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China, Due to High Demand and Availability of Abundant Reserves of Coal, is the Current Leader in Syngas Production

In the global syngas and derivatives market, Asia-Pacific is expected to be at the forefront, among all regions, during the forecast period. This is due to large scale construction of gasification plants across Asia-Pacific. The production capacity of Asia-Pacific is more than the production of other regions together. China is the market leader in syngas production, at the backdrop of large number of operational plants and the production plants which are under construction and will be operational by 2020. China is becoming the production hub for syngas production due to abundant availability of coal reserves, which is the most feasible feedstock in the current scenario. This has led to the construction of new production plants in China which will be operational by 2019 and will account for around 50% of syngas production worldwide. In addition to production plants in China, there are various production plants in India and South Korea, primarily owing to lower labor charges and easy accessibility to raw materials for syngas production. Middle East & Africa is the expected to be the second-largest market for syngas and its derivatives in the coming years, with Fischer-Tropsch plants in South Africa and Qatar.

The end use will be dominated by chemicals, which includes methanol, di-methyl ether, and ammonia. The focus is being shifted towards the production of gaseous fuels and is expected to show the highest growth rate during the forecast period. There are various plants under construction for the production of gaseous fuels in China.  SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) plants are being constructed in China and this is the next big step towards clean coal technology. This will create a new growth avenue for electricity and fuel generation with minimum impacts on the environment.

The biomass and waste gasification technology is expected to hold a small share in the global market as the capital investments required for this technology is very high, and also, it is very difficult to have large amounts of biomass at one place for the gasification process.

The major players in gasification technology are GE (U.S.), Shell (Netherlands), Siemens (Germany), who are providing state-of-the-art gasification technologies for most of the large scale plants in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

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