HOME Research Insight Global Starch Derivatives Market is Expected to Reach $58.2 Billion by the Year 2019

Global Starch Derivatives Market is Expected to Reach $58.2 Billion by the Year 2019

Maltodextrin: Starch Derivative Type Growing With Highest Rate

Maltodextrin is produced from hydrolysis of native starch. It is classified on the basis of Dextrose Equivalent (DE), and has a DE of 10-20. DE gives the degree of sweetness of a starch derivative; therefore, higher DE will result into a sweeter product. The DE of a product helps to determine its application.

Maltodextrin can be produced from any starch, be it tapioca, potato, corn, rice etc. It is highly processed, and most of the protein is removed during the process. The removal of protein makes maltodextrin gluten-free. It is then easily digestible, lightly sweet or flavorless, and is absorbed as quickly as glucose.

Maltodextrin is the fastest-growing starch derivative because of the properties associated with it. The research and development in the field has widened the scope and usage of maltodextrin in various applications. It works as a flavor carrier, humectant, viscosifier, dispersing agent, and other functional ingredient.

Brazil & Argentina: Fastest-Growing Markets for Starch Derivatives

In terms of revenue, Asia-Pacific is the market leader in the global starch derivatives market. Due to the saturation of the North American and European market, the focus of the market leaders has shifted to the Asia-Pacific market.

In the starch derivative market, Brazil and Argentina are growing with the fastest growth rate in the world. This is because of the technological advancements taking place in the industry. Due to the constantly rise in the population and an increase in demands for starch derivatives, the market leaders are using the opportunity to establish their presence in these countries.

Among the types of starch derivatives, glucose syrup generates the maximum revenue, whereas, maltodextrin is growing at the fastest rate. The food & beverage application of starch derivatives gets the maximum market revenue, because of the growing demand for convenience foods.

Demand for Starch Derivatives in Pharmaceutical Applications Rising Swiftly

The food & beverage sector accounts for the maximum share in the starch derivatives market, but the pharmaceutical application of starch derivatives attains the highest CAGR. The research and development in the field of pharmaceutical and starch derivatives, has led to the discovery of new functions of starch derivatives in the pharmaceutical sector.

Starch derivatives are used as disintegrants in tablets for faster delivery of the active ingredient. They are used as lubricants for the rubber gloves and threads made of latex. Starch derivatives are used to maintain the solid form of tablets and increase water stability.

The market for starch derivatives in the pharmaceutical market is growing at a modest rate in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. This is due to the fact that health hazards are increasing day by day in the world.

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