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Helped Client Gain Revenue Potential of USD 1.5 Bn in Cold Chain Systems

Client’s Goals

Our client, a global leader in insulation materials, engaged MarketsandMarkets to identify new opportunities for insulation materials used in the cold chain industry, particularly in transport refrigeration. For this purpose, a series of problems were defined and solved by us. Few of the key problems solved were-

Our Approach

We provided access to data and analysis of cold chain system suppliers along with market entry strategies, supplier selection criteria for insulation materials (weight, size, temperature control duration, cost, etc.), technical requirements for the selection of suppliers, as well as unmet needs through our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. Actionable insights were also offered into client’s clients’ and their clients’ industries to present a comprehensive view of the interconnected ecosystem. Along with this, we offered an exhaustive list of cold chain system suppliers in Russia, Poland, Hungary, and other European countries. Our analyst hours were leveraged with for understanding of the insights on current and forecast market size by application (processed food, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, fish, meat & seafood, etc.) and by material type (polystyrene, polyurethane, vacuum insulated panels, etc.). Further, our client services team assisted the client in targeting prospective customers using data points like suppliers, key selection criteria, and consumption information.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Advancements in refrigerated transport technology and innovation in refrigerated road transport are being designed by manufacturers to achieve optimal efficiency. Furthermore, manufacturers are working on ways to design technologies to minimize carbon footprints. Insights on the impact of shift in revenue sources in client’s clients’ and their clients’ ecosystems due to these causes were offered to the client.


Manufacturers are focusing on improving the cold chain services by controlling the temperature of refrigerated transport system and equipment to prevent potential health hazards and improve the quality of frozen foods. Furthermore, increase in use of advanced cold rooms are also expected to impact the connected market.

Unknowns Identified

Hydrogen fuel cells are used instead of burning of natural fossil fuels, this is expected to significantly reduce carbon emissions and save energy in refrigerated trailers and trucks. Furthermore, to reduce noise pollution, the refrigeration unit uses a belt-driven engine-mounted compressor, which is a quieter alternative to a separate diesel generator. Insights were offered into the influence of these trends.

Revenue Impact

Our recommendation helped the client to successfully collaborate with some of the key cold chain system suppliers and formulated a market entry strategy of insulation material for transport refrigeration.  With the insights offered by us, the client’s capabilities were boosted and resulted in financial gains of USD 1.5 billion for the client.

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