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Polycarbonate Resin Market is Growing Considerable Due to the Demand From End-User Industries

PC is a fast growing engineering plastic. The material is commercially available in three widely classified grades namely general purpose molding grade, extrusion grade, and optical grade. There are two processes interfacial polymerization and melt polymerization. Melt polymerization is the technology that is replacing the tradition interfacial polymerization that is considered hazardous due to the raw materials used in the process. The market demand for PC resins is growing considerable due to the demand from end-user industries such as automotive, electrical & electronic, optical media, and sheet & film.

Currently, the demand for PC resins is driven by its applicability in electrical & electronic, automotive applications that requires lightweight components. The reduction in weight assures fuel economy and better distances in case of electric cars. PC is specifically preferred to manufacture head lamps, sun roof, and window glazing. Besides, few other interior parts are manufactured using PC blends namely indoor panels, bumpers, door handles, when pads, pillar covers. PC auto glazing technology is penetrating further at a fast pace and is expected to impact the auto industry in large scale in the near future. There are regulations from various organizations that focus on improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicles, drive the used of the material that help in lowering fuel consumption.

Optical media market has been a crucial market for PC for many decades. Urbanization and need for better home video entertainment is soaring that implies the reassuring need for blu-ray discs in the future. On a commercial scale, PC has proven itself to be the best material for producing optical discs and will hold the image till another material substitute is found.

Asia-Pacific leads in the consumption of PC. The consumption of PC in the other regions is application specific. Sheet & film applications share a large consumption both in the North American and Western European region. The consumption of medical grade PC is high in these regions and is slowly penetrating into the Asia–Pacific market. The growth of fast developing countries in the Asia–Pacific assures investment and increase in consumption of PC. Also, increasing purchasing power in developing countries and need for high performance products may add to the high demand in the future.

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