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Process Analyzer Market - Key Revenue Pockets

Process analyzers have been an integral part of the chemical and petrochemical industries and will continue to remain the same. In these industries, they are needed for determining the grade of the extracted fuel, improving its quality, and detecting the presence of lethal gases in that environment.

Process analyzers are instruments which can identify the chemical compositions present in either liquid or gaseous compounds, and also give the exact measurement of those compounds. These instruments can detect the concerned elements even if they are present in minute quantities, with ranges as low as parts per million (ppm), parts per billion (ppb), and also in some cases, parts per trillion (ppt) levels. This makes them highly effective for detecting traces of components in compounds, for instance, detecting the presence of silica in the water of power plant boilers, and raise an alarm. Thus process analyzers play a vital role in ensuring efficient operations in industries, process optimization, improving the overall quality of the product, and for safety purposes.

Water is an important natural resource both for domestic as well as industrial applications. Several parts of the world are facing water scarcity and so water conservation is slowly gaining momentum. As a result, water and wastewater treatment activities are increasing which in turn has increased the demands for process analyzers. Process analyzers are used for detecting the presence of impurities like silica in water and for determining the water chemistry parameters such as pH, ORP, hardness to decide the course of treatment on water before using it in industries.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have increased their focus on the product quality and also the quality of its packaging, to provide a beneficial product to the end-users. The PAT initiative proposed by FDA for the pharmaceutical industry has led to the increase in demand of process analyzers in that field. They contribute to these industries in improving the overall product quality and performing leak detection on the packaging used for storing and transporting the products.

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