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Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market By Geography - Trends and Forecasts 2018

The Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to reach a stability for nitrogen. Across the Asia-pacific region, millions of farmers depend on urea to meet their yield’s nitrogen needs. Many farmers still spread urea into floodwaters to fertilize rice. Two-thirds of the fertilizer is lost as greenhouse gas or becomes a groundwater pollutant. Urea is the major source of nitrogen in the rice fields. Asian countries suchas India, China, and Japan, are applying a very high level of nitrogen fertilizer per hectare, for both short-term and perennialcrops.

Urea is a key type of nitrogenous fertilizers. Urea is a form of nitrogen fertilizer with an NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) ratio of 46:0:0. Synthetic urea is manufactured with anhydrous ammonia.Urea as a fertilizer suits almost all kinds of crops and is easy to apply. It also offers high resistance to soil erosion, which is especially helpful in crops such as rice.Urea is the most preferred nitrogen fertilizer in the world. It is mainly used in warmer climatic conditions. The global production of urea slowed down in 2008 to nearly 1.5% compared to more than 6% annually in 2007 due to fluctuating prices in the global fertilizers market. But from 2009, the global economic recovery has supported the urea market’s growth, resulting in the stability of prices. This has resulted in an increased demand for urea in developing nations such as China, who has major production potential. It is expected that the consumption of urea will continuously increase in North America, Europe, and developing countries.

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