Regulations and Patent Analysis etc.

The report provides building block for:

  1.     Developing Market Entry Strategies
  2.     Developing Marketing Mix Product, Pricing, Placement & Positioning
  3.     Selecting New Markets
  4.     Develop & Appropriately Target Trade Promotions For Different Channels
  5.     Developing Competitive Positioning & Strategy Against Competitors
  6.     Developing Investment Plans & Formulating Organic/Inorganic Growth Decisions etc.

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