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Oilseed and Grain Seed Market - New Revenue Pockets

Herbicide tolerant, insect resistant, drought resistant, abiotic stresses tolerant and disease resistant traits are newly developedfor various Oilseed and Grain seeds for high yield production, minimum crop loss, higher nutritional value, control over waste of crop inputs, and maximum utilization of provided resources.

Due to increase in global food demand,corn, soybean, cotton, and canola are most essential crops around the world and provided with trait seeds. After intense R&D, seeds were genetically modified which was known as GMO, but trait seed may be genetically modified ornon-genetically modified. Non-genetically modified seed isacceptedglobally. Soybean and corn are estimated to be cultivated more in numberas they are the most demanded crops from end consumer globally.

Being a capital intensive market, Canada is full of new agricultural equipments and all resources required for crop production which lead seed market to become the most rapidly growing market in North America. In the Asian market, as always, China is trying to become self-sufficient for basic food requirements and growing rapidly. In the region seeing the fastest growth rate, Latin America, Brazil & Argentina are also actively participating to serve continue increasing global food necessities and provide better opportunities to regional and global key players.


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